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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam is not sure how Ivy can come back and be here after all that happened. Ivy says it is in her blood, her family, her designing jewelry, it was what she was born to do. Pam scrunches her face and says she meant working with Quinn. Ivy remarks she really isn’t that bad. Steffy walks in and is surprised to see Ivy. Ivy says she is a Forrester so why shouldn’t she be here? Then Steffy realizes that she is here because of Quinn in helping her with the jewelry line. Wyatt tries to talk to his mother again about moving on and working anywhere but here at FC. She says Eric is CEO and he wants her here and in his house so Wyatt needs to accept that. He says Steffy will not accept her with Eric and will not live with him as long as Quinn is around. So he is not with his wife because of Quinn. No one, not Ridge, Steffy or Thomas wants her here. He is doing everything he can to keep in touch with Steffy and not lose her but he is not gaining any headway. He blames Quinn for sticking around and then Liam worming his way in at every opportunity. She says he will not lose Steffy. They will not let that happen. Liam finds Thomas working out and says he is looking for Steffy. He needs to talk to her again about cutting all ties with Quinn. Thomas knows that means also that Steffy will not be returning home to Wyatt. Liam says he doesn’t want to hurt Wyatt either but he cannot cut his mother out of his life and Steffy cannot be around her so it is an impossible situation. Thomas says he can not reveal more now but they have a plan to get Quinn out of FC. Liam says Quinn is always up to something so he is not sure he can believe that but Thomas has his support 100% if the plan gets rid of Quinn. Steffy tells Ivy that she looks different. Ivy says yes she is working on Americanizing herself with a whole new look and accent. Steffy tells her if Quinn brought her back do not count on that long as Eric made a mistake hiring Quinn back and she is on her way out. Ivy retorts that she knows Quinn is a sore spot for Steffy so maybe that is why she is not with Wyatt, too bad as they have not been married that long. Quinn tells Ivy that she spoke with her uncle and Eric is happy to welcome her back on board at FC. Quinn says she is going to be Ivy’s advocate and back her. She needs to be honest. She needs her help in helping to save her son’s marriage. She needs Ivy to distract Liam and keep him away from Steffy. Wyatt joins Thomas at workout and asks if he has a minute. Things are a little strained still between he and Steffy. Thomas says that is really none of his business. Yeah, Thomas, then why keep telling Liam that you are all for him and Steffy to be together. Wyatt says he knows his mother causes drama wherever she goes so he gets why Thomas is so protective of his sister. He’s talked to Quinn over and over about moving out of Eric’s but it is like talking to a brick wall. Thomas says he knows but as long as she is living with his granddad it is as if she feels she is entitled. Wyatt says Eric is a grown man so he cannot tell him what to do. Eric brought Quinn back, not him. And now he feels like he is paying for it with his marriage on the line. There is a whole other factor here not just his mom, but Liam. Liam finds Steffy. She tells him he did not have to make up an excuse to come to FC to see her. He laments to her that he just saw Thomas and he alluded to the fact that they had a plan to get rid of Quinn. Steffy says yes but she does not want to jinx it but maybe they won’t have to deal with her much longer. But besides her craziness she needs to warn him that now Ivy is back. He is flabbergasted because Quinn and Ivy hate each other ever since Quinn pushed her off the bridge. He comments to Steffy that he’d like her to come over tonight. He is not going to pressure her but just to hang out. And he would like her to know that he still wants a life with her whenever she is ready to make that decision.

Ivy thinks Quinn is crazy to think that she can snap her fingers and make Liam forget Steffy, the woman he really loves. Quinn says then think about what Steffy is to men that makes them go wild. She is audacious, she’s charming, a modern woman so Ivy needs to be a little more like that. Now Ivy sees it, the reason for this makeover to please Quinn but to please Liam too. Quinn says Steffy it out of the picture. She’s Wyatt’s wife so Liam needs someone to take his mind off of Steffy and he stop sniffing around. That is where Ivy comes in. She still cares for him a lot and Liam needs a new woman in his life. So Ivy can turn on the charm and flirt a little. Ivy says that may not be possible if he is always with Steffy. Quinn says absence makes the heart grow fonder. Ivy says not always. Quinn tells her she will not fail as she is going to guide her and be her life coach. At that moment Steffy and Liam are saying goodbye in the hallway and are in view of Quinn and Ivy. Ivy says Liam is still hung up on Steffy as they speak. Quinn assures her that does not matter; she belongs to Wyatt. She knows Ivy is not over Liam so she can get him back. It’s easy, just keep Liam away from Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor told Maggie about Deimos’ offer for them to move back in the mansion. Maggie was suspicious of Deimos’ offer, but she wanted to think about it. Deimos wanted to meet with Victor. Chad asked Kate to help him rebuild DiMera Enterprises. Kate was willing to do it. Laura showed up and saw Chad talking to Kate. Laura was upset and warned him about dealing with Kate. Kate and Laura ended up arguing. Chad tried to defend Kate, but Laura didn’t want to hear it. Deimos showed up at Victor’s house to talk to him. Maggie wanted them to leave so she could talk to Julie. Chad ran into JJ and wanted to make peace with him. Maggie and Julie talked about her moving back in the mansion. Julie thought Maggie and Victor should move back in so he could make up with Deimos. Victor and Deimos talked about who framed him for Tate’s kidnapping.

