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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam questions Bill why Katie was not all that responsive to the $50M but did want his 12 ½% of FC. Liam tells Bill he wants to tell him who the new woman in Eric’s life is – Quinn. Bill spits out his coffee. Liam says she showed up uninvited. Bill laments to Liam not to take out his frustrations about his brother on him, it is Quinn’s fault. Liam says Bill does not get to give out mandates when he has been carrying on with Brooke. Wyatt drops in on Quinn and says all he wants to hear is that it is over between her and Eric. He needs to hear that from her. He does not care how they feel about each other, it has to be over. He tells her she has to leave L.A. Do whatever she wants, go wherever she wants but it has to be far away from him and Steffy and the Forrester’s. Eric calls a meeting and it comes up that Caroline is away with her moms and will stay there until she decompresses. Ridge hints there might be something Eric wants to tell them about his personal life. Eric says he did not want to get into this now, but he has a full blown relationship with Quinn Fuller. He says he knows who she is and what she has done in the past but she has changed. Steffy speaks up first and says she followed him to Monte Carlo and is clearly targeting him. And this is beginning to affect her marriage to Wyatt. Ridge asks if this just happened in M.C. or did it start here in L.A. Eric tells him that is none of his business. She did make him realize he wanted to run FC again. They all want to know what her angle is. She is a whack ado and has an agenda. He tells them they need to get back to the meeting and he will worry about Quinn. It is his life and he is not a child. He bellows that he is the CEO and he will not let his life be judged in this office, meeting adjourned.

Quinn says they all need to sit down and talk. Wyatt tells her it is too late for that and he will even buy her the ticket, but it has to be now. He wants to know if she has talked to Eric since she returned home and she denies it. Liam shows up at FC and runs into Steffy. He wants to make sure she is okay. Quinn is very surprised to find Eric at her door. Rick tells them they have always been naïve when it comes to women but Eric certainly is now. They cannot let him get anywhere near Quinn. They can never let her get that close to Eric again. Eric asks if he can come in. He sees she is not very positive and she tells him her son was just there. She knows he broke it off with her but she is confused. She wants to respect his wishes but here he is. He tells her his whole family is against this and think he is like a child and needs taking care of. But it is because of Quinn that he is back in charge of FC. She tells him please do not string her along. She can handle anything, the truth but just tell her. He kisses her. Liam tells Steffy that he can see the toll this is taking on Steffy and it does not have to be this way. She can tell herself that Wyatt will take care of it but he never does. He takes her in his arms and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian has a dream, while in his jail cell, that Alexis has come back to him and surprises him by revealing she is in love with him and is ready to fight for him and help him break free. He awakens, however, to see it was just a dream. In reality, Alexis is very worried she will be disbarred for representing Carlos, at Julian's request, and will have her life ruined by getting involved in her estranged husband's big mess. She later goes to see Julian and reminds him that he cannot change his situation and has to face it and so, he has no incentive to drag her down with him. So, she asks if he could inform the bar association that he "put her up" to doing what she did. Yet he reminds her it was her choice to represent Carlos. She could have refused. And so, essentially she's asking him to lie for her. He tells her he could do what she asks under the condition that she helps him break free. She angrily tells him that will never happen and storms out. A guard overhears the conversation and gives Julian keys to do just that. Ava returns home and mourns the loss of Nikolas. Realizing she's all alone, she considers the fact that her brother is in need of her help. Laura is with Kevin in his hospital room while he recovers and clearly hopes she can have a future with him, remembering on the flight coming back from Greece, he indicated that she is very special in his life and his marriage to Lucy is over. Yet, when she asks him about what he "said to her" on the flight back, although not revealing the specifics, he replies he "does not remember" that conversation, from being drugged with pain pills. Lucy demands the hospital staff let her visit her ex although they refuse and threaten to call security. Kevin is happy to see his ex and declares although he's been angry with her, they will always be friends and special to one another. Laura goes outside the room to let them talk alone and when she returns, she overhears Lucy suggesting Kevin may be "in love" with Laura and his assuring Lucy that is not the case. She is clearly disappointed and assuming Kevin is not over Lucy.

Sam finds out she is pregnant and has been warned by Finn that she has yet to be tested for malaria which could jeopardize her pregnancy and her unborn child. She runs into Elizabeth who confirms what Finn said about Malaria being treatable unless one is pregnant, in which case that can happen. Sam then admits to Elizabeth she's pregnant with Jason's baby but is afraid to tell him. Elizabeth assures Sam she is bound by confidentiality laws as Sam's nurse and won't tell him yet she strongly suggests Sam tell Jason herself. Sam realizes she has a real issue and Elizabeth promises to support her through this realizing what she put Sam and Jason through. Kristina talks to Aaron at the coffee shop who makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her after discovering her "secret" regarding her involvement with Parker. Yet she explains to him that she never intended to deceive him nor has hid her feelings and at that point, he agrees to be her friend and realize she did not intend to do anything wrong. Alexis later goes to "check on" her daughter yet Kristina can clearly see her mom is distraught about "something" although Alexis does not reveal to her just what that is. Jordan meets with Andre and declares she wants to trust him, get closer and see where things go.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

It was Connor's third birthday. Adam wrote his son a letter, in which he hoped they'd be reunited soon, but Adam decided not to send it, because he didn't want to give his family false hope. Dylan visited Adam and revealed that, according to Chloe's medical records, she wasn't released from the psychiatric facility until after Victor was let out of prison. Dylan and Adam believed the records were altered, but Dylan couldn't prove it. Mariah confessed to Sharon that she stole the flowers Kevin sent to Chloe. Sharon and Mariah had a talk about how Mariah felt about Kevin. Kevin fretted because Chloe didn't contact him about the flowers he'd sent. He called Mariah, who advised him to stop trying to ease up and let Chloe come to him. Sharon told Mariah that she should take her own advice and let Kevin pursue her.

Michael tried to convince Paul to have Kevin work on Adam's case. Paul refused because the department didn't have the resources to investigate closed cases. Kevin let it slip that Dylan was investigating Chloe. Michael thought Chloe was the mystery woman, but Kevin was convinced that she was innocent. Paul suspended Dylan from the force for defying the order to stop investigating. Adam told Michael that the stress of prison was getting to him. Michael encouraged him to keep the faith. Chelsea had a small party for Connor. Nikki and Victor dropped by, and they learned that Chloe had moved in. Chelsea blasted Victor for showing up and accused him of framing Adam. Nikki defended Victor. Victor said he was Adam's only hope. Chelsea threw Nikki and Victor out. Chelsea wanted to take Connor to see Adam, but she knew Adam didn't want that. After some encouragement from Chloe, Chelsea took Connor to Walworth. Adam had an emotional reunion with his son. Nikki ran into Paul and he told her he suspended Dylan. Chloe sent Victor a text summoning him to Chancellor Park. Dylan spotted Victor and Chloe's secret meeting.

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