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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn and Ivy whisper that it will be hard to get Steffy and Liam apart but she gave her this new look and she needs Ivy’s help to get Liam to move on. She knows she loves that man so help him stay away from Steffy. Wyatt is Steffy’s victim. She tries to convince Ivy that she can get him back, just work it. Thomas tells Wyatt that he never has seen him so stressed out like this. Wyatt opines that he can’t help it. This is something he cannot fix. The only thing to help will get Steffy back home where she belongs. Thomas says he knows his sister and this may take a while. He is not insensitive to what Wyatt is going through but he doesn’t know what he can do. Wyatt says maybe nothing but he can tell Liam that he is not going to relinquish the title of husband any time soon. Quinn steps out in the hallway and shouts to Liam that look who is back. He asks Ivy how long she is going to be here and she says that depends but Quinn has asked her to work with her….so she is working it. He tells Ivy that he cares about her and she needs to know to watch her back around Quinn. Steffy tells Quinn that it is surprising that she went to bat for Ivy. And she warns Quinn that she is not a permanent fixture around here and will be gone soon. Quinn says it is completely unfair of her to continuously punish Wyatt for whatever Steffy thinks Quinn has done to her and her family. She says for the hundredth time that she has changed yet no one will give her that chance. Quinn tells her maybe she can change her focus. Go home to her husband and focus on him.

Wyatt tells Thomas that he can not underestimate Liam. He is going full out and making it clear that he wants Steffy back. Ivy and Liam talk about old times, even Amsterdam. She says she is making some changes to help her adapt. She wants to change her accent and wants to be more assertive here in L.A. He says she never should have left L.A. in the first place but he is glad she is back. She wants to know why things are so complicated with Quinn. He gives the same old story that he and Steffy would be married if Quinn had not kidnapped him. Quinn’s plan worked to keep Liam away and give Wyatt a chance to get Steffy. He says that is his point. Quinn says she is a changed person but she has always been a nut job. And now she is living with Eric. So work with Quinn but for God’s sake do not trust her or turn her back on her. Before she will let him go she comes forward and gives him a big kiss. Steffy tells Quinn that she loves Wyatt but Quinn’s ends do not justify the means and she has a twisted way of seeing things and that will never change. Quinn begs her to see her as she is now. Just come to the house and see how she and Eric are good for each other. Steffy says no she will not be doing that. Steffy says she does not have to put an act on for her. Just tell the truth of why she is doing all of this. Quinn says this was not part of some master plan; falling in love with Eric just happened. It is real and it hurts Eric to know that his family will not accept her. Quinn says she can stay away from Wyatt and Steffy and all will be okay. Steffy says no, she has told her several times to stay away from her family and she could not do that. Quinn has to pack up and leave FC and Eric and go somewhere else.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor and Deimos confronted Kate about the kidnapping. She didnít know what they were talking about so they told her about the proof they had on her. Clyde talked to Orpheus about the people he hated in Salem. Eve surprised Theresa by showing up in Salem to help her celebrate her wedding. Kayla got very dizzy at the pub so Steve and Joey took her to the hospital. Brady talked to Nicole about hearing from Eric. Brady wondered if Nicole could forgive Eric.

