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The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/12/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy pulls away from Liam as he says she should not have to be going through this; he knows what it feels like. Wyatt walks in and tells his bro that when he wants to find his wife he hopes he will not find her in his arms. Eric tells Quinn that he wants her in his future and his family will have to understand that. She says she does not want to cause problems for him. He says his wants and needs also need to be respected. She tells him he is not a figurehead, he is a leader and he has success and will never lose that. He has more value than he knows. He pulls out his phone and says he is going to call another meeting as there are going to be some big changes. Sasha interrupts Thomas while he is working out on the rooftop. When he leaves Julius walks up and wants to make himself perfectly clear. Zende and Nicole are back together and he and Viv are slowly working things out so it’s time for Sasha to leave L.A. and go back home. She has set out to do all she needed to. He says she is just a reminder of the past and Viv will never exclude her in family gatherings but it is awkward. He is working hard to get Viv to forgive him and Sasha’s presence will always be in the way. Just because it is not a secret anymore does not mean it is not an issue. He tells Sasha that her being here is a reminder of the biggest mistake he ever made. Thomas comes back and cannot hear any more and he lights into Julius. Julius tells him he understands he wants to be the knight in shining armor but this does not concern him. Thomas laments that Julius is the one who cheated; he needs to fix things not Sasha. Sasha thanks Thomas for sticking up for her. She says this means so much to her. She gives him a hug.

Steffy gets the text from Eric and that leaves Liam and Wyatt alone together. Liam says he is going to stick around just in case Wyatt is wrong and Steffy needs him. Before he goes into the meeting, even Pam questions Eric about why Quinn? Ridge says besides the family the business needs some answers. They want to know if he saw Quinn when he left. Wyatt tells Liam that whatever his mother had with Eric is over. She is out of his life. Eric tells Rick and Ridge that he saw a problem and he is fixing it. The jewelry line has virtually disappeared and it was part of their identity. He does not want that to fail. He has hired her back. Steffy thinks he means Ivy but turns green when he opens the door and Quinn walks in. Steffy says no, absolutely NOT.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Franco finds out he's been suspended from his job at the hospital. Dr. Obrecht offers him support, blames Monica, assures him he's better off without this place and without Elizabeth. Later, however, she runs into Finn. They have an argument, each accusing the other of being the hospital murderer of patients. Finn informs her that Elizabeth has not betrayed Franco and is not to blame for him being suspended from his job. It was she who exonerated him from charges and informed the police he could not have killed the patient when it happened because he was with her. Elizabeth later runs into Franco and urges him to talk to her and not give up on everything. When she finds out he's been suspended, she's surprised and urges him to fight the false accusations. He asks her what the point is, realizing he's not welcome or wanted by anyone there although she protests that is not true. He still has no clue that although Elizabeth questioned his innocence when he was arrested, she is the reason he was acquitted. When he later runs into Dr. Obrecht, she informs him that as much as she hates to admit it, she found out that Elizabeth exonerated him of the murder charges to the cops. At that point, it changes everything for Franco.

Jason and Sam both get tested after their trip and Finn declares Jason has no health concerns although there's the question of whether Sam could have Malaria and what that could mean while she's pregnant. For that reason she hesitates to inform Jason of her pregnancy when they return home and he asks her what is on her mind, knowing she's keeping a secret from him. Alexis goes to see Kristina who is able to put 2 and 2 together to conclude that she knows her mom persuaded Parker to break up with her. Alexis protests to her daughter she was doing that in order to protect Kristina from making the same mistakes she's made. Kristina concludes she is angry at her mom and believes she deserves what she's getting with Julian and with facing disbarment, due to her own choices. Nina goes to visit Julian while he's alone in prison and catches him right in the act of attempting to unlock the cell with a key. She tells him she could help him escape but refuses, knowing what he's done. She also tells him she needs him to sign legal papers for her to take over Crimson. If he does, she will forget what she saw him do with the keys but if he does not, she will turn him in. She further tells him he is delusional to think he has love with Alexis. She admits she may not have ever experienced love in her own life but knows it's based on trust and putting one's partner first, which he clearly did not do with Alexis. He only loves himself, she concludes, and that is why he's in this jail cell. Lulu goes to talk to Valentin and asks if he killed her father. He asks why he'd do that, not knowing or having any issues with Luke Spencer or his family, although he affirms he murdered Nikolas. Nina notices him, goes in and talks to him and admits she turned him in. He looks at her and surprisingly does not seem angry or worried about the consequences he faces.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki goes to Sharon's home but finds Dylan gone as usual. In the park, Dylan watches Chloe and Victor together. He walks on over and watches them up close before Victor finally spots him. Dylan asks them what is going on. At Walworth, Chelsea and Connor visit with Adam in prison for Connor's birthday. Adam tells Connor that he feels as though it is his birthday. Jack and Phyllis discuss Summer's upcoming nuptials to Luca. Jack tells Phyllis that Victoria is working at Brash and Sassy alongside Cane and Billy. Billy asks Victoria if he can change his weekend with the children to this weekend to which she agrees. Jack joins them and lets them know that Phyllis is interfering in Summer's marriage plans. Chloe tells Dylan that what they are discussing is none of his business. Nikki lets Sharon know that Paul fired Dylan from the police department because of him trying to clear Adam's name. Nikki turns on Sharon and tells her that this is all her doing. Adam, Connor, and Chelsea make plans to be together for Connor's next birthday. After Chelsea takes Connor outside, she goes back in to visit with Adam and he tells her not to bring Connor again. Victoria and Phyllis discuss Summer's wedding plans. Phyllis asks Victoria if she is considering getting back together with Billy. Jack tells Billy all about Phyllis siding with Victor to stop Summer's wedding to  Luca. Dylan interrupts Sharon and Nikki arguing with news about Adam. Nikki visits Victor in his office at Newman. She tells him that the investigation into Adam's case has been dropped. Chelsea tells Chloe about her visit with Adam. Adam dreams of Connor being grown and blaming him for his mother's illness and death. Chloe visits Victor in his office. Victor demands the pages that will clear Adam. To Victor's surprise, the pages are behind his picture in his office.

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