Wednesday 8/10/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/10/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Katie they will take Bill to court to get his FC shares. Brooke says Katie wants to avoid going to court but Ridge says that is only because she thinks she cannot win. But with them testifying they will. Katie says again she does not want a big ugly trial. 12 1/2% of FC is not worth it. But she notices Brooke seems interested so she asks Ridge to tell her more about this plan of his. She realizes that Ridge would like the stock and he would have the majority and could oust Eric as CEO. He says he has to protect this company and Katie will be set for life. He leaves and says he has to go see somebody. Katie tells Brooke that she appreciates her talking to Bill and letting Will come home. Now she needs to know if Brooke will support her in court. Bill walks in at this inopportune moment and Katie says Brooke knows all about this and that she is between a rock and a hard place. And she knows that he thinks he will have a better chance with Brooke if Katie signs the papers and is out of the picture. Deacon knocks on Quinn’s door. She says he is persistent if nothing else, a quality she would adore if it was someone she wanted to see. She does not shut the door on him and states she is not as rude as she used to be. He guesses her little trip to Monte Carlo did not go the way she wanted it to. She says the wrong person saw her leaving. He tells her that is her strong suit, never giving up and going a little too far. Clearly that is what happened this time.

Bill asks Justin if he is being fair, he is giving Katie everything she can possibly want. Justin gives him advice but Bill ignores it. Quinn is surprised to find Ridge at her door. She tells him she only went to Eric to see if he would re-hire her but the conversation never got that far and things began to happen. She says she was not looking for love, just an income. Ridge can believe whatever he wants. Ridge says he believes Steffy is going to end her marriage to her son just to stay away from Quinn. Bill asks Brooke to look at his new offer and advises Katie that is more than fair. Brooke says they have talked for years about love and loyalty and commitment and here they cannot even accept that for themselves. Bill tells Katie that SP is off the table, not one share but he does not think that is what is happening. She says he is right, she has no desire to have any of SP but she wants his 12 ½% in FC. Quinn tells Ridge that she and Eric are over, but she was good for him. She sees that Ridge is protective of his father who has been running FC before Ridge could tie his shoes. Maybe Ridge thinks she is the gold digger but she thinks he is. He seems to think that this old man cannot do anything and he needs Ridge. He says he has inherited his mother’s strength and meanness and right now Eric needs that. When he leaves she thinks more about Eric and what she is missing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

A young woman named Nell has followed up on the lead after reading Josslyn's story in Crimson and goes to visit Carly and the others to inform them she is pretty certain her parents put her up to having surgery during her childhood in order to sell her kidney. They seem to believe her story when she tells them the hardships she's suffered and note that she does not appears like she's lying, scamming or trying to get their money. Yet everybody realizes there is still no proof that she is, in fact Josslyn's donor. She leaves and Michael finds her. She makes it clear she's comfortable talking to him although she is not ok with the interrogation she's gotten from Carly, Sonny or Jax. Michael tells her he will accept her decision to leave town if she doesn't want to pursue this, yet he believes his family owes her financially and otherwise if she has, in fact, saved his little sister's life. Shortly thereafter, Josslyn overhears them and introduces herself to Nell. Yet, it appears she has not heard, directly, that Nell believes she's her kidney donor. Nell has a very pleasant interaction with both Josslyn and Michael when Michael convinces her to return to talk to Carly. Josslyn goes off alone with her dad while it's clear that Sonny and Carly do not trust her daughter's father. Ava returns to her home and is angry to discover Scott Baldwin and Lucy Coe having fun and having sex in the bedroom. She admits she does not care for either of them and only has a commitment to her daughters. Right then, Kiki reveals to Morgan that her mom was completely unsuccessful in attempting to convince her to end her relationship with him. He is happy to hear that. She is happy to be with him. They sleep together yet as soon as they are done, Morgan leaves although he does not reveal to Kiki where he's going. He pays Ava a visit, defiantly announcing to her that Kiki told him everything and it did not work. She defies Morgan telling him he is messing up her daughter and Kiki will see that one day. Yet Morgan has the last word by declaring to Ava that he and Kiki will get married and there's nothing she can do about that. Finn goes to visit Hayden and listens to her mixed feelings about Nikolas' death. She appreciates his attentiveness and respect toward her and assures him she won't let him die without the drug he needs.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah tells Kevin that Chloe doesn't want to be with him anymore, because she wants to live in the future not remember the past. Kevin refuses to give up on Chloe and sends her flowers. When Mariah sees the card from Kevin to Chloe, she tears it up. When Chloe asks about the flowers, Mariah lies and says they are hers. Chloe tells Mariah that Kevin is a good guy and she is sure that she should give him a chance. Once Dylan discovers that Chloe is back in town, he thinks that she is Victor's accomplice, but Kevin tells him that he is wrong. Chelsea tells Dylan to investigate Chloe to prove that she isn't Victor's accomplice, so that Adam can stop fixating on Chloe and start thinking about the real mystery woman who helped Victor. Nick, Phyllis, and Victor team up to get Luca out of Summer's life by asking Luca to find out if Victoria's old boyfriend, Travis, is responsible for the oil spill. Nick already knows Travis is innocent, so whatever proof Luca finds will be fake. Victor promises Nick and Phyllis that Luca will not marry Summer and this plan will work.

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