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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt apologizes to Steffy and tries to explain that he had no idea that Quinn was there in Monte Carlo or with her grandfather. Steffy unloads on him that is the problem; no one knows the vile, destructive things she can do when they all tell her over and over to leave them alone and stay away from all the Forresters. She’s talked to Eric but this is all Quinn’s doing. She blames Wyatt as well and says she does not know how much more of this she can take. No matter what Quinn tells him this thing with Eric did not just happen. She orchestrated it to get back at Steffy. There is nothing Steffy or her grandfather can do. Wyatt needs to put a stop to his mother for all their sakes. Quinn tells Eric that she is sorry but she needs to know they can survive this. She says she knows they have huge obstacles in their way but she loves him and they can work through this. But if that is not how he feels then she needs to know before she gets back on that plane and goes home. He will never have to see her again. She is sorry that Steffy is so upset with him. But when she got that e-mail from him she felt she had to come and fight for Eric. Eva comes back to Liam’s room with him and asks if there is anything he wants to add to the press release. He apologizes for going on and on yesterday about his problems with Steffy and asks if there is anyone in her life. She says no and denies it would ever be Wyatt; he is not her type. She makes Liam smile when she says he could be if he were not hung up on Steffy. He thinks he should be so lucky. Ridge tells Thomas that he does not have to stop over and check up on him. He did end his marriage but not because he does not love Caroline but because it was best for their family. He will be okay and life moves on. He says he handled everything badly and Thomas deserved better from him than to jump to the wrong conclusions about the night Douglas was conceived. Thomas says he was at fault too and the bottom-line is they are all a family and must co-exist. Douglas will see Thomas as his father and they will move forward and that is what counts. They both admit they are worried about Eric just playing tennis and drinking martinis all day, so it’s good he is back as CEO. He does not want anybody to take advantage of him and will do all he can to make sure it doesn’t happen. Eric tells Quinn that he believes in her inherent goodness and he believes she recently discovered that in herself. He knows she has had hardships in her life and made mistakes along the way and regrets that. He has loved every single moment they have been together but he is sorry he has to put his family first.

Steffy bellows that she is more than frustrated at Quinn. She is furious as she told her over and over to stay away and now she followed Eric here to get her hooks into him deeper. Wyatt is not sure it is that simple and Steffy scolds him for depending his mother. Quinn went to Eric to get her job back and then it was full on seduction. She says again that Quinn is pure evil but she thought they had everything under control but Liam was right all along. And Wyatt knows that. It was their one condition that Quinn would stay out of their lives. He says of course their marriage is important to him, it means everything so he will handle this. He will personally fix this. He will go to Eric’s room and personally take his mom to the airport if that is what it takes. Bittersweet Quinn tells Eric that for one last time she would like his arms around her. He complies and then she leaves. Eva kisses Liam on the cheek before she leaves his room. Thomas calls Steffy and she unloads on him about Quinn and Eric and how she does not know how much more she can take. Thomas goes straight to Ridge and tells him about Quinn being in M.C. Ridge is aghast and just hopes that Eric is okay. Wyatt misses Quinn but speaks with Eric. Eric says Steffy is wrong. It was not all Quinn. Wyatt says he knows but now he is really worried about his wife. Both Steffy and Liam end up on the grounds wandering about when he sees her and runs up to her. He too is aghast when she tells him that Quinn is here and she and her grandfather have a relationship. Liam says he is sorry but this is not going to happen. That is why Steffy needs to get out of this marriage – those people infect her. He tells her that she has to come back to him as he is the only one that can protect her. He will not let this happen to her. He grabs her and plants a big kiss on her. She does not pull away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle went to Chad to talk about the custody battle he’s having with Jennifer. While Jennifer was in the nursery, she had a pain in her back. She found a bottle of pills. Deimos tried to convince Nicole to be with him. He asked her to marry him. Chad didn’t want Jennifer to be ripped to shreds on the stand. Belle believed it was the only way to win the case. Nicole reminded Deimos that he almost died the last time he proposed to her. One thing led to another and they began making out on the couch.

