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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Steffy that living separately from Wyatt is not going to keep her safe from Quinn so he has to ask again if this is just to get closer to Liam. His living with Quinn now has nothing to do with her and Wyatt. She says again her family is in trouble all because of Quinn’s manipulations. He says he has not excused anything in Quinn’s past but she has changed so they need to give her a chance and let her prove it. She says they have all told him so when something goes wrong just remember that; she always manipulates. Wyatt and Liam continue to argue and Liam says he is not worrying about Steffy getting away from Wyatt but just from his mother. Quinn looks up and is surprised to see Ivy. She says she did not come all the way from Australia to give Quinn a lecture. She is surprised but Eric is a grown man, so enough said. She misses everyone and thinks now that Quinn is back she could use some help with the line. She says she learned so much under Quinn; it sent her designs to a whole new level. Quinn asks if Ivy wants her to put in a good word with Eric. Ivy says she would do anything to come back if Eric would let her. She thinks Quinn could trust her and she will be loyal to her with a new pair of hands. Quinn says she will think about it and get back with Ivy. Wyatt tells Liam that brother to brother he would like another chance with his mother and this thing with Eric is the last straw. Wyatt disagrees that Liam cannot use that logic that Quinn kept him and Steffy from marrying; they were broken up at the time. Liam says sooner or later he and Steffy will resume the life that Quinn stole from them so Wyatt better accept that. Steffy shows up at Liam’s and he says this does not have to be complicated; it was their home and it can be again. She tells him what Eric said that she might be using Quinn as an excuse to come back to him. He wants to know if that is true.

Wyatt comes to Quinn as she texted. He hopes everything with Eric has ended. He hopes she has stopped what she was doing. She is ruining his life in a very negative way so all she needs to do is pack up her bags and go back home. He reminds her again that Steffy has left him and in time it could end the marriage. She says she will not allow that to happen. But he is asking her to make an impossible choice. Eric helps her be a better person. Eric has seen it and in time Steffy will too. He rants that Steffy has moved out of his house and all because of Quinn. She said Quinn could not be trusted and he thinks he is right. His marriage is seriously in jeopardy right now. Liam is making his move and it is only a matter of time before he and Steffy get back together. She is free to do what she wants and right now she does not want Wyatt. She says she will do everything in her power to make sure his marriage does not end. Steffy says this is all about Quinn and getting her out of her life and away from her grandfather. She needs to get Quinn out of her life and that is all she can think about now. She says she is so touched by Liam and what he is doing and part of her wants to stay with him the way it used to be but she can’t. She cannot go back to Wyatt either. She does not want to see him hurt….or Liam either. He says Quinn created this whole situation. Quinn does not change. She uses people to her advantage just like she used them. Quinn thinks about it and calls Ivy and asks if she meant it when she said she would be loyal to her. If she can do that she thinks there will be a place for her at FC. She is not making any promises but Ivy is right; she cannot do this alone. She needs Ivy’s help.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Jennifer argued over what happened to Abby. Jennifer wanted what was best for Thomas and was determined to make sure the right person took care of him. Gabi told Sonny about Abby dying. Everyone gathered at Jenniferís house because of Abby. Chad reminisced about his life with Abby. Jennifer arrived home, and saw her family there. Julie suggested planning a memorial, but Jennifer wasnít ready for that. Julie suggested that they talk about Abby. Adrienne shared her memories about Abby. Jennifer shared her memories of Abby too. Chad trashed the mansion because he was upset about Abby. Belle showed up at the mansion and saw what Chad did to the place. Lucas tried to explain to Jennifer that wasnít bad, but she didnít trust him with Thomas.

Belle tried to comfort Chad. Chad asked Belle to be part of his future. Sonny and Gabi went to see Will at the cemetery. Gabi promised to be there for Sonny. Lucas offered to take care of Thomas. Chad wanted to make DiMera Enterprises legit and needed Belleís legal help. He wanted Belle to work for him. Claire talked to Ciara about getting closer to Theo. Ciara didnít feel like staying and walked off. Chad tried to entice Belle to work for him. Belle wasnít sure if she wanted to take the job until Chad tried to convince her that it was a good idea. She decided to think about it. They cleaned up the living room. Jennifer appreciated her family being there for her. Someone was lying in a bed with covers on his/her face.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Elizabeth has fallen down the hospital stairs after being pushed while the lights were out. Franco notices Hayden standing over Elizabeth in the stairwell after she's fallen and tells Monica, as well as Jordan, that it's very obvious Hayden attempted to kill her. Finn overhears and realizes that although he does not want to suspect or accuse Hayden, he witnessed her angrily confronting and threatening Elizabeth right before Elizabeth fell, after finding out that Elizabeth had "the goods" on Hayden with the diamonds. He reminds Hayden he knows that Elizabeth could have put her away in prison if she turned over the diamonds to the feds. The confrontation happened right before Elizabeth fell. And it's obvious Hayden had means, motive and opportunity to kill her in order to prevent that from happening. Hayden is able to convince Finn, however, that although she did intend to shut Elizabeth up about the diamonds, her "plan" with that had nothing to do with killing her, as she explains to Finn that Elizabeth knows that Nikolas tried to kill Hayden and hid it from the cops. And so it was that, which Hayden intended to use against Elizabeth. At that point, Finn assures her he believes her and no longer suspects her. Elizabeth, however, comes to while in her hospital bed after the fall, talks to Franco, remembers everything and informs him about the confrontation she had with Hayden right before she took the stairs and was pushed. They both put two and two together and conclude that Hayden clearly pushed her down the stairs and tried to kill her. Meanwhile, however, unknown to everyone (except for Ava), Paul is keeping a needle/syringe with a lethal poison in his hotel room. When Monica is distracted in the hospital locker room and unaware he's behind her, Paul attempts to inject her with the poison although he fails yet she never sees or suspects him. Griffin finds and brings to Monica's attention that he found a needle and syringe with the very same drug that was used (by the unidentified murderer) to attempt to kill several patients, in the trash. Yet they both declare they still haven't a clue where it came from or who is using it. Ava collects it from Paul's hospital room and informs him she knows this is the very "crucial" secret which Paul does not want anyone to know and which she can use against him in order for him not to threaten her into testifying against her brother. While this is going on, Alexis is very stressed and drinking as she keeps seeing a "vision" of Julian haunting her and telling her she will fail to have him put away and out of her life. Tracy comes by, notices Alexis, gives her a pep talk about how she has to stand up to Julian and knows she can do that as long as she remains strong and use her power to put him away. Meanwhile, unknown to them, Ava has revealed to Paul that she has proof that he is the hospital killer and in order for her not to inform the cops and have him charged with murder, he needs to use his power as DA to let her brother, Julian go free.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon persuades Neil to go see his mother whom Lily discovered is living in an assisted living facility nearby and is very ill. Dylan wonders if he should tell Paul that he found video camera footage of Chelsea putting Connor inside a car. Dylan finally decides to tell Paul about the video footage giving them their first lead to finding Adam and Chelsea. When Connor gets an ear infection, Adam decides to turn himself in to the police so that Chelsea can take Connor to the hospital.

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