Friday 8/19/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/19/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sasha stops by to see Thomas while he is wrapping up a call to Caroline. Sasha takes one look at Thomas’s ripped bod and says she took a chance that he might be home and up for company. Steffy tells Ridge they cannot give up. They have to get Eric to see what a terrible decision this is with Quinn. Wyatt keeps telling Quinn that she has to give Eric up but she argues that this is real and she does not want to. His marriage to Steffy will be okay. Brooke can’t seem to get Ridge’s attention. He finally tells her that Eric let Quinn back into the company and worse than that she is living in the house when Eric asked him to move out. She is pushing everything to the edge. Wyatt goes to see Liam and says he is sure he has heard the news and he does not like it either and it is worse as now Quinn is moving in with Eric. Steffy walks in on Quinn looking at Stephanie’s portrait. She tells her not to even think about it; she will rip it down if she puts hers up. Quinn tells her that Eric is the one who makes the decision who comes in and he invited her in and she accepted. Steffy refuses to believe Eric would do that to her. Quinn says they deserve a little bit of happiness. Steffy said she had her own happiness with Liam and Quinn ruined that. She and Liam had a child and lost it but managed to get back together. Now once more Quinn has taken her life away. If she has one shred of decency she will tell Eric no, she will not move in with him.

Sasha keeps telling Thomas that she appreciates him standing up for her with Julius, especially when Thomas has so much on his mind. She will be there for him too. When she gets ready to leave she leans in for a kiss and Thomas responds. Ridge tells Brooke that maybe the only way to get Quinn out of their life is if Steffy goes back to Liam. Quinn tells Steffy that she does not want her to get more upset so maybe she should leave. Steffy rails that Quinn took Liam away from her by kidnapping him and now she is trying to do the same with Eric. She is never going to change but she can now. She can put her son’s needs before her own. She states that she will leave Wyatt if Quinn keeps pushing this. If Quinn is a changed person this is the moment – it is her or her son. She wants Quinn to walk out the door and never come back or she will leave Wyatt.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam goes to see her mom to announce the joyous news that she's pregnant and now engaged to be married to Jason. Alexis is happy although she is not ok to have Sam find out her mom has been disbarred from practicing law for the next year. Diane is with her and reminds her she cannot hide from her own daughters and they spend time together although Alexis is clearly not ok with what has happened to her. Jason talks to Elizabeth at the hospital after bringing Jake back to her and informs her Sam is pregnant and they are getting married. She congratulates them but makes it clear she's hurting. Franco is with her to encourage her and make her feel better as they share their mutual "love and loss" in their respective relationships. Jake later returns to his mom and expresses he's happy his dad is moving on with Sam because she makes his dad happy. Alone with his mom he informs her he can also clearly see that Franco makes her happy and is the right man for her. Although Elizabeth has informed Franco she's concluded they have no future together and he's agreed, that may not be entirely true. Valerie and Curtis uncover what looks to be evidence of the anonymous killer, from the cuff links she found in the hospital and go to the PCPD to inform the police commissioner and DA. The two of them go off together and Valerie reveals to Curtis she's ready to move on with him and they sleep together Both Jordan and Paul explore the lead and at that point, she notices that it looks familiar. Laura and Kevin declare their mutual interest and both conclude they are both done with previous relationships and ready to move on with each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria visits with Travis on his boat and asks him to come back to Genoa City with her to expose Luca, but he refuses. Nick visits with Victor in his office to find out about the journal pages and what is really going on with him and Adam. Michael visits Adam to tell him the journal pages have been found but he's in the infirmary. The warden tells Michael that Adam assaulted a police officer. Chelsea is getting impatient to hear from Michael about Adam's release. Chloe offers to take the children to the park. Chelsea calls Dylan to check on Adam. Kevin tells Mariah about his talk with Sharon about what is right in front of him. Kevin asks Mariah about her feelings for him. They  are interrupted by Chloe and the children. Kevin asks Chloe how she feels about Adam getting out of jail. Victoria and Travis become intimate. Sharon and Mariah watch Kevin with Connor and Bella. Adam finds out he will get 6 to 10 more years in prison. Michael goes to see Chelsea to tell her about Adam.

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