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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy opens the door and asks Liam how did he know. He is bearing coffee and some food. He says he does not feel he is home yet but being together like this does. Bill ushers Katie in and offers her breakfast. She declines and says all the papers look okay and she is ready to sign but not to celebrate. And she asks if there is a problem with Brooke and do these have to signed today. She starts to tear up and he says she is a good person and brought a lot of good things to his life but they were not good as husband and wife. After a few tears she says she is ready to sign. They try to act casual and she says they can put it in the “it is the thought that counts” category. She starts to walk away and turns and says she has thoughts too, good memories. She takes off her rings and takes his hand and wraps them in it. Wyatt rants at Quinn to stay out of his life. His wife does not want to see her face again. That will make her happy, so just go away. Get out of Eric’s life while she can; quit pretending that she is in love with him. Steffy tells Liam that she lost faith in him so she is not innocent in all of this. He says it is okay; he is there to help her find it again. Ridge was hoping to see Brooke but finds Quinn instead and he quickly gets out of the office after leaving Wyatt a wad of money to take his mother out to breakfast, lunch and supper, just go. Quinn tells Wyatt to just trust her; he will not lose Steffy.

Brooke tells Ridge that she would like to get those shares from Bill so he would have enough votes to oust Eric. He wants that too but he does not want her to have to throw her life away and marry Bill to get the shares. He knows Bill will not give her time; he wants her right now. Liam tells Steffy that he knows she cannot encourage him but he can encourage her and he is going to hold on hoping some day she will walk through that door. Quinn tells Ivy the challenge is not to go backward and she likes Ivy’s spirit. She thinks she can be very useful to her. Katie walks in on Ridge and hopes she is not disturbing him. He says no and asks her to come on in. He wonders if congratulations are in order. She says sort of. She would like to see Brooke but probably she was summoned by Bill and is there now. Correct. Brooke shows up and Bill tells her it is okay; they are alone. She wonders if she should be here. He tells her all went well. There was respect even some forgiveness and Katie acknowledged his future was with Brooke. They are not going to hide or tiptoe around the ashes of his marriage or wait until everyone else will approve. He says he needs her like he needs his hands and his eyes so do not ask less of him. He can only be that if he has her. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole confronted Chloe about being pregnant.  Chloe tried not to tell her about it. Chloe finally broke down and told her that she was having Deimosí baby. Justin told Deimos that he resigned from the district attorneyís office so he couldnít do any favors for him. Deimos didnít want Sonny going around telling people that he framed Victor. Justin warned Deimos to stay away from Sonny. Victor tried to make amends with Brady while he was visiting Danielís headstone. Philip asked Kate for money to buy Belle out of his company. Kate didnít want to invest in Chloe, but she said something smart to Philip and he refused the money. He walked away from her. Chloe asked Nicole to keep her pregnancy a secret. They talked about how close Nicole is getting with Deimos.

Brady didnít know how he could believe Victor because heís a good liar and has been for years. Nicole advised Chloe to tell Deimos the truth. Chloe reminded Nicole what Deimos did. Nicole agreed to keep quiet but Chloe had to keep her name out of it. Chloe told Philip that Nicole the truth. Kate interrupted them and apologized to him. Kate ended up giving Philip the money after all. Chloe thought Kate was trying to buy him. Brady told Victor that he needed proof that he didnít kidnap Tate. Shawn called Brady and told him that Titus Drew had dealings with Victor and Deimos. Brady wanted Victor to tell him about Titus Drew. Victor told Brady about his relationship with Titus. Brady didnít like what he heard and told Victor that he was done with him. Deimos agreed to let Dario watch Nicole. Deimos also wanted him to watch Chloe. Dario agreed to do it. Nicole saw them together and wanted to know what they were doing. Dario lied about their conversation. Chloe and Philip went to TBD and talked about the baby and Kate trying to buy Philip. Deimos told Nicole that he was falling in love with her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Elizabeth comes to and remembers everything that happened up to the point when she was pushed down the hospital stairs, she is very certain, as is Franco, that Hayden intended to kill her. They inform Jordan although she tells them she cannot suspect or arrest Hayden without an actual eye witness who saw her push Elizabeth. Right then, while Hayden is talking privately to Finn, a nurse who knows Finn is "hiding" Hayden comes forth and informs Jordan she saw that. Hayden goes off with Finn, both assesses they will miss each other when she leaves town. She tells him she does not want him to get in trouble with the police covering for her and so that is why she has to go. He makes it clear he does not want to see her go. They end up kissing and right then, suddenly, when they least expect it, cops come and place Hayden under arrest for the attempted murder of Elizabeth Weber. Sam and Jason are spending the night alone together before their wedding and they want to be alone and not worry about anything. Carly is planning their wedding. However, when Bobbie comes by, she asks her daughter why she will not let her mom watch Avery instead of Nelle. At that point, Carly "encourages" Nelle to explore her career goals in Atlanta although she does not want to send Nelle away without giving her a job opportunity if she does not presently have one. When Michael is with Sabrina, Carlos' brother, Joe finds them and makes it clear he wants to not only be in baby Teddy's life, but also in hers'. Sonny notices him, remarks how much he looks like Carlos and knows his son has some "issues" with Sabrina having an old relationship back in her life. Yet she assures Michael she is committed to him and they'd both like to put the past behind them and have a future together.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Dylan gave a press conference asking the public to be on the lookout for Adam, Chelsea and Connor. Nick ranted to Sharon because he was unhappy that Dylan made it harder for Adam to escape. Sharon defended Dylan's choice to follow the law. Nick told Dylan he was worried that Victor was setting Adam and Chelsea up to be arrested so he could take custody of Connor. Sharon feared that Dylan would be consumed with trying to bring Victor down, and she and Sully would lose him. Dylan promised that wouldn't happen. Neil reunited with his mother, Lucinda after a decades-long estrangement. Neil confronted her about abandoning him. Lucinda revealed that she'd left Neil because she was an alcoholic who'd been in no shape to care for him. Lucinda noted that she reached out after she sobered up, but Neil and his father rebuffed her efforts. Neil forgave Lucinda and promised to bring his family to visit. Lily and Devon waited for news about Neil's visit with Lucinda. Lily was glad about it, but Devon thought Neil must have had a reason for not reconnecting sooner.

Jack tried to convince Victor to convince Adam to turn himself in, so that he and Chelsea wouldn't be hurt in the manhunt. Paul and Chris offered Victor a deal – they wouldn't charge Chelsea if Victor revealed her and Adam's whereabouts. Victor pretended he didn't know where Adam was. Nikki told Paul and Chris to leave unless they planned to arrest her and Victor. Jack begged Nikki not to sacrifice her for Victor. Nikki told Jack to mind his own business. Adam stayed at the cabin while Chelsea left to take Connor to the urgent care clinic for his ear infection. Chloe sneaked out of the penthouse and went to the cabin, where she shot Adam with a tranquilizer gun. As Adam slipped out of consciousness, Chloe gloated about helping Victor frame him and said she planned to watch him die. Kevin told Daniel that things were going well with Kevin and Chloe. Daniel was happy for Kevin, but warned him to be careful. Kevin tended to Bella, believing that Chloe was asleep in her room. Daniel left town. Chelsea got a news alert about the APB, that included a description of her car. She called Nick, and they met at a motel. Nick arranged for a doctor to visit Connor, then he drove Chelsea and Connor back to the cabin to pick up Adam and take them to the airstrip. Just as Chelsea got out of the car, the cabin was destroyed in a fiery explosion. Paul and Christine had a romantic dinner at the Club, featuring a cameo by show creator Lee Phillip Bell.

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