JJ and Gabi talked about how distant he has been towards her. He told her that he was investigating what happened to Abby. She understood, but she felt like he was being distant. Chad and Sonny talked about Abby. Victor got a phone call about the kidnapper so he and Deimos left to pursue the lead. JJ explained to Gabi that he has dealt with too much death. Chad called Kate to find out whether she would help him out with his proposition. Laura was about to leave town when she talked to JJ. JJ told her that Abby’s body wasn’t found in the wreckage. Laura realized that Abby’s death couldn’t be taken at face value. Deimos and Victor realized that Kate was the kidnapper. Orpheus and Clyde talked about getting out of prison and going after people in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Elizabeth is in her hospital room talking to Franco, and suspecting nothing, suddenly her machine beeps, the medical staff rush in and call a code blue and Griffin Munro finds out that her spleen has ruptured. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason's wedding goes off without a hitch, surrounded by Sonny, Carly, Spinelli and all their family and friends. However, unexpectedly, Jason gets a phone call from Franco whom he does not want to be interrupted from his wedding to speak to. Yet Franco informs him that Elizabeth has been pushed down the stairs, obviously by Hayden, who wants to kill her and Elizabeth's spleen has just ruptured. He further informs him that he thinks Jake has the right to know what has happened to his mom, although Jason has clearly not made that a priority. Obviously, neither Sonny nor Carly are ok with Franco interrupting this joyous occasion and warn Jason not to trust him. They are further suspicious when Jason informs them, for the first time, that his son's mom is "seeing" Franco. Jason rushes to the hospital and Franco lets him know that he will not be disrespected when Jason obviously has more important things than Elizabeth's or Jake's well-being. Jason tells Franco he won't let him near his son and goes off alone to make calls to arrange to talk privately to Jake without anybody else around. Franco stays alone at the hospital after Elizabeth is in surgery. Griffin admits he's worried and when he comes out of the OR, he admits to Franco that there is a "serious problem" regarding what has happened to Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Sonny goes the Perks coffee shop to find Morgan who has already left. He is surprised to see Ava there, looking very smug and confident and knows she is up to no good. He warns her if she does anything to hurt Morgan or any other member of his family, she will regret it. Yet Ava "indicates" to Sonny that maybe he should not be so confident that he will bring her brother down, although she does not reveal to him exactly why she's certain that Julian will go free. Meanwhile, unknown to everyone except for Ava, who has "altered" Morgan's prescription meds, he's taking the "wrong kinds" and is appearing very depressed and "down in the dumps". Kiki is wondered why he's so "not himself" as does Carly. Kiki later runs into Dillon who is clearly not over her although he tells her he accepts that she's moved on. Although he does not reveal it to her, he has just gotten a pep talk from his mom to not give up on getting what he really wants, which is to be with Kiki.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Phyllis have an argument because he thinks she should put her feelings for Victor aside and go to Adam's memorial service for Chelsea and Connor's sake. Phyllis tells Jack she feels badly about Chelsea and Connor's loss but she can't forget what Victor did to both of them. Phyllis thinks that Jack doesn't understand her; so when she gets a text from Billy, she goes to the Abbott cabin to be with him. Adam's memorial service begins and everyone shares memories of him. Victor gets up and tells everyone that there is something everyone has to know about who caused Adam's death. Victoria is surprised when Travis tells her that Billy isn't going on the business trip to Seattle and that he offered Travis his ticket so that he could go with Victoria on the trip.

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