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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke, Steffy and Thomas that he has come up with a plan. It involves the Spencer shares and he thinks it might stop Quinn. He cannot kick her out of Eric’s house but it might keep her out at Forrester’s. Thomas and Steffy say he has their full support and won’t tell anyone. Katie informs Bill that he can have the house now; she is moving out so he can have Brooke move in. She just would ask that he not put her in their bedroom; that would be confusing. Then he adds his part….no way in hell will he give the dressmaker his 12 ½%. But he is sweetening the pot and Justin is working on that now. He is happy to see her stronger now and in control. She says she feels good and thinks she can handle anything that comes her way. Ridge shares his plan with Brooke because it involves her getting her hands on the shares from Bill. Steffy laments to Thomas that she is glad their dad has a plan. They are all in a bad place right now. Ridge tells Brooke to look at the bigger picture. He will deal with his dad later but right now they need to focus on those shares. He needs her with him there at the company running it and Rick can help.

Brooke gets a phone call from Bill wanting to see her at the house. He tells her Katie has moved out and has her own place. Ridge tells her not to get involved if she does not want to. He does not want to see her drug down by Bill. Katie shows up to see Ridge but informs him nothing has changed. Bill will not turn over his shares. Ridge says he is hoping that will change as Brooke is on his way there now. Brooke shows up and Bill has the place all romantically arranged. He puts on the big push that this is his house now and they can get married and live the life they were destined to have.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle and Kayla saw Jennifer passed out on the bed at the motel. Jennifer woke up and tried to deny what she did. They saw the empty vodka bottle. Jennifer wanted to know if Belle was going to tell Chad what happened. Theo watched movies with Claire, but he couldnít stop talking about Ciara. Claire was upset and wanted to do something else. Chad let Ciara know that he didnít have feelings for her. Belle promised Jennifer that she wouldnít tell Chad what she did. Ciara refused to accept that Chad didnít have feelings for her. She was convinced that he loved her too. Chad didnít have feelings for her. Chad tried to let Ciara down easy, but she refused to listen to him. He told Ciara that he didnít love her.  Claire admitted that she liked Theo. Claire advised Theo to move on from Ciara. Belle and Kayla took Jennifer back home and they ran into Julie. Jennifer wanted Belle to stay so she wouldnít talk to Chad about what happened. Chad told Ciara that he wouldnít be with her even if he did move on with his life. Chad didnít want things to be weird for them anymore so he told her he didnít want her to work for him anymore.

Ciara texted Claire so they could talk. Claire thought Theo regretted kissing her. Theo didnít regret it, but Claire thought he was hung up on Ciara. Theo realized that he had to let Ciara go. Theo wasnít sorry that he kissed Claire and kissed her again. Belle told Kayla that she didnít want to hurt Shawnís family by telling what Jennifer did. Chad showed up at Jenniferís house and saw Belle. Jennifer agreed to go to a meeting. Chad wanted to talk to Jennifer, but Belle told him that she wasnít up for it. Chad put two and two together and realized that Jennifer relapsed. Theo and Claire were making out when Ciara showed up. Jennifer was okay with the fact that Chad realized that she relapsed. Ciara decided not to tell Claire what was wrong with her. Julie encouraged Jennifer to go to the meeting. Belle let Chad know that Jennifer relapsed. She said he could keep Thomas, but he said he couldnít take care of the baby. Belle was going to call social services to put Thomas in foster care if Chad didnít want to take care of Thomas. Jennifer talked about her problem at the meeting. Chad didnít want Thomas to be in foster care. Belle suggested that Chad get Ciara back to take care of Thomas. Chad told Belle that Ciara wasnít available. Belle decided to stay with Chad for the night to take care of Thomas.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis finds out, unknown to her, that what she thought was a private confrontation between herself and Kristina, at the Metro Court, has been made public. Jordan goes to confront her about that and questions if Alexis did not purposely "plan" this in order to diminish her own credibility in court when she testifies against Julian. Hearing that, Alexis angrily demands to know why she'd even consider such a thing, reminding her that because the cops have failed to do their jobs with Julian, she wore a wire and he almost murdered her. Yet, Jordan reminds her, that very recently before she agreed to wear the wire, she was protecting Julian for months, agreed to marry him and believe him when he said he'd changed. So how is she supposed to trust or believe that Alexis would not do it again? Alexis is furious with that and when Jordan is alone with Andrť, he tells her he can clearly see she has some very personal anger toward this beyond simply being the police commissioner who wants to put Julian away. She then reveals to him, for the first time, that for many years, she went undercover for the DEA and it cost her many years of her life as well as her relationship with her son. And so, now that they've finally got all they need to put Julian away for good, she cannot bear the thought of him getting away with his crimes again and cannot let anything or anyone pose a threat to that. Sonny is happily with Sam and Jason after finding out they are getting married when he gets notification of Alexis' and Kristina's public brawl and goes to confront her, reminding her it's his business since it involves his daughter. Kristina goes to see parker and is once again "taken" by getting her hopes up when Parker admits she still has feelings for her. Yet Parker declares she's getting back with her wife, to which Kristina concludes she knows Parker has been using, manipulating and deceiving her and she never wants to see her again. Laura is happily with Kevin after they've spent the night together. She makes it clear she wants to be with him yet she discovers he's been secretly writing a book that sounds like he's writing about her without telling her. This changes everything for her as she tells him she wonders if he has been deceiving and using her and she tells him she no longer wants to be with him. Carly is ready to get Nelle started and has complete trust that she can be the perfect nanny for Avery. Yet she finds it odd that when she happily introduces Nelle to Jason and Sam, that Nelle does not want hers' and Sonny's best friends to know that she saved Josslyn's life by donating her kidney. Nelle still knows how to make Carly believe she is a hero. Yet she suddenly declares she's gotten a call from her boss in Atlanta to inform her an issue has occurred that requires her to return there. Carly suspects nothing with that although it may be cause for concern.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Summer and Luca had their engagement party. Sharon brought Phyllis some dresses to try on for the wedding tomorrow. Noah returned to town and tried to convince Phyllis to stop the wedding, but she refused. Daniel returned for Summer's wedding and had a happy reunion with Summer and Phyllis. Daniel decided to keep an open mind about Luca. Noah and Summer butted heads over the wedding. Daniel convinced Noah to stop making a scene. Chelsea found out Adam made Nick promise to be there for Connor. It made her feel like Adam was giving up. Nikki unsuccessfully tried to get Victor to tell her his plan to help Adam. Jack went to Adam's sentencing. Chelsea and Victor clashed at the courthouse because Victor said hi to Connor. Kevin and Dylan got a possible lead on finding Bethany. Chloe wanted a distraction from the trial so had Kevin meet her and Bella at the park. They reminisced about Delia. Chloe admitted that she didn't want Adam to go free.

Chelsea made a statement at the hearing hoping to get leniency for Adam. Adam was sentenced to ten years in federal prison. He barely reacted to the judge's decision or to leaving his family. Nick promised Chelsea that he'd be there for her and Connor. At the party, Dylan warned Victor that he planned to prove Victor set Adam up. Sharon warned Dylan that Victor didn't react well to being cornered. Nick went to the engagement party, but he refused to shake Luca's hand. Victoria commiserated with Nick about the wedding, then they discussed Victoria's feelings for Travis. Chloe comforted Chelsea at the penthouse. One of the officers in the prison van chloroformed Adam and another put a sack over his head. Adam was taken to an undisclosed location, where Victor removed the sack from his head. Dylan, Kevin and several officers stormed into the penthouse to search for Adam after the van failed to arrive at the prison. Travis crashed the engagement party.

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