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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam tells Eric to listen to his family. They are all against Quinn with him or her coming back to FC. Sasha flirts with Thomas and says the word on the street is that he is a pretty thoughtful guy and she is grateful that he has her back. She is not taking her life for granted at all. It wasn’t long ago that she wore a burger uniform. He says she is doing an amazing job. She even makes workout clothes look great; perhaps something FC should look into. She continues to praise him and his prestigious background. He says yes he is grateful but it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. They end up talking about Caroline and how much he misses her. She is getting divorced but thousands of miles away. Liam and Wyatt continue to argue with Liam saying Quinn can never stay away from Steffy as long as she is married to Wyatt. Wyatt tells him to quit. He is not going to stand here and listen to Liam condemn the end of his marriage. Eric tells them that they are all important in his life but there is an age when a man has to decide for himself and he has earned that right to do what he wants to do. He enjoys Quinn and he admires her artistic skills, and he wants to help her more. But he tells Quinn that his family is right……he’s heard enough and he wants Quinn to know that if she goes back to her manipulations and schemes then she will be terminated and their relationship will be over. He excuses Quinn when the others begin to mouth off again. He tells his family that he raised them, not the other way around. He is the CEO of this company now and they will respect him and his decisions. Sasha tells Thomas that she cannot imagine anything but a perfect life for him. He says no, there were no road trips and no fancy Sunday dinners and he wants that for his son. She says he needs fun in his life and she will just have to change that. Wyatt tells Liam not to waste his time; he and Steffy are good. Quinn is no longer a problem for her. Pam tells Quinn to keep her paws off the lemon bars. She was fired and she bets Eric is having to listen again to his family to get rid of her.

Ridge tells Eric that Quinn is not going to be part of this company or his life. Eric won’t listen to them. He wants them to leave. Only Ridge remains and Eric tells him that he has supported him for years. He even had Rick move out of the house to make room for Ridge and that baby that is not even his. Now Ridge has the nerve of not agreeing with him when there have been plenty of times Eric has supported him when he disagreed with what Ridge did. No more. Now he wants him to pack up and leave the house. He wants his house back. And if Ridge is old enough to tell him what to do then he is old enough to find his own house. Ridge says his father would never do this. Eric says it is true, get out, he is dismissed. On his way out Ridge tells Quinn that she will not get away with this. Steffy marches right over to SP and spills all that happened with Eric. She says it is not over. Wyatt is stunned when he hears Quinn has been re-hired at FC. Eric tells Quinn that he stands by his decision. He demands they give him respect. She says she is sorry but they are going to have the acceptance and happiness. He wants her to come to the house tonight, just the two of them, no kids. They can have dinner and get a little drunk and make it a night she never will forget. She says that sounds so good. Steffy is adamant; she tells Wyatt that his mother is targeting her grandfather and she needs to be stopped.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ava urges Dillon to know that her daughter is better off with him than with Morgan. Hearing that, he does not trust that she is acting in her daughter's best interests, tells her he believes she's trying to control and manipulate Kiki, manipulate him and simply wants to break up Morgan and Kiki so she can have Morgan for herself. However, shortly thereafter, he "conveniently" runs into Kiki in the parking garage, over the need of a tire change. They relive how he encouraged and empowered her to get out of her house and be unafraid after she got out of the hospital from being shot, because of Morgan. He informs her, however he realizes she is committed to Morgan, as she affirms that is true. Meanwhile, Morgan has a session with Andre and they discuss how he has finally found the right type of meds that work for everything he wants and needs in his life, including his needs for "being with" Kiki. IN the session, however, Morgan does inform his shrink about his concerns regarding "another guy" who wants Kiki and her mom interfering and wanting them to break up. Ava is determined to get what she wants with or without anyone's help. She goes to the hospital, spies upon and overhears Morgan's conversation with Andre after his appointment. She notices as he gets his prescription refilled and then, she notices MOrgan "very conveniently" setting his back pack down unattended. At that point, she goes up to remove his meds from his backpack, remaining unseen until Morgan returns, suspecting nothing and not knowing what she has done. Meanwhile, Tracy meets with Paul to discuss their "concerns" about their son's "secrets" after she informs him of her finding secret pills that DIllon is taking for an STD. Carly confirms to Josslyn and to Nelle that she and Sonny have found out, unequivocally, that Nelle has, in fact saved Josslyn's life. Everything works in the interaction between Nelle, Josslyn, Michael Carly, Sonny and Jax. However, as soon as Jax is alone and out of earshot, he gets on his phone to reveal he has a secret plan regarding knowing that Nelle is keeping a secret (or maybe he's keeping a secret from her and all the others) and that he will make sure Carly never finds out. Sam and Jason commit to getting married again. and she finds out she does not have malaria so their baby is safe.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Victor's office at Newman, Summer finds out that Phyllis and Victor were only planning to be on her side referring to her wedding to Luca. She finds out that they are only using her but are really planning to stop her wedding. Nick tries to convince Victoria to call Travis to come back to town in order to testify that it was all Luca's doing in sabotaging the oil wells. Victoria is hesitant but does it anyway. Luca and Travis talk via Skype about what has been going down in Genoa City concerning the sabotage of the oil wells. Travis refuses to come back. At the Athletic Club, Bethany finds a key inside an envelope addressed to her. She wonders who it is from. Billy comes home to the mansion and finds it completely remodeled. Jill appears and tells him that if he isn't comfortable there, he can move out. Billy cannot believe what he is hearing that she would actually throw him out. Bethany goes to the locker and finds a duffel bag filled with money. She wonders who would do this. Her first stop in finding out is to go to Billy's but when she gets there, she finds him with Jill. Jill is quite put out when Bethany appears. Bethany asks to speak to Billy alone which unnerves Jill. Bethany becomes angry when Billy wants to know what this is all about and leaves abruptly. Victoria calls Travis and although he is glad to hear from her, he refuses to come home because he feels that she is back with Billy. Billy visits her and finds out that the reason why Victoria didn't go with Travis was because of him. Bethany pays Victor a visit concerning the money.

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