Chad wanted to think about going after Jennifer. Belle reminded Chad that Jennifer was the one who is suing him. Belle began to advise Chad on how to talk to the judge. Deimos and Nicole made love. When they were finished, he began playing the piano. When Deimos mentioned having children with her, she wanted to leave. Belle gave Chad advice on how to raise Thomas. He changed the subject to talk about Shawn. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t too distracted by to Shawn to focus on the case. After Belle left, Chad noticed Stefano’s picture in the room. Chad wondered if she should do everything he could to win the case. Nicole met Chloe at TBD and told her that Deimos asked her to marry him. Chad finally decided that he had to do whatever it took to keep his son. Nicole told Chloe that Deimos has changed and that she has feelings for him. Nicole also told Chloe that Deimos wanted a family. Chloe warned Nicole not to trust Deimos.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nina awakens with the strange man who identifies himself as Theo. She suspects nothing yet he is alarmed when he notices the headlines in the morning paper target the investigation for an escaped murderer whom he is knows is probably himself aka Valentin Cassadine. Meanwhile, Dante, Lulu and Jason return to Port Charles and go to the PCPD to protest to Jordan that Jason did not murder Nikolas. Nikolas was found alive and well although they believe he has recently been murdered by a man who held them all hostage who was Nikolas' uncle Valentin Cassadine. Meanwhile, Nina and Curtis that this strange man has left without saying good bye to her without taking his phone. They turn it on and hear a recorded phone conversation between Spencer Cassadine and his father whom everybody assumes has died. Curtis immediately informs her they have to turn this phone over to the cops as evidence in a murder investigation and they do so. When they play the message and Nina informs them the phone belonged to a strange man who identified himself as Theo, Dante concludes that was the name Valentin gave them before revealing who he really was. Knowing also this can only mean that Nikolas is, yet again staging his death and privately talking to Spencer yet Valentin is onto them, Sonny goes to find Spencer after Valentin has found him and Spencer spells out to Sonny that this man has introduced himself as his uncle Valentin Cassadine.

At the hospital, Claudette reveals to Griffin that she's back in town and he knows it's too coincidental that she just happens to run into her ex husband whom she cheated upon with Griffin, along with his fiancé. He also wonders why she would want to break up Nathan's new relationship, realizing she never loved her ex husband in the first place and only married him for a green card. When she sees that she's not getting what she wants, Claudette goes to find Nathan happily with Maxie and informs them both she does not plan to leave town. Dillon notices that Morgan intends to move in with Kiki and she has not "officially" broken up with him. Yet, in a private conversation with Morgan, Kiki tells him she is not about to get involved in his impulsive way of life the way she may have before. Darby is with Dillon noticing he is clearly not over Kiki and reveals to him that since he's slept with her and she's slept with Morgan and Morgan is now sleeping with Kiki, there are concerns they should all have about a "disease" that could be spreading. She can clearly see that Dillon only wants to be with Kiki, as would Morgan, and Kiki would rather be with Dillon and she is being used.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick and Phyllis worried that Summer might be pregnant. They decided they should've worked harder to separate Summer and Luca, and they agreed that Phyllis would talk to Summer. Summer worried that Luca wouldn't stick around if she was pregnant, but he assured her that he'd be by her side. Summer and Luca found out she wasn't pregnant. Nick confronted Luca at Crimson Lights and made it clear that he expected Luca to stick by Summer and the baby. Nick talked about fatherhood, and Luca appreciated Nick's advice. Phyllis told Summer that she and Nick would support her no matter what. Summer was angry that her parents had met to discuss her, and she asked Phyllis to respect her choices. Phyllis and Nick were relieved that Summer wasn't pregnant. Nick made plans to fly to Newfoundland to find proof that Luca was involved in the oil spill, so that he could break up Summer and Luca for good. Luca proposed to Summer and she accepted. Neil and Lily found out Devon was being sued. Lily was sure that Hilary was the reason that Devon didn't settle. Lily vented to Neil about Hilary, but Neil thought Lily was being too harsh. Neil felt responsible for the lawsuit since his actions led to Hilary getting hurt and needing the treatment. Devon and Hilary were accosted by reporters seeking comments on the lawsuit. Devon refused to comment, but Hilary maintained her and Devon's innocence and blamed Simon. Ashley made a statement to the press defending Simon. Hilary and Ashley had words. Devon defended Hilary and assured her that he had her back, but he wished she didn't make it so hard sometimes. Billy and Cane learned that Jill had secretly made side deals with both of them offering to give them full control of Brash and Sassy if they raised the profits. Cane suggested they turn the tables on Jill and work together. Billy refused, hoping Cane's ideas for the company would fail, causing Billy to win Brash and Sassy by default. The lawsuit threatened the Abbott-Winters Foundation, because Ashley, Devon and Hilary were on the board. Ashley and Lily felt that they could minimize the damage to the foundation by firing Hilary. Billy arrived at the Foundation meeting to see whether or not he was going to be allowed to join the board. Phyllis walked into the meeting and demanded to know what the hell Billy was doing there.

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