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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn cannot believe what she is hearing from Steffy. She has to move right back out of Eric’s house or Steffy will move out on Wyatt. Liam laments something is seriously wrong with Quinn thinking she can move in with Eric and nothing bad will happen. Thomas kisses Sasha before she leaves. She tells Thomas that suddenly she doesn’t seem to want to leave so fast. They share some ice cream before he kisses her again as she leaves. Ridge tells Brooke that he was asked to move out so Quinn can move in with Eric and that is not going to happen. Wyatt tells Liam that he hasn’t figured this all out yet but he has to go home and tell Steffy and hope for the best. Steffy tells Quinn that she is going to go home and start packing. Quinn begs her not to but Steffy tells her only she can change this so live with it. Brooke advises Ridge to not be too forceful with Eric and she is here for reinforcement if he needs it. As Sasha leaves Liam comes in and needs to speak with Thomas. Eric comes back into the room and Quinn gives her details of how Steffy threatened Wyatt and their marriage. She will move out on Wyatt unless Quinn moves out of Eric’s. He says that was an unfair demand of Steffy and he is glad she did not give in. Ridge walks in and Eric says he is interrupting; Steffy is not still here. She came and had her little fit and is gone. Ridge tells Eric that Quinn is not moving in here. Eric says he is the father, not the child here, and Ridge cannot make this call. Steffy returns home and she says she already knows the news. Wyatt says he tried to talk Quinn out of it but she would not budge. She says she did too and she even told her that if she didn’t, she would move out of Wyatt’s. They discuss it and she says nothing Wyatt does will make Quinn change her mind so she needs to leave so she can protect herself and her family from Quinn. He doesn’t know what he can do other than go in there and drag Quinn out by her hair. Steffy says that might work but yes that is what she is gonna do – move out right now. Enough with words, time for action.

Eric tells Ridge that he can stop worrying about him as he has been making his choices long before Ridge was born. Ridge says he is beginning to wonder who is making the choices here, him or this woman. Eric says when Stephanie died he could have just sat there and waited to die but he didn’t. As long as he is happy and Quinn is happy then Ridge can live his life and he will live his – understood? Thomas tells Liam this is all crazy and Steffy needs to be protected from this. Wyatt doesn’t understand why their marriage is at risk here. Is this just her excuse? She says she loves him and her vows were true and this is not about Liam but here Quinn still is. His mother repeatedly lies to them and Wyatt does nothing. He says she is using this as an excuse to leave him and he needs more time to fix this. He says if she needs actions she will get action. He will go and pick Quinn up and physically take her out of that house, just do not leave!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire found out that Chloe is pregnant.  Chloe didn’t want Claire to tell anyone about her pregnancy.  Belle talked to Shawn about regretting her decision to buy the nightclub for Claire.  Shawn wanted to know if Philip was out of Belle’s system.  Maggie told Nicole about Deimos helping her get the surgery to walk.  Chloe told Philip that she decided to keep the baby.  Chloe didn’t want Deimos to find out that she’s pregnant. Belle assured Shawn that she’s over Philip. Shawn saw Philip and kissed Belle. Nicole told Deimos that she would work at Basic Black. Deimos thought she was accepting his proposal. Nicole told Deimos that she couldn’t be with him because she can’t have children.

Nicole told Deimos about what happened for why she couldn’t have babies. Nicole understood if Deimos didn’t want to be with her. Deimos still wanted to be with her, but he accepted her decision to work for Basic Black. Philip approached Belle and told her that it was a mistake that she was a silent partner. Deimos wondered about Maggie’s surgery. Nicole wanted to take Deimos to the hospital with her. Maggie’s surgery went well. Philip wanted to separate their personal and business relationships. Belle got upset and walked off. Deimos agreed to visit Maggie at the hospital. Philip went to Chloe’s place and told her that he would say he’s the father of her baby. Deimos and Nicole arrived in Maggie’s room while she was talking to Victor about thinking him for the surgery.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Elizabeth and Laura talk about the loss of Nikolas, both mourning and missing him and also wonder what is best for Spencer who is now "orphaned". Noticing Laura is ready to go out for the night, Elizabeth encourages her not to feel guilty moving on and having a date with Kevin. Spencer has requested to go to a boarding school which Nikolas had selected, but Hayden is against it. Laura informs Kevin she is running late. Hayden says she still hasn't forgiven her parents for sending her away to school as a child. Her mom, Naomi, comes by to take her daughter out to dinner and urges her to leave town, but Hayden has reservations about that. Lucy finds Kevin at The Metro Court, knowing he's ready for his "first date" since they've been divorced. She intends to "help" and discuss what is going on with him although he tells her he would prefer she stay out of his business. She thinks he's being superstitious and teases him about his new relationship being doomed. He's not happy when Lucy says she's sort of dating Scott again. When Laura finally arrives, Lucy sends a bottle to their table then throws them an evil sign with her hand. As she's leaving Wyndemere, Elizabeth notices a large box shipped from Cassadine Island to Nikolas.

Carly invites Nelle to have dinner with her and Sonny and baby Avery. Carly notices that the current nanny, Deidre, appears to have stolen from her and instantly fires her. She then realizes she needs another nanny and asks Nelle if she's be interested in the job. Ava is observing Kiki and Morgan still adamantly together and clearly expresses her concerns which they do not listen to. Morgan gets into a fistfight with a customer but is able to stop himself before going too far. Sonny praises his son. When Ava goes to pick up Avery, she's able to get into Morgan's room and steals some of his lithium pills. Jordan is alone with André when he sees a picture of the mysterious cuff links which Valerie found in the hospital lab right before she got knocked out, which indicates the cufflinks must belong to the killer. André speculates that the hospital killer must be a doctor who wants to have power over others. She thinks that describes half the staff of GH including André.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria is unable to persuade Travis to come back to Genoa City to talk to Summer and tell her that Luca set him up to take the blame for the Newman Oil spill. Luca and Summer start planning their wedding and Phyllis has no choice but to tell Summer that she trusts her to make her own decisions. Victor wants Leslie Michaelson to take over Adam's case, but she refuses to do so because she respects Michael. Michael advises Adam to plead not guilty by reason of insanity since he thought he was beating up Victor when he beat up the guard. Adam is sad and very remorseful of his actions and when Michael is told the guard is in a coma, Adam disobeys Michael's advice and shocks the courtroom when he pleads guilty to the battery charges.

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