Tuesday 8/23/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/23/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Steffy that he knows his mother is a huge problem but Steffy leaving him is not the answer. He begs her for one more chance to go over and talk to Quinn and get her out of that house. Eric tells Ridge that he encouraged everyone in the family to accept Quinn and they didn’t. This is his life and they do not get a say in it. Quinn says she does not want to cause this conflict. Eric laments that she is going nowhere, he wants her here. Ridge brings up his mother and Eric says yes he loved her but she was very tough and intimating and he would not have wanted her any other way, always for her family. Ridge argues that Quinn has not made anyone’s life better and she sure isn’t going to do it for Eric. Thomas tells Liam that this will send Steffy over the edge when she finds out Quinn is moving in with Eric. She needs to be free of Quinn and that means also being free of Wyatt. Wyatt keeps saying he will talk to Quinn and she will break up with Eric and she will not be a problem. He is not making excuses for Quinn anymore. He has drawn the line and she will never be a problem for them anymore. That is why she is with Eric; she wants to change. Steffy says it is too little too late. She cannot risk that Quinn will be in her life ever again. She twists things and never thinks she is wrong. Steffy says as his wife her needs, her protection and more than anything her sanity comes first.

Ridge tells his dad that no offense but if it is just companionship he wants then Ridge will go out and find it for Eric, but not Quinn. No one is going to respect him this way, most of all his entire family of children and grandchildren. There is evil in this woman. Eric says again that he is the patriarch in this family and Ridge does not get that right to tell him what to do. Ridge walks out after telling his mom’s portrait that he is sorry that she had to see this. Quinn tells Eric that she is so grateful that he believes in her and invited her to move in but Ridge is not going to be the last person that will walk in and tell them she has no right to be there. Eric has a legacy and a reputation to protect. He has too much at stake. She is not sure she should break all of that. He kisses her and says she needs to stay right here. Stephanie’s portrait falls off the wall. Steffy tells Wyatt that he says she is his priority but now look at what happened. She cannot accept this. She says she is not filing for divorce but she is moving out. Quinn has caused too much pain. He says he is not Quinn Fuller’s son right now. He is 100% committed to Steffy so her leaving is not the answer. They can get through this. Do not let Quinn make her give up on them. With him still calling her name, Steffy walks out the door crying.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad talked to Belle about giving up custody of Thomas to Jennifer. Jennifer went to a motel to get drunk and high until Jack appeared. Jack tried to stop Jennifer from getting high. Belle was convinced that Chad was dealing with his grief for why he wanted to let Jennifer have custody of Thomas. Chad wanted to let Belle go as his attorney. Belle didnít want to let Chad give up. Chad tried to call Jennifer, but she wouldnít answer the phone. Jack wanted Jennifer to tell Chad that she would take Thomas. Theo told Ciara that Abby died in a plane crash. Ciara didnít take the news well and walked off. Claire showed up and asked Theo about Ciara and he told her that he knew Ciara was going to run off to see Chad.

