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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam pleads with Steffy to come home with him. Quinn will always be there to harm her and he blames Wyatt too with as many times as she has asked him to keep his mother away. This is it, Monte Carlo, right now the place that she needs to come back to him. He wants her to think where she would be right now if not for Quinn and that tattoo on her finger. He begs again for her to come home with him and he knows she feels that way too. Ridge tells Thomas that yes he is upset. What has his dad got himself into now? They were not paying attention enough to Eric but he does not want to call; he needs to see his dad in person. Thomas says Steffy does not know how much more she can take and he does not think it is just about Quinn but her marriage as well. Eric tells Wyatt that he knows he was not expecting this but he really enjoys his mother, but it is over now for Steffy’s sake. He sees the good in Quinn and he knows Wyatt does too. She is a good mother and a good business woman but his family must always come first. She did not target Eric. It was mutual, nothing malicious. He told that to Steffy but she did not listen. Thomas and Ridge differ on what Steffy feels. Ridge tells Thomas this is all about Quinn and her job security and money, nothing to do with his dad.

Thomas thinks that Steffy is only with Wyatt because Liam pushed her away or so she thought. Ridge says no she really loves Wyatt and could get out of the marriage if she wanted to go back to Liam. Eric tells Wyatt that neither him or Quinn want to hurt his marriage. They do not want to cause trouble. She will not cause any more trouble for Steffy either. Wyatt says he can not exactly blame her. Wyatt says he is afraid once Quinn gets something in her head she will not let go of it. Wyatt thanks Eric and says he needs to go process all of this. Eric hopes all will be okay with him and Steffy. Wyatt says he does too. Steffy tells Liam that she made a commitment. He says no that was a mistake she made; she needs to come back to him, so yes or no, is she going to stay in this marriage. She says she cannot go back. He says she can, just do it now. Doesn’t she want a life without Quinn. She is not sure what it will take, maybe they will have to move away. He says he has to be the one to protect her when Wyatt won’t so come back to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe surprised Hope with some movies. He wanted her to have some fun while she was home. Aiden watched Justin and Roman while they talked about the missing evidence. Roman told Justin that a former cop saw what happened to the missing evidence. Justin wanted to talk to the cop by himself. Chad got a call about Abby being killed in the plane crash. Jennifer went to Chadís house and saw that he was upset. Chad told Jennifer that Abby was killed. Aiden met with Dozer (the cop who saw what happened to the evidence) to talk to him before Justin. The power went out at Hopeís place so she and Rafe danced. They also kissed while they danced. Jennifer didnít want to believe that Abby was killed. JJ didnít want to believe it either. JJ thought Chad made up the story.

