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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke this is their time. Katie does not even want the house. He is giving her a very generous $50 Million package and the jet so now they can start their life together. Ridge tells Katie that she has never looked better. She says she realized the situation was not going to get better and it was unhealthy. She was in denial for a long time but now she has moved out. Sasha stops by Thomas’s and they enjoy soaking up the sun. He is glad she stopped by and she says good as she has big plans for him. He is ready for that as he says he has a lot of family drama now. She says he needs to let all of that go and just enjoy the day. She will make sure that happens. She brings him some lemonade and says this is paradise….maybe not to him who has been all over the world but to her anyplace other than tiny little apartment of hers with no air conditioning is heaven. They close their eyes and she makes him envision being on some exotic island. Katie tells Ridge that Stephanie must be rolling over in her grave with Quinn now in her bed with Eric. But maybe Eric is just trying to recapture his youth in this phase of his life. She does not want to see Ridge isolate himself from Eric as that will only make him closer to Quinn.

Brooke says Katie has to be hurt by all of this and she still feels responsible. Bill says Katie feels better than she has in a long time but now it is their time. They are not keeping secrets from Katie and they can start their life right here today. She admits she was glad he called but he might not be glad when he hears what she has to say. He says he does not want to talk about Katie; they should be focusing on their future. She tells him about Quinn and suddenly Bill knows Brooke is going to bring up the 12 ½%. Bill says Quinn or no Quinn he is not giving up his shares to Ridge. All he wants to talk about is them, nothing else… memories that will last a lifetime. Ridge says he is not having feelings for Brooke; it is strictly business. He wants Brooke to get those shares, simple as that. Thomas tells Sasha she is the best cheerer up that he has ever seen. He does not want her to go. He can cancel her photo shoot. She hesitates long enough for him to kiss her. Katie tells Ridge that she knows he does not want to hear this but Bill and Brooke will be a couple now. Ridge says no, Bill it not good for anyone. Bill tells Brooke enough with Katie, he does not want to dwell on that. He wants Brooke, it will always be Brooke. He is sorry for Katie but she has moved on and they need to as well. He even reveals that he will not sell the shares but on their wedding day he will give them to Brooke. She can give to Ridge or whatever she wants but it will have to be on their wedding day when they say their vows.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin arrived at the station to witness Roman questioning Victor. Victor explained that Deimos set him up for the kidnapping. Sonny talked to Brady about Victor being innocent. Brady was convinced that Victor was guilty. Deimos let Nicole know that he was having Victorís case investigated. He doesnít want to be the next one accused of the kidnapping. One thing led to another and Deimos and Nicole made love. Brady and Sonny continued to argue about Victor. Roman let them know that Victor was getting booked. Justin was determined to help Victor get out of jail. Sonny assured Victor that he would be by his side. Justin told Brady that Deimos is the suspect. Brady believed that Victor kidnapped Tate.

Nicole and Deimos were at the town square. He wanted an answer about whether she would move in with him. She wanted to take things slowly. Kate saw Deimos and Nicole together. Philip and Chloe met at TBD and he wanted to talk about posing as the father of her baby. Deimos and Nicole saw Kate. They had a tense conversation. Chloe wanted to go somewhere so she didnít have to run into Deimos. Philip didnít want Chloe to run. He wanted to help her. Chloe finally decided to let Philip help her. Justin and Sonny talked about how they would help Victor. Justin thought it would be hard to prove that Victor was framed. Sonny wanted to do whatever it took to prove that Victor was framed. Victor called Maggie to check on her. He promised her that he would come home to her. Deimos and Nicole saw Philip and Chloe at TBD.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian is ready to get put away in prison and admits to Ava he is accepting his fate although she tells him she won't let him give up nor go down without a fight. Meanwhile, Robert goes to see Laura and informs her that Luke has sent him to warn her that after Valentin Cassadine has killed Nikolas, Spencer may not be safe and so she needs to get him out of the country. She does that without much thought when Kevin comes to see her hoping she will "reconsider" and want to see him again, after their last time together, yet she tells him she cannot promise anything. Franco is confident he can get his old job back at the hospital when he goes to talk to Kevin who assesses his "psychological" status. Elizabeth makes it clear to him and to Kevin that she and Franco have mutual feelings for each other. Franco goes to see his mom, Heather, in the institution, after finding out she has money, and asks if she might be able to loan him something for his next date with Elizabeth. Yet Heather has just spoken to Naomi, Hayden's mom, who owes her money in exchange for Heather keeping some very damaging secrets which Naomi does not want exposed. Naomi does not currently have money although she knows as soon as the diamonds can be located, she will have all she needs. Ava goes to see if it's possible for Paul to offer Julian some "incentive" if he pleads guilty. He tells her that will not happen and further informs her either she testifies against her brother, whether she wants to or not, or else he will turn over her taped confession that she murdered Connie Falconeri, and have Ava put away. Ava is obviously very upset and worried until she runs into Hayden at the bar. She realizes that Elizabeth has possession of the diamonds that could be all the evidence needed for the feds to put Hayden away, after Elizabeth has told her she intends to do just that and Ava warns Hayden of that. Sonny goes to talk to Alexis who assures him she will not back down on her promise to testify against Julian. She also indicates to him that Julian has made it clear he has a "delusion" she's still in love with him, believes he will get her back and she will not testify against him. Hearing that, Sonny is very confident and goes to visit Julian in his jail cell. He tells him he wants him to plead guilty in order to spare Alexis from having to testify against him and all the long drawn out process of the trial that will end up in his getting put away for murder, anyway no matter what he decides. If Julian does that, Sonny informs him, when he goes to prison (which is inevitable), Sonny will "let him live". Yet Julian firmly tells Sonny he refuses to do that. He will fight the charges, get acquitted and Alexis will not let Sonny hurt him. At that point, everyone is confident that Julian is going to be put away for the murder of Duke and of Carlos, and nobody can save him from that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Luca thanks everyone for coming to his and Summer's engagement party, but their joy is shortlived when Travis appears and spills the beans about Luca sabotaging the oil wells. Luca denies the accusation and declares that it was Travis who sabotaged the oil well. Adam wakes up in a deserted room with a hood over his head. Victor steps forward and takes the hood off. Adam wants to know what this is all about. Adam blames Victor for him being in this mess. Kevin, Dylan, and the police barge into Chelsea's place and want to know where Adam is. Chelsea is overwhelmed that Adam is gone and no one knows where. Adam and Victor have a heart to heart talk. Summer doesn't believe Travis' accusation about Luca being involved in the sabotage. Nikki visits Chelsea to check on Adam. Dylan and Nick go to the Newman ranch to search the premises for Adam. They put Victor under house arrest until Adam is found. Chelsea talks to Adam via a cell phone.

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