Orpheus told Clyde that he was after Marlena. He also thought about Steve and Kayla and said that there were others that he was after in Salem. Joey blamed himself for Kayla getting sick again. Steve let Joey know that it wasnít his fault that she was sick again. Victor and Deimos told Kate that they were going to call the police. Kate got the upper hand because she knew about their shady dealings. Kate threatened to call Interpol if they called the cops on her. Victor and Deimos didnít like the idea of her blackmailing them. Victor reminded Kate that she had nothing on Brady and that he was going to want to know what happened to Tate. Victor warned her that Brady would be after her. Brady advised Nicole not to hate Eric and move on with her life. Nicole explained to Brady why she couldnít forgive Eric right now. Kayla made it through her surgery successfully. Kate thought that she Victor, and Deimos should find someone else to frame for the kidnapping. Xander met up with Clyde and Orpheus and let them know that Theresa was why he was in prison.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Griffin tells Franco that there is a serious complication with Elizabeth's condition. She needs an urgent blood transfusion. She has a very rare blood type and it may or may not be attainable to save her life in time. He informs him that only a family member is likely to have compatible blood needed. Hearing that and remembering what he just learned from his mother, and which Naomi confirmed, that Naomi and Hayden are Elizabeth's mom and sister, Franco has an idea. As soon as he sees Naomi at the hospital, talking to Finn, very worried that Hayden is going down for attempted murder, and expressing how she's so grateful that "somebody" is on her daughter's side, Franco takes her aside and tells her there's a way for Hayden to make this right for Elizabeth, which is by having the same blood type. Naomi informs him there are complications involved in that, especially when she is not even certain that her two daughters have the same blood type. At that point, Franco goes to find Hayden in the police interrogation room and informs her that Elizabeth could die from what she did, and Hayden could make this right by saving her life. Meanwhile, both Curtis and Finn believe it Hayden's innocence, both determined not to let her go down for a crime she did not commit and seem to somehow "know" there was someone else at the hospital who pushed Elizabeth. They work together to find that and are not about to give up. Robert Scorpio goes to visit and talk to Lulu and Dante with the information he has regarding the "mystery" of what could have happened when the Creighton Clark Clinic blew up, a few years back, and it appeared that with it, the last of Lulu's embryos (and hope for having another baby) were destroyed. He comes up with evidence that it's entirely possible the embryos were not destroyed. At that point, Lulu concludes she bets Helena is behind this and there's a way to find this out and find the embryos she needs in order to have another baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At Adam's memorial, Victor took responsibility for Adam's death. As Victor geared up to make a full confession, Nikki urged him to stop. Jack interrupted Victor's speech. Jack assured Victor that Adam would forgive him and that Adam's death was an accident. Victor was touched and he thanked Jack. Chelsea's eulogy to Adam was directed at Connor. Chelsea told Connor what a wonderful and brave Adam had been. Chelsea also said that Victor made mistakes, but he came through when she, Adam, and Connor needed him the most. Billy and Phyllis met at the Abbott Cabin and resumed their affair. Phyllis proposed that she and Billy continue live a double life so they could be together without hurting their families. Billy wanted to come clean and openly date Phyllis. Chloe approached Victor to ask why he didn't go through with the confession. Victor said he didn't confess because it would've taken down Nikki, too. Victor warned Chloe that he'd make her pay if she killed Adam. Jill was dismayed when Victoria told her that Billy decided not to go on the trip, and that at Billy's suggestion, Victoria was taking Travis along instead. Victoria and Travis went back to her place.

Jack remembered encouraging Adam to be a better man. Ashley was annoyed that Phyllis didn't put her pain aside and come to the service to support Jack. Jack was okay with Phyllis's choice, and his only requirement was that he and Phyllis be honest with each other. Jill and Ashley talked, and neither of them approved of the way Phyllis treated Jack. Ashley thought that Phyllis was more sympathetic to Billy than Jack. Abby admitted to Ashley that she was almost glad Ben didn't attend the memorial. Abby said that if he'd been there, she would have had to pretend. Jill left Billy a voicemail scolding him about skipping the business trip and giving his seat on the plane to Travis. Jack left Phyllis a voicemail apologizing for fighting, and he asked her to meet him at Top of the Tower, where the memorial had been. Billy and Phyllis went to the restaurant together. Phyllis told Jack and Jill that she'd been with Billy. Chelsea thought about her and Adam's private vow renewal. Nick assured Chelsea that he'd always be there for her and Connor. Kevin, Chloe, Michael and Sharon went for coffee after the service. Chloe made up an excuse and ran off when Kevin mentioned that he saw her talking to Victor. Kevin said he wanted to be with Chloe, but he didn't understand why she put her walls up whenever they seemed to be making progress. Chloe went to Delia's roadside memorial and said that Adam had finally paid. Victor went to his office because he felt close to Adam there. He asked Nikki to give him some time alone. Nikki reminded him that he had a family who loved him. Victor thought about the last moments he'd spent with Adam. A gloved hand picked up a wedding band identical to Adam's and placed it in a drawer.

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