Rafe and Hope went upstairs and made love. JJ blamed Chad for what happened to Abby. Dozer told Aiden that Justin took the evidence. Aiden told Andre that Dozer identified Justin as the one who took the evidence. Aiden met with Abe at the Brady pub and told him what Dozer said. Jennifer stopped JJ from blaming Chad for what happened. JJ refused to believe that Abby was dead without proof. Justin went to the station and Abe told him what Dozer said. Jack appeared to Jennifer and they talked about Abby. Jennifer wanted Jack to find Abby and keep her with him. Jennifer didnít know how she was going to deal with the loss of their child. Andre talked to someone about the info that was sent to Chad. Heís glad that Chad as well as Abbyís family believe that sheís dead. Jennifer wanted to take pills to feel better. Jack didnít want to see her like that so he left. Roman went to Hopeís place and told Hope and Rafe that Justin was replaced as the district attorney. Aiden will be the new district attorney.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jax goes to talk to Carly about the situation involving Josslyn's kidney and unexpectedly delivers a threat to her of fighting her for custody of their daughter, knowing she's been going behind Josslyn's back and not respected her wishes to call off the search for her kidney donor. As soon as he leaves, Ava appears, overhearing the conversation and reminds Carly that she may be in a very similarly vulnerable position regarding custody of her daughter. She further reminds Carly that she almost died while held hostage in Greece and merely wants to see Avery, to which Carly first argues but later realizes that one thing they have in common. She overhears Ava, on the baby monitor, sounding emotionally invested in wanting to fight so nobody keeps her away from her daughter again. She also realizes Ava knows she may be facing a similar custody battle and could potentially use that against her. At that point, she contacts Nina and Curtis and asks them to call off the search for Josslyn's kidney. Julian is desperate to fight what has happened to him, realizing he's going to prison and asks Ava to help him escape, urging her to know it's pointless to expect a lawyer to help him or to rely on any legal means. In response to that, she informs her brother she cannot help him break the law and does not want to risk being taken away from her daughter and so he's on his own with that. Sam returns to her mom and adamantly informs her that she intends to protect her from her father and will never trust or want any relationship with Julian again after what he's done to Alexis. She goes to talk to her father in the interrogation room, informing him of that. He reminds her she and Danny once relied upon him for bone marrow in order to save her son's life, but she informs him she now knows she has Jason for that and no longer needs Julian and so he has no more power over her. When Sam goes to leave, she suddenly passes out and collapses and Julian calls for someone to help. Valentin goes to the summer camp and introduces himself to Spencer as Uncle Theo who will take him to his dad. Sonny shows up just in time, but Valentin threatens him with a gun. Jason arrives just in time to save Sonny and Spencer followed by Jordan and her officers who take Valentin away, leaving Sonny to figure out how to tell Spencer that his dad is dead. Valentin is clearly not ready to give up and decides to call Nina with his one allowed phone call. Jax goes to see Alexis and informs her he'd like her to represent him in his custody battle with Carly. Yet she informs him that due to the big mess she's just gotten herself into, she may never be able to practice law again. At that point, he lovingly assures and encourages her not to give up and to lean on the many friends she has.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The board meeting for the foundation begins amidst a lot of controversy among the board members themselves. Abby brings Ben some lasagna for his dinner to the hospital. She tells him that she has booked them a getaway for Labor Day weekend. Ben is reluctant to go because of Max. Abby suggests that Max go with them but Ben is still against the idea. Sharon's poison ivy gets worse and Dylan suggests taking her back into town to get her medication for it. Mariah offers to stay with Faith and finish the campout. Faith is very happy about this. Sharon reluctantly agrees. At the Athletic Club dining room, Cane and Jill are discussing getting Victoria to join them when Victoria arrives and tells Jill that this will not take very long. After much discussion, Lily suggests that Hilary be removed from the board of the foundation. Dylan, Sharon, and Sully arrive at the hospital. Abby holds baby Sully in her arms as Ben watches her. Hilary is very surprised by Lily's motion. An argument begins. Hilary tries to reach out to Jack to get him on her side but Phyllis sees what she is trying to do and rushes to Jack's side. Phyllis begins to lash out at Hilary that she has been after Jack for months. Hilary denies the accusation. Billy steps up to defend Phyllis when Hilary lashes out at her. Jack watches in amazement. Cane watches Jill with Victoria as Jill supplies Victoria with more vodka in order to get her drunk. Jill tells Victoria what Billy is doing to the company.

Mariah and Faith get settled into the tent for the night. Faith asks Mariah about her childhood. Ben gives Sharon an injection plus a prescription for the poison ivy. Abby sits at a table on the roof of Newman Towers and thinks about Ben and their talk about Max. Abby calls the clinic where Max is but they will not divulge any information to her about his condition. The voting begins to oust Hilary from the Foundation but Jack has the deciding vote. Jack votes to keep Hilary on the board. Ashley, furious, joins Abby and tells her about the board meeting and the outcome. Abby tells Ashley about her plans for herself and Ben. She had called the clinic to get Max signed out for the day, but they refuse to tell her anything. Abby tells Ashley about the phone call. Ashley suggests that she talk to Ben. Abby corners Ben at the hospital and asks him about this but he says that he wanted to protect her from all this and that he wasn't ready to have another child.

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