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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that he cannot be a poster boy for patience. Their lifetime starts now. They have no one to protect; no guilt. Katie was drinking and miserable but no more. This is the marriage that should have happened a long time ago and now finally can. Bill tells her the hard part is over. Now comes the easy part to start their life together. They are not going to wait any longer. He wants the world to know that she is his. Brooke is drinking it all in but she does not want a ring thinking it is too soon. He says not soon enough. He stuns her when he brings out one and tells her that he hopes she never takes it off. Ivy is grateful and happy to hear Quinn say she thinks she can be useful to her, now she just needs to talk to Eric. Before that Quinn thinks Ivy needs a California girl makeover. She needs a new and improved young lady that men will find irresistible. Katie laments to Ridge that she knows he wants Bill’s shares but does he want it at the expense of Brooke marrying Bill to get them. For instance if Ridge wants Brooke too now would be the time to make that move before Brooke might change her mind and say yes to Bill. She says everyone knows that Brooke and Ridge are each other’s great love and always will be so they just have to accept it.

Liam tells Steffy just be sure that she protects herself. Wyatt shows up. He’s irritated and wants just once for him to walk in and not find Liam near his wife. Steffy tells them to cool off and not make this a big deal. Liam says he has every right to talk to Steffy. He says that Quinn is undependable and who knows what she is going to do next now that she has moved in with Eric and back at FC. The team works on Ivy with her hair, makeup and new sexy clothes. Ivy is not sure what Quinn is up to into making her lose the outback and to look more like Steffy. Ridge remembers his weddings to Brooke and the day he moved back from Paris to come back into Brooke’s life. Bill tells Brooke they embrace life everywhere they go, they live, they laugh and now they can do that together with no regrets. This is their second chance. He gets down on his knee while she giggles. He says love will prevail. Will she marry him? She says of course she will. He slips the ring on her finger and she calls him her man.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to the church and talked to Abby’s “spirit” about making DiMera Enterprises legit. Lucas and Adrienne visited Jennifer to see if she needed help. Jennifer didn’t believe that. She thought they were checking to see if she were sober. Belle decided to accept Chad’s offer to work for him.  Lucas and Adrienne were planning their wedding when Jennifer thought she saw Abby. Chad wondered if Belle knew where Sami was and what happened with the money she took. Belle didn’t tell him about the money. Lucas and Adrienne tried to comfort Jennifer over mistaking a woman for Abby. Chad and Belle approached Jennifer and company while they were talking about what’s good for Thomas.

Philip looked over the contract to dissolve his partnership with Belle. He ended up thinking about being with Belle. He called Chloe to see her. Chad and Jennifer wanted to talk alone. They agreed that they weren’t in any position to take care of Thomas right now. Jennifer had an idea that could help them. Philip had ideas for Chloe’s career. She loved hearing him talk about her career. Philip promised her that he would take care of her and the baby. Chad wasn’t happy about Jennifer’s idea. Jennifer begged him to think about it. He walked away from her. Chloe tried to convince Philip to use Claire’s song, but he didn’t want to use it. Chad talked to Belle about letting Lucas and Adrienne take care of Thomas. Chloe sang the song Philip had for her. Philip enjoyed her performance and ended up kissing her. Chad spent time with Thomas before he called Jennifer. Chad finally agreed to let Lucas and Adrienne take care of Thomas. Laura showed up at Jennifer’s house to talk to her about Abby.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jason and Sam's wedding is underway and Sonny and Carly host it in their home. Sam's family, including Alexis, her sisters and Danny all come by, along with Michael, Josslyn and Jake. Monica however, informs them that she cannot leave the hospital to attend given all that has happened recently. She informs Michael and Sabrina that "somebody" pushed Elizabeth down the stairs and she's lucky to be alive. Hearing that, Sabrina wants to stay behind and goes to visit and talk to Elizabeth. While they are both there, Nathan comes to ask Elizabeth all she knows about what happened the night in question. Paul Hornsby accompanies Nathan, which Elizabeth questions and finds odd, remembering and reminding Paul she saw him "all around" the hospital the night in question, and knows he was there before during and after she got pushed, and while the lights were off, she knew he was snooping all around Monica's office. Hearing that, and knowing it's being overheard by both a detective and former GH nurse, Paul makes it clear he's very worried he will get "found out" and urges Elizabeth to believe that maybe she is "mistaken" although she assures him she knows very well what she saw. Ava is in the park leaving messages for Paul reminding him that it's in his "best interest" to set her brother free and do what she wants, given that she knows he's the hospital killer. Meanwhile, not far away in the park, Nina meets with Curtis while he introduces her to a pregnant girl who is willing to let Nina adopt her baby. Everything goes well and the girl suspects nothing until Ava suddenly appears and furiously warns the girl that Nina is a baby kidnapper as she tells her the story of what Nina did to her (to Ava) when she had her baby. At that point, the girl does not want to hear any more and rushes off. Right then, Nathan notices his sister's public brawl with Ava and demands to know what is going on. Franco is there for Elizabeth, while she recovers in her hospital room and wants Hayden to pay for trying to kill her. He also knows, having been told by his mom Heather, that Hayden must be Elizabeth's sister and Naomi is Elizabeth's mom. He finds Naomi at the police station after her daughter has been arrested and informs her he knows she is keeping this secret, paying Heather off to not reveal it and he won't hesitate to expose her secret to both of her daughters.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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