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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill calls Brooke and says she is taking his calls so that is a good sign. She wants to know how things are going with Katie. He says he is not going back to her; he wants Brooke. She nixes that. Katie shows up at Bill’s office and he tells her they need to part and the settlement is very fair. Justin comes in with papers right on cue. Bill tells Katie that all they need is her signature. Ridge tells Brooke that Quinn Fuller happened to Eric. And Steffy has exploded and he is worried about her marriage now. Now he knows where Eric got the idea of being CEO again; it was Quinn’s idea. She is a dangerous woman for both the family and the company. She is beautiful but on the edge, just like his dad likes. They could be in trouble. Thomas works on a gown with Sasha modeling. He confides in her that he is down as Caroline is out of town for a while with his son, Douglas. He tells her to stop fishing for compliments as she looks great in all the gowns. She says it is very refreshing that he wants to settle down and be a family with Caroline and his son. And she wants him to promise her even if things do not work out that way that he will never shun his son and he will always love him as his father. Please do not treat him like he is a mistake. He says there is zero possibility in that happening. He says he knows a little about her situation with her father. She says yes Julius rejected her from the day she was born. She would not wish that for his son.

Bill tells Katie that he already gave Will back to Katie and he did not hit her with an incompetence suit, so just sign the papers for $50 M. It’s a no-brainer Bill says since she will get the house, jewelry, cars and almost everything else. She will be set for life and if she wants to help Liam and his Foundation then she is free to do that. She gets a call from Brooke saying it is urgent and she is to get to Forrester’s. When she does not say yes, Ridge gets on the phone and says it concerns Will and her future so please come. Katie agrees to come right away. Bill wants to know where she is going and shouldn’t she sign the papers first. She smiles and says she will think about it. Thomas asks Sasha if things have gotten any better with her father. She says no, one step forward and five backward. Her dad was under pressure and he would lose his marriage and his other kids if he came forward and acknowledged her. She is not sure she will ever recover and thanks Thomas for listening. Bill continues to daydream about Brooke. Katie shows up and tells Ridge and Brooke that she was given papers and told to sign it but all she wants is her son. The sooner this is over the better. Ridge says there is now the opportunity to get back at Bill. She says she knows she could take Bill to the cleaners but she wants to keep this clean for her son’s sake. Someday her son will grow up and read about all of this and she does not want him to know his dad sued her for incompetence. Ridge tells Katie about Quinn Fuller and how they need to protect the company and it would be good if she could get her hands on Bill’s stock in Forrester to save the company.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

A strange young woman named Nelle goes to see Carly after reading the Crimson article about the search for Josslyn's kidney donor. Although Carly continues to assure both Jax and Sonny that she has since called off the search, Nelle is there and maybe they should at least hear her story and find out if she is in fact Josslyn's kidney donor. Nelle tells them the story of how her parents needed money and then suddenly told her she needed a surgery they did not tell her the details of and left her no choice in whether to have it. She remembers it did not look like a legitimate hospital with legitimate doctors when she awakened. Also, very strangely, she remembers, as soon as the surgery was done, they were able to pay off a debt they could not pay off before. She further tells them her parents have since died, she's had to be on her own ever since, gets sick and has healthy issues as well as a permanent scar she shows them. Yet she wants to do good and believe that what happened to her might save another person's life. Although Sonny and Jax urge Carly to know that even if Nelle is telling the truth and not scamming, it will be very difficult to prove whether or not she is in fact Josslyn's kidney donor. Yet Carly is determined to find out one way or another.

When Sam goes to the hospital and meets Finn for the first time (noting how he looks identical to her late boyfriend, Silas Clay), he runs tests to find out why she's been having fainting spells. At that point, he discovers she's pregnant. Jason finds out from Elizabeth that Sam is in the hospital and goes to see her. She never gets around to informing him she's going to have his baby although she remarks to Finn that it's a miracle. Finn notices Jason is running a fever, probably has malaria, to which he informs them it's treatable and no big deal. However, he warns Sam, she may have it too, being exposed to the same region as Jason. And if so, it could cause complications for her pregnancy. At that point, she wonders whether or not to inform Jason that she is pregnant. Hayden finds out, for the first time, that Nikolas initially staged his own death and many people have proof of that. However, he has now been killed by his uncle Valentin Cassadine. Elizabeth tells her it's all her fault for betraying him and causing him to flee. Hayden tells Elizabeth it's her fault for expecting Nikolas to keep the secret for her when she scammed Jason Morgan, and all the trouble that put Nikolas in. Sabrina is happy that her infant son, Teddy, is going to be ok and runs into Carlos' brother, Jose unexpectedly who is doing a fellowship and research while practicing medicine at GH. He tells her he wants to get to know his nephew although Sabrina and Michael are considering co-parenting baby Teddy. Lulu is determined to find out if the skeleton she saw in the old house was in fact Luke and is determined to run DNA tests on the bracelet although Tracy tells her it's pointless because she cannot believe Luke is gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily spend time with Charlie and Maddie at the rooftop pool. At Brash and Sassy, Victoria and Billy have a meeting about the new fragrance but Billy's mind is on Phyllis and not on what Victoria is telling him. At Newman, in Victor's office, Jack and Victor have a meeting about Summer and Luca. They conclude their meeting just as Phyllis comes in, who is less than thrilled by her news. Phyllis lets Jack know that Summer and Luca are engaged. In their condo, Summer lets Luca know that their engagement will be a surprise to their family. Luca tells Summer that he has already told Victor the news. Summer asks as to how did Victor react. Luca wants to start planning the wedding. Jill watches Charlie and Maddie together, working on their family's family tree. Jill wants to plan a trip to the amusement park for the children. Lily pulls Jill away to ask her as to what this is all about. Billy refocuses his attention to Victoria and their new campaign. Cane interrupts and wants to know what is going on and why Billy is discussing business with Victoria. Billy lets him know that Victoria now works for Brash and Sassy which unnerves Cane. Neil tells Charlie and Maddie parts of their family tree. Cane welcomes Victoria half-heartedly to Brash and Sassy but also adds that they didn't need another executive. Jill interrupts them and tells them her plans to make Brash and Sassy bigger and better than Jabot. Summer visits Victor and asks him about Luca visiting him  and letting him know about their engagement. Summer asks if he is alright with it. Phyllis lets Jack know that no way will Summer marry Luca. Jack tells her to stop before she alienates Summer. Jack advises Phyllis to help Summer with the wedding and let her make her own mistakes.

Victoria sides with Brash and Sassy and leaves to clean out her desk at Newman. Summer lets Victor know how much she loves Luca. Victor lets her know that he will always support her. Jack tells Phyllis not to rule Summer's life as Jill tries to rule Billy's. Lily thanks Neil for telling the children about their family but she cannot understand why he won't try to find out about his parents. Phyllis visits the condo but only finds Luca there. Phyllis and Luca have a chat about why he had proposed to Summer just after the pregnancy scare. Luca tells her that it was Nick's idea. Victoria visits Victor to let him know that she will be working for Brash and Sassy and will be cleaning out her desk. Jack tells Jill about his talk with Phyllis about meddling in Summer's marriage plans to Luca. Phyllis calls Victor to let him know that they will be working together to end this marriage to Luca.

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