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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Rick ask Eric if he is serious bringing Quinn back. His whole family is against it. Steffy says Quinn stole both her and Liam’s life and nothing has been the same since. When Eric tries to explain Steffy says he is asking too much of them now to welcome Quinn back. She is just using him. Wyatt and Liam discuss it and Wyatt thinks Eric is there right now explaining why it will be over. Liam says he hopes so for the sake of Wyatt’s marriage. Wyatt says his marriage is just fine and his mother is backing off. And they are brothers and should want the best for each other. Liam says they do but they don’t always agree just what that is. Wyatt says he just needs to get on with his life and leave Wyatt’s alone. Thomas meets up again with Sasha and she thanks him again for standing up for her with Julius and says he is a really good person and a good dad to Douglas. Thomas says yes once the playboy and now a good dad and that is the way he wants it to be. And Julius had no right to speak to her that way. She says he has always been that way and probably always will. He says he has good ears if she would like to talk about it. Sasha says her mother even had to go along or Julius would have turned his back on her too. Liam tells Wyatt that his marriage is holding on by a thread so that is why he keeps bringing it up. Eric says Quinn is a first class talent that has done it in the past and she will do it again. Pam speaks up and says but Quinn has a questionable unstable past. Eric reminds Pam that it wasn’t that long ago that the same could be said about her. Pam says that was not the same but Eric did stand up for her. He says yes just like he is doing with Quinn now. He is still CEO and this is his decision. He loves Quinn but this is strictly a business decision. Rick says he and Ridge never see eye to eye but now they do so that should tell Eric something. Quinn finally speaks up and says she does not want to cause any more trouble. Steffy starts in again on how she kidnapped Liam and now Eric has the chance to stop all of this and not further it.

Sasha apologizes and says she does not know why she is dumping all of this on Thomas. He says he likes to come to damsels in distress. She confesses that she lied to Zende when she told him she was pregnant just to keep him from going back to Nicole when she knew it was wrong. She says secrets are wrong but lying is even worse. Viv may never forgive Julius. Thomas says that fallout is not Sasha’s and he thinks Julius will regret that. And he offers his shoulder for her to cry on. The words reverberate in Wyatt’s ears what Steffy said about his insane mother and how he needed to do something about it. Liam tells him he thinks it would be wise to buy that one way ticket for Quinn sooner rather than later. Wyatt says his mother crossed the line by getting involved with Eric but this time he made it clear and she is backing off. Liam does not believe it and thinks Steffy is still in danger. The only way Steffy can help herself is to distance herself from Wyatt as well. Pam tells Eric this is all a game. Eric says this is no game and he resents everyone being against Quinn. Steffy says again whatever feelings he has for Quinn he needs to let go, it has to be over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kiki is "with" Morgan fulfilling their "commitment" at The Metro Court although Dillon is ever present nearby. While he accepts the choice she's made and goes to do his job at Crimson, Ava observes the whole thing with obvious intent. Although both Kiki and Morgan affirm to Ava that they are together and disregard her concerns about that, she is nonetheless confident that it's only a matter of time before they break up. With that, she goes to privately talk to Dillon, informing him even if he has given up on Kiki, given the situation, he needs to know that sooner or later, her daughter will realize that he's right for her instead of Morgan. Nina privately talks to Curtis, concluding that maybe she got involved in Carly's business regarding Josslyn's kidney because she was living, vicariously, through an impassioned mom. She then concludes to Curtis she has another "job" for him, for which she will offer him generous compensation including and expense account and bonus incentive if he "delivers" what she needs. He asks what it is, to which she replies she needs him to find her a baby. Meanwhile, Nelle goes to the hospital with Sonny, Jax and Carly awaiting the results of the testing that will determine whether she is, in fact, Josslyn's kidney donor. Monica later informs them the only way to find that out for certain, is for Nelle to have a biopsy that would be extremely dangerous for her, especially given she only has one kidney. At that point, they all conclude they cannot expect Nelle to go through with that. Yet at that point, Sonny announces that he's done some checking which has offered him "conclusive" evidence that Nelle is, in fact Josslyn's donor and so they have their affirmative answer without risking the biopsy. Meanwhile, Michael is with Sabrina and expresses he wished she had informed him of the time she and Teddy have recently spent with Carlos' brother, Jose. Sabrina is clearly "torn" between whether to have Michael or Jose in hers' and Teddy's lives. Carly then calls Michael and asks him to pick up Josslyn and bring her to the hospital so she can announce something to them. When they arrive, she happily announces that they have found out, unequivocally, that Nelle is, in fact Josslyn's kidney donor and they may praise her for having saved Josslyn's life. Sam finally admits to Jason that she's pregnant and expresses her concerns about what it could mean to their unborn baby if she has Malaria and so she's been afraid to face their fate, regarding that, as she reminds him how it's affected her life when she lost him the first time and all they've been through regarding Danny and their history together. At that point, he promises to be there for her and asks her to marry him so they will together as a family.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer and Luca plan their wedding while Nick tells Victor and Phyllis that he discovered Luca is trying to set up Victoria's old boyfriend Travis for the oil spill. Nick asks Victoria to persuade Travis to return to Genoa City to prove to Summer that Luca was responsible for the oil spill. Adam has a dream while in jail of Victor telling him that he holds the key to his own freedom...he just has to use it. Victor persuades Chloe to give him Sage's missing journal pages and advises her to forget revenge against Adam and concentrate on raising Bella. 

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