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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn wants to be sure that Eric gave her the key and really wants her to live here – shacking up. She says this night has been magical for her and she now sees why some women want to be treated like a queen. She never got that before being a needy girl but she does now. He tells her not to worry he will worry about his family and how they will react to this. There is a knock at the door and it is Wyatt. He is shocked when he sees his mother there. Steffy tells Ridge that this scares her to death. Quinn cannot be coming back to work here and her latching onto Eric. Now she will show up at the house anytime she wants or worse yet maybe Eric will invite her to move in. Thomas looks in on Liam and tells him there are some major changes at FC that he thought he should know. Eric has re-hired Quinn. Liam says he is not surprised as Quinn never stops. Now this puts her way too close to Steffy. Now she is throwing a Hail Mary. Thomas says yes you would think she got Steffy and Wyatt together and she would lay low now but it seems she is deliberately sabotaging everything. Steffy opines that was her grandmother’s home. She will not let Quinn live there. Eric tells Wyatt that his mother is here because he asked her to. Eric says he loves his granddaughter and he hates that he is disappointing her but she cannot dictate his life. That is disrespectful and demeaning. Quinn has brought many good things to his life and he does not want to give that up. Now they have made another step in their life. Wyatt is twice shocked when Quinn says she is moving in. Eric says Wyatt can like it or not but that is the way it is going to be. He leaves Wyatt alone with his mother to talk. Wyatt tells her it does not matter how she feels; she cannot move in here. They have all asked her to stay away from the Forrester’s and now this. Something is wrong with her. Quinn argues that things happened between her and Eric like any other couple. It had nothing to do with Steffy. She said with them growing up together it was them against the world. But Wyatt became a man with his own life and she got lonely. Eric treats her like a woman and she does not want to give that up. He says fine but anybody but Steffy’s grandfather. The family will not accept her and it will destroy his own marriage and she is that close to blowing their relationship too.

Thomas tells Liam that he respects marriage but in this case he thinks Steffy would be better with Liam as he is the real love of her life and he will support that. He adores his sister and wants her to be happy. Liam says obviously Quinn is not going away. Thomas says and if Quinn being with Eric is what drives Steffy back to Liam then he can live with that. Ridge asks Steffy what this will do to her marriage if she cannot get Quinn out of her life. Steffy remarks that she and Liam would be married right now if it were not for Quinn. Quinn tells Wyatt that he is her life since the day he was born and she cannot lose him. He says he has cleaned up her mess all his life and she swore to him that she would not interfere in his marriage. She says for the very first time in her life she has put herself first over Wyatt. She does not want to lose the best thing ever now that she has found something besides Wyatt. He tells her to stop as this will be the end of his marriage to Steffy when she finds out. He says this thing with Eric has to be over once and for all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nikolas' family and friends are gathered to attend his funeral. Hayden is in the other room realizing she is not welcome by her deceased husband's family. Laura catches what appears to be Hayden talking to her mom about taking Nikolas' money and what rightfully belongs to Spencer and she angrily confronts Hayden telling her she will not let her do that to her son and grandson. Laura privately breaks down to Kevin, expressing regrets for her failure with her son and now knowing it's too late now. He comforts and encourages her and they kiss. Hayden talks to Curtis and later to Finn and sees that they are the only friends she has. However, at the hospital, there is still an unidentified "killer" at large. Finn is alone in the hospital lab doing some research to discover a mysterious "cure" for something he's afraid he will fail with, as he speaks to his deceased wife. Right then, he is startled to see Valerie enter the lab to investigate for the cops. As as soon as she is alone in the hospital lab, Valerie finds a mysterious unidentified cuff link, puts it in her pocket and makes note of it. At that point, suddenly, something or someone causes her to pass out on the floor. Curtis finds her and she tells him she knows whoever owns the cufflink is the murderer although they both know she has no proof. Right then, suddenly Finn is encouraged that he will no longer "fail" what he's been afraid of right before Valerie came into the lab. He goes to find Hayden and takes her to the Metro Court to celebrate. Yet he never reveals just what he was doing in the hospital lab before Valerie found the cuff link and passed out, nor what he's suddenly accomplished. Lulu meets with Maxie and encourages her not to be threatened by Claudette. Nathan meets with Dante and expresses concerns about the same thing. Griffin suddenly discovers that Claudette somehow got a "job" working at General Hospital and instantly concludes he can see she's up to no good. He protests to her that he's at peace for what he did with her and he is ok with Nathan finding out, wishes no ill upon anyone nor needs to keep any secrets. Yet he knows she has an "agenda" with Nathan. She then affirms to him that Nathan never met her needs but he somehow always did that for her. Nina informs both Sonny and Alexis that she went to get Julian to sign over papers to give her ownership of Crimson and caught him with keys ready to bust out of jail. At that point, Sonny meets with a secret contact and tells him he needs to take matters into his own hands, with Julian, where the PCPD cannot or will not.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jill liked Billy, Victoria and Cane's ad campaign ideas. Billy asked Cane to find out why Jill wanted Billy and Victoria back together. Jill got Cane to agree to help her get Billy and Victoria back together. Dylan and Paul searched Bethany's apartment and found evidence that she framed Adam, including the missing diary pages. Dylan told Chelsea that the journal pages had been found. Chloe said she was happy for Chelsea. Chelsea went to Walworth to tell Adam the good news. Adam hadn't been eating or sleeping. Due to Adam's depleted state, he had hallucinations. He refused to visit Chelsea, and he viciously attacked a guard, thinking that the man was Victor. Victor spent time with Connor.

Phyllis let Victor know that Victoria went to Mexico to see Travis. Jack told Victor to stay away from Phyllis. Victor accused Jack of becoming sanctimonious and driving Phyllis away. Ashley found out Phyllis and Victor were working together, and she warned Phyllis that she was risking her marriage and relationship with her daughter. Jill ordered Phyllis to reconcile with Jack, or else Jill would tell Jack about the affair. Phyllis challenged Jill to do it since Phyllis didn't think the marriage could get any worse. Jill and the Abbott siblings remembered John on the anniversary of his death. Paul confronted Victor about working with Bethany. Victor claimed he only hired Bethany to keep Billy and Victoria apart. Paul told Billy what Victor said. Billy and Phyllis worried that Bethany might have told Victor about the affair.

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