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The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/8/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy thinks back over what Liam just said that Quinn is never going to change and she needs to come back to him. Wyatt returns and says his mom is gone and going back to L.A. He knows he has promised Steffy before but this is the last straw. He will see Quinn when they get back and make sure she knows to stay away. Steffy says good as she is done and cannot do this anymore. Wyatt wants to know just exactly she is saying. She says she needs to hear the words. They have to get a restraining order or have Quinn arrested. She does not deserve Wyatt in her life. Steffy has his best interest, not Quinn. He says okay he will take care of it this time. Thomas fills Caroline in on Eric and Quinn and how upset Steffy is over this. Thomas tells her he will handle all the press so Douglas’s paternity will be okay. She says she thinks it is the perfect time for her to go see her moms. He says he will miss seeing his son every day. She says he has an open door and can come see them any time. He asks her not to go but she says she has to. Pretty soon the whole world will know Thomas is his son and that is more than she can handle right now. She laments what an exceptional guy he is and she feels so lucky that he is Douglas’s father. She will be open to any future she has with Thomas although she does not know how long that may take.

The Avants gather after the christening of little Lizzy. Sasha feels left out around Nicole and Zende. Julius warns her to back off. She was invited here today but all is not forgiven just yet. He says the Avants stay together. She almost cost him his marriage when she told the secret. She is a mistake and yet she wants him to lie. She cannot have it both ways. Every time Viv looks at him she sees all those years when Sasha was just Nicole’s best friend, not a sister. There is no future for Sasha here, just say goodbye and go home. Caroline thanks Thomas for being so supportive and not fighting her about this taking Douglas. They can video chat and she will send him pictures all the time. He tells her to go do what she has to do but please come home. They hug. Wyatt tells Steffy that whatever it takes he will do. She means everything to him. This is all Quinn’s fault. She says she knows but it is them that has to put a stop to it. He realizes Quinn is not going to change and it is his job to protect Steffy so as of now Quinn will be out of their lives. Steffy is the only thing that matters to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Due to NBC's coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, "Days of Our Lives" did not air today.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly and the family host a birthday party for Bobbie, who has invited Jax. Carly takes her daughter's father aside to assure him she is now respecting their daughter's wishes by calling off the search for her kidney. Yet he may not be convinced. Sonny, who is in "protection-mode" of Carly when he sees and knows what Jax has been doing, also sees not entirely convinced when she informs him she and Nina called off the search through Crimson. Right then, unexpectedly a young woman comes to the house and announces she wants to talk to Carly because she believes she could be Josslyn's kidney donor. When Ava returns home from Greece, she goes to visit her daughter and sees Kiki with Morgan. At that point, she makes it very clear she's not ok with that and fears for Kiki's emotional well-being in how she plays the caretaker of a mentally-ill human being, as well as her safety. She notices that Kiki and Morgan are both taking antibiotics for an STD and continues to lecture her daughter about the risk of that. Yet Kiki does not listen or appreciate the advice, nor buy her mom's "concern" as she tells her she thinks Ava's only "concern" is that Kiki has taken away Ava's former sex partner, remembering she slept with him as Kiki's mom and as her aunt. Sam is taken to the hospital after passing out several times and wants to find out what is causing that. She meets Finn for the first time and is stunned to see he looks exactly like her deceased ex-boyfriend, Dr. Silas Clay. He thinks he knows exactly where she contracted what is causing her to pass out when she informs him of the region she was in while in Greece. Elizabeth is making it clear she's disappointed that Franco wants to call off seeing her again. When Jason returns and visits Jake, his son talks about his many conversations and interactions with Franco, which clearly concerns Jason. He takes it up with Elizabeth who firmly tells him her personal life is none of his business. When he expresses how it affects their son, she reminds him of his clear commitment to Sam which seems a higher priority than Jake. Franco is alone and depressed and no longer feels himself being the murderer and dangerous criminal he once was, knowing he wants to help and be a part of Jake's life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin asks Mariah to help him win back Chloe. Mariah talks to Chloe but she tells her that she wants to move on away from Kevin.  Mariah doesn't want to break Kevin's heart, so she tells him she thinks Chloe wants to move on and maybe he should do the same so that Chloe doesn't break his heart, but Kevin tells her he doesn't care if he gets his heart broken, he wants to try and have a relationship with Chloe again.  Adam and Chelsea argue because she thinks that Chloe is telling the truth when she says she has found peace with Delia's death. Adam knows she is only acting and has another reason for being back in town.  Adam doesn't want Connor to visit him in jail, and Chelsea thinks it would be a good idea since Connor wants to be with Adam for his (Connor's) birthday.  Billy persuades Victoria to take the job at Brash and Sassy, but he makes it clear to Jill that she must stop matchmaking.  Jill tells Phyllis to try harder to stay away from Billy and be happy with Jack.  Summer and Luca tell Phyllis and Victor that they are getting married. Victor warns Luca that if he hurts Summer, he will have to deal with him.  Phyllis tells Summer to take her time planning the wedding, so that Nick can have time to find dirt on Luca.  Victor arrives at Phyllis' office because both of them want Luca away from Summer. 

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