Wednesday 8/17/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/17/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn knocks on the door and she is standing there dressed elegantly as Eric shows her in. He tells her that they are alone and Ridge will not be a problem tonight. Katie shows up at Ridge’s request and she says he sounded a little stressed out. He says now more than ever. He hopes she has not accepted Bill’s plan. She says Bill pretty well knows Ridge is behind this so he will not go for it. He tells her that his dad is no longer in charge; Quinn is. So they need to take the company. No one wants her around them. He says Eric even asked him to move out of the house but he has to protect the business no matter what. It is their future he is concerned about. Steffy mouths off to Wyatt that his plan did not work. Quinn speaks in threats and that is what she is going to start speaking too – stay away from her grandfather. Wyatt says he could not have been more clear; he already told her to lay off. Steffy says warning her has no impact. He has no power over her even if he threatens to put her out of his life as well.

Quinn is mesmerized while Eric plays a romantic tune on the piano. He has fun showing her how to join in. He says they are great together. She says this is a wonderful evening, but she does not want to cause any more trouble. He says there is something she does not know. He asked Ridge to leave and his bags are packed. He loaned it to them for a while and now he is taking control of his life and the house again – and it is all because of her. She has energized him again. He is grateful to have her in his home. She says that is a line that she has never heard before. He says he has not agreed with a lot of things she has done but he thinks she deserves a fresh start as that is what she gave him. As they dance she says if this is the only night they ever spend like this, it will be enough. Wyatt says he has been dealing with his mom all his life but Steffy is just getting the starter course but he is going to make good on this. No one is going to come between them. He will go and make her end it between her and Eric once and for all and not work at FC. Steffy goes to the office and speaks with Ridge. He tells her good luck with Wyatt settling things with Quinn. Eric asked him to move out of the house so he suspects Quinn is there now. Wyatt pounds on Quinn’s door and wonders where she might be. Quinn tells Eric that he has changed her. If his family only knew her like he does. He remarks that change takes time and he still has a surprise for her; he wants to spend more time with her so here is to surprises. As she starts to take a sip of champagne she spies a key in her glass. He says he believes it fits the front door so now they can shack up. She smiles. She is only too happy to do that. Steffy tells Ridge that Quinn is a deal breaker. She cannot have that woman in her life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis goes to her hearing with Diane representing her and is very worried. The judge declares that she has to "pay a penalty" for her actions. Yet he tells her she is not disbarred and is merely temporary suspended from practicing law. Alone with Diane, however, Alexis admits she does not know how she can go on without her law practice when she has nothing else in her life. She has been trying and failing to reach Kristina who refuses to return her calls and texts. Kristina drinks, gets very upset and leaves hostile messages for Parker after finding out that her mom put her professor up to dumping Kristina. Molly however, finds her and although Kristina yells at her sister and tells her she wants to be alone, Kristina breaks down crying, Molly comforts and encourages her not to give up and they go off together while Alexis continues to unsuccessfully attempt to reach her daughter. Franco finds Elizabeth in the parking garage and although she tells him she's enjoyed spending time with him and values him, she knows it's unrealistic for them to continue seeing each other. He protests that he sees her as his angel who can encourage him to see good in himself. Yet she tells him she cannot be that for him. Lulu, Laura and Tracy are all awaiting finding out if the bracelet from the skeleton found in Greece belongs to Luke, by doing a DNA test. Although they fear the worst, that Luke is dead, the test results reveal the DNA does not match. Laura asks Tracy if she is still in love with Luke and if so, Tracy needs to connect to him. Lulu and Dante are happy to hear the results and are ready to have another baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis and Jack argue because he doesn't like that she has teamed up with Victor to stop Summer's wedding. Jack later confides in Billy about the argument and Billy tells Jack that he feels he kept Victoria from sailing around the world with Travis. Phyllis persuades Victoria to go down to Mexico and talk to Travis and persuade him to come home and tell Summer the truth about Luca. Victor gives Bethany three million dollars to take the blame for Constance's murder so Adam can get out of jail. Dylan find evidence to prove that Bethany is Victor's accomplice. Kevin gets upset with Mariah because she took the flowers he gave to Chloe although Mariah tells him she did it to keep him from having a broken heart. Chloe decides to put her hatred of Adam behind her and honor Delia's memory by giving Bella a happy life.

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