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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill reminds Brooke that she came there for his shares and she can have them free and clear to do with them what she wants. All she has to do is marry him. She says that is blackmail. She wishes he would not do this. He thinks she just needs a nudge in the right direction and he is happy to offer that. Now he has given her a lot to think about so they can begin their life together. Sasha stops by again to brighten up Thomas’s day. He can’t stop kissing her. Until Nicole interrupts to drop some designs by; she asks why Sasha is here. She did not know they were friends. Thomas tells Nicole that Sasha is doing a great job of cheering him up. Ridge laments to Katie that Bill is so crass; why can’t women see that. Katie says yes but he has charm too; just ask Brooke. Bill tells Justin he has money to burn and he wants to sweeten the deal with Katie. But he has more plans for the Forrester shares; he wants to offer them to Brooke as a wedding gift. Brooke joins Ridge and Katie. She is direct and says Bill is offering the shares to her as a wedding gift. Katie wants to know if she accepted. Even if Bill gives her time, just do it! Thomas leaves Sasha and Nicole alone for a short time while he retrieves something off the balcony. Nicole tells Sasha she is not surprised she is here. Sasha offers that she does not know where this is going but Thomas is a cool guy and she wants to be along for the ride. Sasha says they have been through so much and there is still an elephant in the room. She knows she will have to earn that trust again. Thomas has given her no indication that he is not on the market so she would like to spend more time with him.

Katie tells Brooke that she wants Bill and he wants her too so go for it. Brooke reminds her they are still married. Katie says she loves Bill but some things are not meant to be so now she is allowed to be herself. She is taking back control of her life….endless possibilities and best part she is not beholden to anyone. She is unlike Brooke that she has to have a man to validate her. She is hurt and wounded but not angry. That is a waste of time and energy and she has done enough of that. She tells Brooke to do what she wants; she does not care anymore. She states that she is starting another new project. She is going back to work. She will inform her attorney to accept Bill’s settlement and move on. Brooke should too. Ridge tells Brooke now it is up to her. Thomas tells Nicole that he knows it is complicated but Sasha loves her and wants them to be sisters. Nicole says yes she knows. Damage was done but she is trying. Sasha asks for a hug and Nicole complies. Later Sasha hugs Thomas and says this is becoming a habit; he defended her again……they kiss. Ridge asks Brooke to look at him. The shares could make a major change around here. They could run Forrester and work together and it would not include Quinn. But marrying Bill is such a tool but if she does she needs to do it because she wants to, not because of Ridge or what he needs right now. After all she will be waking up to Bill the rest of her life. Bill calls and says he knows he gave her time but he needs to see her first thing tomorrow. He needs her answer. Ridge asks her what she is going to do – marry that guy?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was upset to find out that Eduardo wanted to leave Salem. Gabi wanted Eduardo to stay in town, but he couldnít because he had to protect his family. Kayla wanted to try couples therapy with Steve, but he didnít want to do it. Steve let Kayla know that she was the one who was standing in the way of them being together. Kayla was upset because she thought that he was blaming her for why they werenít together anymore. She wanted Steve to meet her halfway, but he interrupted her to remind her about what he did for her. Steve wanted to know what more he had to do to prove that he changed. Joey and Jade got into an argument because he said his problems started once he met her. Jade got upset so Joey tried to clean up what he said, but he only made things worse. Kayla wanted to know why Steve was afraid of therapy. He didnít want to rehash what he went through as a kid, but he did eventually decide to do therapy with her.

Steve and Kayla overheard Joey and Jade argue. When Jade left, Joey told them that he didnít want to go to therapy anymore because it wasnít working for him. Kayla assured Joey that therapy would work for him. She also told him that she and Steve were doing couples therapy. Joey changed his mind and decided to give therapy another chance. Rafe and Gabi didnít want Eduardo to leave town. Rafe wanted to help find the people who were coming after Eduardo. Gabi noticed Darioís reaction and got upset with him. Dario got a phone call and rushed out of the house. The guy who worked with Dario to get Eduardo to leave town threatened him to give him more money. Joey talked to Steve about his sessions ruining his relationship with Jade. Gabi let Rafe know that sheís suspicious of Dario. Gabi and Rafe said goodbye to Eduardo and left the house. Adrianna was heartbroken that she had to say goodbye to Eduardo again. Eduardo promised her that he would be back and they would be together. Steve didnít go to therapy with Kayla. He went to TBD. He left a message for her and told her something came up at work. Dario paid the guy, and told him he wouldnít give him any more money. The guy told him that he would get more from him and he walked away from Dario. Gabi ended up seeing the guy and he grabbed her by the face. He told Gabi that he was sick of her family and walked off. Joey found Jade and said he wouldnít let her go. Kayla talked to Marlena about Steve not making it to therapy. She told Marlena that she thinks that itís over with Steve.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lulu is obsessively trying to find out if there's any possibility of finding the embryos that were her last chance to have another baby, after the explosion at the Creighton Clark Clinic, a few years back. Robert Scorpio comes by to visit her, assures her Luke is alive and well but needs her and others to beware of Valentin, even if he has been arrested, extradited back to Greece, and has declared he is not a threat to the Spencers. At the hospital as well as the police station, the mysterious cuff links are the only evidence tying the hospital murder to a suspect. Ava remembers Paul threatening to have her charged with the murder of Connie Falconeri unless she testifies against her brother. She does not want him holding this threat over her. And right then, she finds out that Jordan is investigating the origin of the mysterious cuff links, which Jordan knows she's seen somewhere although she cannot "pin point" where or on whom. Ava also knows the cuff links in question look familiar. As soon as she is alone, Ava remembers the last time she slept with Paul, when he was getting dressed, he had those very cuff links on his shirt cuff. Ava has also been able to find out and inform Hayden that Elizabeth Weber has the diamonds in her possession, which can have Hayden sent to prison, knowing that Hayden's father was supposed to turn them over to the feds but did not. Learning that, Hayden is determined not to let Elizabeth hold that over on her and goes to confront Elizabeth at the hospital. Elizabeth is not worried and goes off to turn the evidence over to the cops. When she can't get the hospital elevator to open, Elizabeth goes down the hospital stairs. Paul then realizes that Elizabeth has seen his cuff links, has just informed him she intends to turn "evidence" over to the police commissioner, and he remembers Jordan is investigating the cuff links in question which he is now wearing. Hayden is infuriated and determined to stop at nothing in order to prevent Elizabeth from doing what she intends to do. As Elizabeth walks down the hospital stairs, the lights suddenly go out and "somebody" comes up behind her and pushes her down the stairs. Meanwhile Franco goes to visit his mom, Heather, at her facility. She reveals to her son that after she divorced Jeff Weber, Elizabeth's father, she found out Jeff was sleeping with Naomi, who was married, at the time to the rich Raymond Berlin. Heather found out that Jeff got Naomi pregnant. Hearing that, Franco wonders, although his mom does not confirm or deny, if that means that Naomi is Elizabeth's mom. He then goes off to find Elizabeth and let her know what he's just found out although his mom pleads that he not do that.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

After Travis tells Victoria that he will stay in Genoa City, they decide to give a serious relationship a try, but Billy acts a little jealous.  Phyllis finally tells Billy that Jill knows about their affair and threatened to tell Jack about it if they didn't end the it. Luca is arrested after holding Summer hostage and admitting that he was responsible for the oil spills that  damaged Newman Enterprises. Daniel tells Mariah about the night Cassie died and then they have a nice conversation about Kevin. Adam, Chelsea, and Connor are reunited with help from Victor and Nikki, but Dylan is determined to find them.

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