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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge shows up at Brooke’s in time for breakfast. He says hotel life is terrible. Brooke was sure that Eric would apologize and invite him back home. Eric comes downstairs and asks Quinn if she has had second thoughts in the cold hard light of day. She says she has always done as she pleased so she is surprised to say that she does care what his family thinks and does not want to cause this problem. He says they can choose to be happy or not and make everyone else happy. Suffering is not a vitamin. He does not want her to walk away. There is a knock at the door and Quinn gets it. Wyatt walks in with a bag and says she does not live here, she is not staying, so pack up her bag to go. Steffy hugs Thomas and thanks him for letting her stay with him for the night. Liam calls as he forgot his work keys there last night. Thomas seizes the opportunity and invites him to come right over. Rick and Maya are both surprised when they walk in and find Ridge helping himself to breakfast. They even notice the bag in the den and wonder if he is moving back in. Shocked would be the word when they find he lost his home to Quinn. Quinn tells Wyatt to stop; she is not leaving. It is Steffy that is stalking her not the other way around. He says this is not negotiable; he will not lose Steffy. She says this can work. Any time Steffy wants to come see Eric then she will leave. Wyatt says he has had a lifetime of this and he is done.

Eric comes back in and tells Wyatt to lay off or he will have him arrested and don’t think he won’t do it. Quinn is not going anywhere. Wyatt says his marriage should not suffer because of them….or more importantly Quinn. He says Quinn owes him on this, all the years of interference he had to run for her as he would come home and not know what he would run into. Now for the first time in his life he has someone in his life he can love and trust. So that is why he is going to get Quinn out of here. He tells Quinn if she loves him then she can prove it. Eric says if Wyatt guilts Quinn into leaving he will just come and get her again. If Steffy leaves him he cannot stop that but he will talk to her. He will get through to her and it will not be Wyatt or Steffy that dictates how he and Quinn live. Ridge tells them they do not know just how much influence Quinn has over Eric but they do know the power that Eric has over the company so they have to protect that. Liam is surprised to find Steffy and when she tells him she is moving in with Thomas for now. He says the craziest thing about Quinn is that she will move heaven and earth to get what she wants and did that to get Steffy and Wyatt together and now she will give him up so easily. He says this move is good; it is a move in the right direction. And he will be here for her, waiting for them to pick up right where they left off.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John, Brady, and Theresa went to a hotel room to find Tate. They looked around the room and didnít see him. They were about to leave until Tate started crying. Maggieís surgery was a success. Maggie thanked Deimos for helping her walk. Caroline was surprised that Maggie thanked him. Maggie and Victor explained what Deimos did for her. Theresa and Brady were relieved to find Tate. John found a phone and Brady took it. Brady called the personís number and Victor answered the phone. Rafe was upset that Aiden was appointed the district attorney. Abe and Roman explained to Rafe why Aiden was picked as district attorney. Aiden and Justin talked at the town square about Aiden being the district attorney. Justin was convinced that Aiden stole his job from him.

Aiden arrived at the station and wanted the files of cases going to trial. Brady and John arrived at the hospital to arrest Victor for kidnapping. Victor wanted to know what proof they had. John and Brady told Victor about the proof. Brady told Victor that he called him. Brady believed that Victor was behind the kidnapping. A police office arrested Victor. Sonny accused Deimos of framing Victor. Rafe confronted Aiden about how he got the job as district attorney. Sonny told Justin about Victor being arrested. Sonny believed Deimos framed Victor. Caroline told Maggie that Victor was the one who kidnapped Tate. Justin told Sonny that he resigned as the DA. Theresa couldnít believe that Victor was involved with Tateís kidnapping. Nicole confronted Deimos about whether he framed Victor. Aiden wanted to make peace with Rafe. Caroline told Maggie that she had a vision about Victor and how he wanted her to keep it to herself. Victor arrived at the station and saw John. Victor tried to declare his innocence, but John didnít listen to him. Nicole wanted to know if he framed Victor.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hayden's mom urges her to get out of Port Charles, to realize there's no reason to stay and that she could be risking consequences she does not want if she stays. Yet Hayden makes it clear one reason why she's not ready to do that is her "friend", Dr. Finn. She goes to see him and is very baffled to see he's in a very bitter and negative mood, finding it odd given how he appeared very positive and encouraged the last time they spoke. He expresses to her that she needs to make her own decisions and stop believing that other people, such as himself or Nikolas or anyone should be her "prince". Hayden is offended by the way he talks to her and storms out of the room yet she is still determined to stay in town and face all the people who doubt and fail to respect her. Elizabeth has found the diamonds which she knows ties Hayden and her family to their crimes and knows if she keeps them, she can use them as evidence against Hayden. Yet she is not certain what she should do at this point, regarding all of that. She goes to visit Franco who is surprised to see her, unexpectedly and she tells him she wants to confide in him about this. At first, he is confused as to why she wants to see him, expresses to her he's convinced that they are both living a lie and fooling themselves to think they can continue seeing each other with all of the reservations they both have. Yet she convinces him that she wants to be with him and he need not doubt that. Obrecht appears to know Finn's secret for why he's traveling on Sonny Corinthos' private jet and making it very secretive where he goes and what he does and the fact that he's obviously using and experimenting with illegal drugs. She clearly wants to get him in trouble and antagonizes him. Alexis meets with her two daughters at The Metro Court and gets into another heated argument with Kristina regarding Kristina's "lost cause" with Parker and her own "even worse" mistake with Julian. Little do they know a guy is sitting behind the bar recording the whole confrontation on his phone. Dante and Lulu have happily moved into their new house and are ready to have another baby. Yet they get startling news from their Ob-Gyn that there is no more chance for her to have another baby. This devastates her and they both relive all they had to go through in the last few years and all they are still determined to do in order to have another baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil tells Hilary that his mother cheated on his father and later left home, but he can never forgive her for what she has done. Neil tells Hilary that is why he threw all the letters she sent to him and his family in the trash. Hilary gives Lily and Devon some of the letters their grandmother sent to them and Neil shortly after he and Neil were married. Lily decides to contact her grandmother and find out what really happened. Colin thinks Jill has a secret reason for returning to Genoa City and leaving their happy home in Chicago and he won't rest until he finds out the truth. Phyllis daydreams about marrying Billy, but Jack is also in her daydream. Victoria lets Billy stay at her place since Colin and Jill are at the mansion but decides to leave after he finds out Victoria has real feelings for Travis.

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