Monday 9/5/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/5/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke looks at her ring and tells Bill how could she possibly say no. She is glad they waited and tried to stay apart but now are together with Katie’s blessings. Ridge tells his dad again that they are all still worried about him. Eric says he is not a doddering old fool and his head is not in the sand. Quinn has asked him to believe her that she has changed and he is giving her that chance. Ivy tells Quinn that with the hair extensions and new makeover she looks just like Steffy. Quinn tells her just trust her instincts, this will be good for the line. She needs her loyalty if she will just accept the change and lose the accent. She will love working with her. Eric is very surprised when Pam brings Ivy in. She says she would like to see a lot more of him. And no pressure but Quinn said she could come back and work on the jewelry line if Eric approved. Ridge walks into Quinn’s office and then starts to walk back out. She says she hopes he is not leaving because of her. He says no, she is the one leaving and a lot sooner than she thought. She replies that she is going nowhere. His dad is the one in charge and they just all need to get along. He tells her again just pack up and leave and in the future do not try to go against him. He tells her she will never be part of his family and do not mention his mother again. And do not get too comfortable as she is not going to be here that long. Bill tells Brooke that he doesn’t want to wait too long for the ceremony….just whatever she wants as long as it is soon. He wants the world to know how he feels about her. He has a good place to start for them to celebrate. They go upstairs.

Eric tells Ivy that he and Quinn have not discussed having another designer but he thinks that would be all right if she can work with Quinn. He says he would expect complete cooperation between the two of them. Ivy says he has nothing to worry about. As Bill guides Brooke to the bed she says this is forever. Quinn tells Ridge that he can say what he wants, she can take it. And someday he will find she has changed and he will accept her. She says she just wants to be friends with him. Ridge rages that will never happen. She is a cancer. Eric hears him shouting and goes to check it out. He asks Ridge if he is going to have him declared incompetent. Ridge says he won’t have to. Brooke laughs when she says she is back where she belongs…..with her stallion. Bill whinnies. He says he is giving her the shares but she does not have to get him anything. She is enough. This is what they have waited for and it makes him no difference what she does with those shares. He vows that he loves her and has never met anyone like her and never will again. He can’t wait to get on with his life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No new episode today!

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

No new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil's mother Lucinda passes away after he finishes telling her about his children and grandchildren. Lucinda tells Neil how important it is to hang onto his family and stay sober so that he can spend time with them. Nick believes that Victor is responsible for the explosion; but after seeing the shock on his face, Nick thinks that somebody else wanted Adam dead. Chloe feels guilty about causing the explosion and leaves to tell someone there is something they need to hear. Paul and Dylan arrest Chelsea, and Kevin gets Michael to be her lawyer. Chelsea tells Michael she thinks that Victor caused the explosion. Paul tells Nick that DNA from tissue and blood samples found at the cabin belong to Adam, so he didn't make it out of the cabin. Nick gives the terrible news to Chelsea and holds her while she cries and begins to grieve for Adam.

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