Chad was upset that Jennifer wouldnít answer the phone. Jennifer didnít listen to Jack and took the pills anyway. Ciara went to Chadís place and ended up arguing with Belle over Thomas. Chad didnít need Ciara anymore since he wasnít going to keep Thomas. Later on, Belle met with Paul and he told her that Jennifer went to a motel and had drugs with her. Belle wasnít happy about that and went to find her. Claire didnít know how to deal with what happened with Abby so she talked to Theo about her music. Ciara tried to talk Chad into not giving up on Thomas. Chad didnít want to hear what she had to say. Belle found Jennifer at the motel. She was going to take Jenniferís picture, but she changed her mind. Theo and Claire were talking and ended up kissing. Ciara wanted Chad to keep going on with his life. Chad wanted to know why she cared. Ciara blurted out that she loved him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Laura meets Kevin for dinner at The Metro Court. They awkwardly wonder what to do next and agree to have some wine and spend some time in his hotel room. They start kissing yet he wonders if it's the "right thing to do". However, she assures him all is good and they continue kissing. Sonny goes to intervene in what could have been an escalated situation involving Morgan's confrontation with a guy at the coffee shop. When it appears his son handled the situation and nothing got out of hand, Sonny commends and praises him, tells Morgan how proud he is of him and assures his son all will be well as long as he takes the correct meds that have proven successful. Meanwhile, Ava goes to Sonny and Carly's home to pick up Avery and take her home. While Carly is distracted with hiring and arranging for Nelle to be Avery's new nanny, Ava goes up to Morgan's bedroom, finds his bottle of prescription meds, removes the lithium pills and replaces them with others without anyone knowing. She is determined to stop at nothing in order to get Kiki to break up with Morgan. Morgan returns with Sonny and meets Nelle then he goes into his room and takes one of Ava's pills. Ava decides not to take Avery for the night since she's sleeping so soundly. Aldo takes Nelle to her motel. Nelle promises to return at 8 a.m. At Wyndemere, Elizabeth notices a mysterious unexpected large box delivered to the front door with the return address of Cassadine Island. She sees it is addressed to Nikolas and wonders what to do now that he's gone. She decides to leave it for Laura. Ava comes by to see Laura. Realizing they are both sharing the loss of Nikolas, Elizabeth invites her in and lets Ava persuade her to open the box which contains Nikolas' jacket and one boot. Ava asks to have the boot as a remembrance of Nikolas, but Elizabeth realizes that Ava just wants to get her hands on the diamonds which are in the boot. When Ava hears Elizabeth's wish to take the diamonds to the police as evidence to put Hayden away for her crime, she suggests that they make good of Nikolas' death and allow Spencer to benefit from his inheritance by keeping the diamonds. While Franco is alone in his apartment eating a sandwich, Nina comes by to pick up some of her things that Kiki packed up for her. She wonders why Franco is not at his job at the hospital, and she learns that he was suspended. She wants to help him and encourages him to fight it and not lose hope. He makes her a peanut butter sandwich and she shares her recent rendezvous with Valentin Cassadine. When he says his relationship with Elizabeth is running hot and cold, she philosophizes that if it's meant to be, it will work out. As she leaves, Elizabeth comes down the hall from the other direction. Elizabeth notices Nina coming out of Franco's apartment and starts to leave, but Franco calls out to her. She enters his apartment and admits she needs someone to talk to.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the courtroom, Adam pleads guilty to the charges against him. Chelsea asks him to think about what he is doing to his family. Everyone in the courtroom is stunned by Adam's confession. Abby catches up to Ben at the hospital to let him know about the police finding evidence to clear Adam but then he assaulted a prison guard. Dylan arrives and asks how the guard is. Ben lets him know that the prison guard has lapsed into a coma. In the courtroom, Chelsea begs Adam to fight for their family instead of doing this to them. The judge urges Chelsea to keep quiet or face contempt of court. When the judge asks Adam if he wants his confession to stand, he doesn't answer. Nikki enters the courtroom and sits down beside Victor. Adam refuses to change his plea. Abby is stunned that Adam isn't eating or sleeping. Abby receives a text that Adam has pled guilty. Michael urges Adam to fight for himself but Adam tells the court that the confession stands. Nikki asks Victor why Adam is doing this.

Chloe tells Kevin that Adam may think that he doesn't deserve freedom. Nick blames Victor for this whole mess that Adam is now being sent back to jail. Nikki defends Victor to Nick that he has nothing to do with Adam being framed for Constance's murder. Adam is locked up again at Walworth. Michael tells Chelsea that this isn't over yet and he will appeal. Victor joins them and blames Michael for his poor defense of Adam and threatens to hire another lawyer. Abby is upset over the fact that Adam took a plea deal and then all this happened to him. Dylan leaves the hospital. Ben rejoins Abby and is surprised that she is still there. Nikki tells Victor that Nick feels that he framed Adam. Nick visits Adam in prison. Adam asks Nick to be there for his son and show him how to be a Newman. Nick agrees. Dylan orders Kevin to find the waitress who may lead them back to Victor. Nikki finds out that Victor framed Adam for murder.

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