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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is not happy that Brooke is engaged to Bill. He would not wish that on anyone. But he does explain to Rick, Steffy and Thomas that with the wedding comes Bill’s shares that he will give Brooke as a wedding gift. Brooke will sell to him and with that he has what he needs to get rid of Quinn so that is all that matters now. He tells them he knows Rick still has his concerns and wants to be CEO again but he assures him he will always have a place in the company with Maya and little Lizzy. They will protect Eric’s legacy as his days are numbered. Eric does a good workout and tells Quinn that he lost five pounds. He doesn’t know what happened to them but he has lost them. Pam walks in with her lemon bars which Quinn nixes and even convinces Eric they need to avoid these and try something healthier. Quinn conveys to Eric that Ridge keeps telling her that it is only a matter of time until she is leaving. Eric retorts that Ridge can say that all he wants but he wants her here and she is not going anywhere. As much as he loves Ridge and his family he is not living his life for him. He declares Quinn as his own Fountain of Youth. Thomas tells Rick that Quinn must not know of these shares until Brooke actually marries Bill and she gets the shares.

Ridge tells Quinn that the whole family is united against her. Quinn says they are treating Eric less than a man he is. He is working out, eating better and having sex. He’s in the middle of a renaissance so they should be grateful. Steffy says no they will never be grateful to her. Rick tells Thomas perhaps Eric needs to see a doctor. But Brooke and Thomas say he will be suspicious of that and push him even closer to Quinn and they do not want that. Brooke tells Rick that she is very comfortable with her decision and now with Bill’s shares they will be able to get rid of Quinn. Quinn tells Steffy all she has to do is separate her feelings for Quinn and stop punishing her for everything. Despite all they have gone through she says she loves Steffy and she waited too long for love and she loves Eric and she does not want to let him go. Eric comes in as they are arguing and tells him this is enough. As long as he is the patriarch and the founder of this company they will respect him and that means accepting Quinn too. Ridge looks at Steffy and repeats “Yeah, as long as he is head of this company.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne advised Steve to work on his marriage before it was too late. Laura surprised Jennifer by showing up at her house with some news about Abby. Laura told Jennifer that Abby had past traumatic stress disorder. Deimos wanted Victor and Maggie to move in with him. Kayla met Steve in the park and they started talking about him not going to therapy. Jennifer and Laura saw Chad and Andre at the mansion. Laura was chilly to Chad. Jennifer told Chad what Laura told her. Chad decided that he couldnít give Thomas up anymore.

Marlena visited Clyde at the prison. Brady and Victor ran into each other at TBD. Brady was going to ignore Victor until he stopped him. Jennifer was surprised that Chad wanted to keep Thomas. Jennifer let Chad know that she told Lucas and Adrienne that they could get Thomas. Chad was upset with Jennifer for making that decision. Marlena finished talking to Clyde and left. She managed not to see Orpheus at the prison. Orpheus introduced himself to Clyde. Steve wanted to get help from someone other than Marlena. Kayla didnít really believe him. Lucas and Adrienne arrived at the DiMera mansion. Chad was upset about them taking Thomas. Adrienne suggested that they move in, but Lucas wasnít sure at first. Chad agreed to the idea. Orpheus talked to Clyde about his past with Marlena. Clyde and Orpheus talked about breaking out of prison. Steve made an appointment with a different therapist. He talked to Kayla about the session, but she already knew what was wrong with him. She ended up walking away from Steve. Brady told Victor about the pill he found at his house. Theresa arrived so they stopped talking. Brady didnít want Victor at the wedding. Orpheus was determined to get Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam and Jason have their wedding as Sonny and Carly's house, with Spinelli performing the ceremony. Everyone happily gathers and congratulates them and Sam announces she is pregnant. Although the cops believe they found the correct suspect, for the pushing and attempted murder of Elizabeth, who is Hayden, Curtis and Finn are convinced otherwise. Curtis makes it clear to Valerie that although he respects her ability to be objective as a law enforcement officer, he knows Hayden better than she does and knows Hayden has been wrongfully accused. Meanwhile, as Hayden waits in the police interrogation room, for what will happen to her, her mom comes to visit her. It appears Naomi suspects it's entirely possible that her daughter did, in fact, intend to kill Elizabeth. Yet she promises to be there and not let Hayden get shafted. Right then, Franco has found out, from his mom Heather, that Naomi is Elizabeth's mom although she's never revealed it to anyone. Yet Naomi clearly has a plan and "agenda" involving her two daughters. Paul Hornsby is still lurking around the hospital appearing suspicious when he encounters Sabrina in the hallway. Ava comes by to remind Paul she needs his "help" with Julian's case, without which, she will have no incentive to keep his secret about being the hospital killer, after she's discovered the syringe and lethal drug in his hotel room. Valerie meets with Monica and Sabrina and informs them the cops ran the mysterious syringe which Griffin found in the trash, through forensics. Yet, she reports, the murderer knew how to destroy and remove all evidence, in order to cover his tracks, as she remarks this suspect is "no amateur". Right then, we see Paul, alone, "envisioning" himself following Elizabeth down the hospital stairs, the night in question, and pushing her. Right then, while Elizabeth is recovering in her room, Sabrina discovers her vitals do not look normal. She goes to inform Monica, who informs Sabrina, she'd like to give her her old job back as GH nurse. Paul overhears their interactions and is clearly suspicious. Right then, while Franco is with Elizabeth in her hospital room, and they talk and suspect nothing, suddenly, Elizabeth appears to go into cardiac arrest.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis and Billy have a talk about their relationship. She voices her doubts about it but he doesn't want it to end. They are interrupted by Jill. Billy quickly hides Phyllis in the office while he goes out to talk to Jill. Jill asks who he was talking to. Billy doesn't have an answer. At the GCPD, Chelsea doesn't want to believe that Adam is really gone, but then Nick tells her that they found Adam's DNA in the cabin. Chelsea breaks down and cries hysterically. Chloe and Victor have a talk. Chloe denies killing Adam and puts the blame all on him for burning down the cabin. Jill tells Billy that he, Victoria, and Cane are going out of town for a business meeting, so he needs to go home and get some rest. Billy doesn't want to leave town and leave Phyllis. Paul and Dylan have a chat about Chelsea making a statement against Victor and blaming him for Adam's death. Chelsea and Nick discuss how Victor could have had the cabin blown up.

Victor denies that Adam would kill himself.  Chloe tells Victor that she didn't killed Adam either. Victor threatens Chloe that if he finds out that she had killed Adam, then only God could help her. Jill visits Victoria to tell her about the meeting out of town and meets Travis. Victoria gets a text from Dylan that he needs to see her. Victoria leaves Jill alone with Travis. Jill tells Travis to tell her all about himself. After Jill leaves, Billy comes in from the kitchen. Travis is surprised that Billy lets himself in whenever he wants to. Billy encourages Travis to go on this business trip with Victoria. Jack, Ashley, and Phyllis find out about Adam's death. Michael tells Victor about it. Victor begins to cry. Dylan fills Victoria in on Adam's death. Nick encourages Dylan and Paul to let Chelsea go home to her son. They reluctantly agree. Chloe comforts Chelsea once she is home. Both Nick and Chloe listen as Chelsea talks to Connor. Victoria comforts Victor. Paul decides to drop the investigation to find out if Adam's death was a homicide. Dylan wants to pursue it further.

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