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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt shows up at Thomas’s door and says Steffy is lucky to have her brother although this place looks a little cramped for her. Pam tells Charlie that he was right; it was Quinn’s car in the parking lot. They both tell her that no one wants her here except maybe the CEO. The others will never accept her even though she says she has changed. She knows this will take some time. Pam says read her lips – never. Eric comes in and Pam says she thinks she is going to be sick. How could he? He tells them they have to stop this. Quinn knows if she resorts to her former behavior she will be out of here. Pam says she has fell for that hook, line and sinker before but no more, kitten. Quinn tells her that she does not expect her forgiveness but she will see in time that she is not that person anymore. Sasha and Zende meet on the Rooftop for a workout and she shares that she has made a new friend – Thomas. She goes on what an amazing guy he is. Liam questions Thomas about how Steffy is at his place. He is just worried about her. Thomas says it is time that Steffy gave up and started thinking of a future with Liam.

Steffy tells Wyatt that he knows she cannot come home as long as Quinn is part of that place. Wyatt tells her that relationships often run their course and just have a little faith that this one will too and Eric will see through Quinn. Maybe she is overestimating Quinn and underestimating Eric. He begs her to come home. She says she can’t. She needs some space as her grandfather is in over his head. Wyatt says he is not helpless. He has had relationships like this before. He asks how is leaving him going to fix the problem. She does not know but says that is all she can think of. She loves him but now Quinn will be out of her life for good. He says no; some how he will end it with Quinn. It is not the end for them. Eric tells Quinn that he is proud of her how she handled that business with Pam. They will handle all the others one by one. And he will talk to Steffy and get through to her about not leaving Wyatt. Wyatt drops by Liam’s who has the place all romantically laid out for the night. Wyatt reminds him that this better not be for Steffy as she is still his wife. He says Liam should show him some support. He needs a brother right now not a competitor. Wyatt says he just needs Liam to give him some time to work through all of this. Eric talks to Steffy. He says they love each other and he has always respected her opinions. He heard them all out and he made his own mind as it is his life. She says he is wrong. He says life is full of risks and he is taking this with his eyes wide open. This relationship should not have an effect on her life the way it is and he wonders why. Could she be using him as an excuse to get with the man she really wants to be with, another step closer to Liam?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip told Kate that she and Chloe were having a baby. Kate didnít seem to believe it when he told her. Kate ended up calling Deimos and pretended to be someone from Chloeís doctorís office. She told Deimos about Chloeís prenatal care. Deimos was shocked to find out that Chloe was pregnant. Hope talked to Aiden about being the district attorney. She told Aiden that she thought he was trying to get to her by being the district attorney. Justin and Adrienne talked about Abby dying and Victorís arrest. Victor made bail. He was convinced that Deimos set him up. Maggie reminded Victor that Deimos was the reason why she would be walking again. Victor was okay with everyone doubting him, but he wanted Maggie to believe him. Theresa wanted to take Tate to see Maggie, but Brady wasnít sure that was a good idea because of Victor. Theresa wondered if Victor could have been set up after all, but Brady thought he was guilty. Philip and Chloe talked about who would be a convincing choice to be the father of her baby. She also didnít think anyone would be happy that they were having a baby. Philip answered a phone call and thatís when Deimos showed up to confront Chloe about the baby. Rafe warned Hope not to confront Aiden because heís the district attorney and cause trouble for them. Kate bought the B&B from Doug and Julie. Julie wanted Kate to promise to let the residents stay there. As soon as they left, Kate threw them out.

Deimos wanted to know if Chloe was pregnant with his baby. Chloe told him Philip was the father. Deimos didnít believe her. Philip showed up and confirmed what Chloe said. Brady and Theresa ended up going to see Maggie after all. Maggie told them that Victor made bail. Theresa took Tate out of the room, but he started crying. While Brady and Maggie were talking, he found Tateís stuffed animal. Brady also found a pill on the floor. Deimos continued to question Chloe about why she didnít mention Philip being in her life before. Hope questioned Roman about how Abe could pick Aiden to be the district attorney. She decides she needs to quit the force. Andre arrived at the Martin house to talk to Kate about getting revenge on people. Rafe tried to talk Hope out of quitting the force. Justin showed up at Hopeís house. Brady found out that the pill was the one used to drug Theresa. He was convinced that Victor was the one who had the drugs. Victor went to Deimos to talk to him about the kidnapping. Deimos let him know that it was too neat for him to be the one who set Victor up. Justin told Rafe and Hope why he stepped down as the district attorney. Justin had to do it in order to not be charged with tampering with evidence. Deimos told Nicole about Chloe being pregnant with his child. Nicole went to find out the truth. Rafe continued to convince Hope not to quit. Hope finally realized Rafe was right and decided not to quit after all. Nicole asked Chloe if Deimos is the father of her baby.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the hospital, Claudette goes to find Griffin, makes it clear she wants him and that she believes he still wants her. He asks her what about Nathan, to which she assures him she has no feelings for her ex husband and never loved him. Yet Griffin wonders why, in that case, and tells her she needs to be honest to him, with why she is in town and what her unfinished issue and secret with Nathan is all about. Meanwhile, Maxie and Nathan are both wondering about the future of their relationship, whether they have a future, whether he's still in love with Claudette and whether she should commit to him or believe he's committed to her. After she talks to her mom and he talks to his sister, they meet together, discuss their issues and decide they want to be together and move forward and he declares to her he's done with Claudette. They each send texts to Felicia and to Nina, who happily declare they will be in-laws. Yet Claudette comes by to notice that and is not happy. Elizabeth has been pushed down the hospital stairs by an "unseen" person as soon as the power gets turned off unexpectedly throughout the hospital. Franco rushes to see her and finds her passed out and injured at the bottom of the stairs and sees Hayden walking down the stairs toward her. The doctors rush to treat her although it appears she is critical and may not make it. Hayden looks like the obvious suspect, especially after being heard by many people expressing her "anger and need for revenge" upon Elizabeth for having the diamonds. Meanwhile, Ava has discovered that the mysterious cuff links, in question, which were found in the hospital when mysterious murders occur, belong to Paul. She goes to his hotel room and sees he's not there although she remembers many conversations they've had where he's expressed he's extremely "worried" about having his secrets exposed, which seem like there's more he needs to hide than just his affair with her. With that, she knows she needs to find something "significant" on him so that he can no longer threaten her with the flash drive. Shortly thereafter, she discovers what appears to be a needle/syringe with a lethal poison that Paul hides. While Monica is alone in the dark locker room, unknown to her, Paul comes up behind her with the needle and the lethal poison ready to inject her from behind.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam and Chelsea spend a romantic evening together despite the situation they are in. Chelsea assures him that she will stand by him. Dylan asks Nick why he came to see Chelsea and why he visited Adam in prison. Jack stands by Summer after Luca is arrested. Phyllis tells Billy all about Jill blackmailing her to stay with Jack. Colin asks Jill why she is really back in Genoa City and what she is holding over someone's head. 

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