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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy won’t stop even when Eric asks her to calm down. She says no, Quinn has targeted him. That is who she is and she is dangerous. Quinn is dangerous and Eric is lonely but Steffy is not going to allow him to have this relationship. She says she loves Eric but not with Quinn. She needs her out of his life, so end it now. She seduced Eric and is using him to get back at Steffy for shutting her out of her life. Wyatt tells Quinn to hold on and back up. He cannot believe she came to Monte Carlo to be with Eric. She must deliberately be trying to sabotage his marriage right now. Quinn explains that Eric is easy to talk to and one thing led to another. He was lonely and so was she. Eric likes bad girls and she likes a man to make her feel loved so they were perfect together. Wyatt is besides himself when he finds out Steffy knows, followed her and even slapped her. Wyatt begs her to go back to L.A. so he can think on all of this. Brooke tells Ridge that he seems to be all right despite ending his marriage to Caroline. He says they both talked about it and ended it as it was the right thing for everybody. He won’t lose those feelings for a while and he will always treasure it but she is with Thomas and Douglas now and it is time for him to move on……and to concentrate on his father and his children. Quinn tells Wyatt that she wants to explain that she is in love with Eric. She never expected this. She never went looking for this but it feels so good to be treated like a woman of substance. She did not want to let that go. Wyatt does not want to hear this. He wants her to be loved but not by Steffy’s grandfather. He will lose his wife for sure, so he does not care if she is in love with Eric. She cannot be with him.

Steffy tells Eric that she does not think he knows the depth of Quinn’s insanity. It scares her and she is only trying to protect Eric. She is not upset but she is afraid that Quinn will hurt him or all of them. Eric says he knows how Quinn is but she has changed and she is good for his life now. Steffy continues and finally Eric says okay he will not let her down. He will break it off with Quinn. He thinks she is on her way back home but she shows up at his room. She apologizes and says she did not mean to cause trouble. She missed him, it was beautiful Monte Carlo and she had to come. He says he is glad she came but it is best if she leaves now. It isn’t likely that Steffy is going to change her mind and they all get along. Quinn says she knows now it was a huge mistake coming here but she can fix this and make it better. She confesses that she loves him and they can make it through this. She pleads with him to tell her this is not the end. Steffy returns to her room and Wyatt tells her she does not have to say a word. Quinn just left and he swears to God he did not know she was even in Monte Carlo or with Eric. Steffy won’t let him finish the sentence and says Quinn is the most destructive human being she has ever known. She is poison and no matter what justification she gave Wyatt she targeted her grandfather just to get back at Steffy. She yells at Wyatt that she thought he had it under control and was going to do something. She tells him when they got married she told him she did not want this lunatic in her family wreaking havoc on their lives. She knows Quinn is his mom and he loves her but he should be out there looking for her now lurking around. She says his problem is that he takes things that Quinn says at face value but she is not going to do this anymore. She did not sign on for this and does not know how much more of this she can take.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden went to Andreís room and found the deed to the house that blew up. Andre was in Aidenís room and looked through his computer. Chloe told Philip that she was pregnant. A man grabbed Gabi in the park. He wanted to send a message to her father. Gabi found her pepper spray and sprayed the guy in the face. Philip wondered if Deimos was the father of her baby. Nicole let Deimos know that she wasnít interested in kissing him again. She wasnít interested in Deimos because heís a criminal. Aiden found Andre in his room. Andre wanted Aiden to run for District Attorney. Aiden didnít want to run, but Andre wanted him to do it. Gabi told Rafe and Dario that she was attacked. She also told them what the guy said to him. Chloe didnít know what to do about her pregnancy. Philip offered to be there for her.

Deimos admitted that he loved Nicole. Nicole thought he loved her because of Helena. Deimos refused to give up on her. Andre continued to convince Aiden that he should run for DA. Aiden let Andre know that he found the deed to the house. Andre let him know that he only had a copy and that everything could still be tied to him. Aiden finally agreed to run for DA if Andre stayed away from Hope. Rafe and JJ looked for Gabiís attacker. Dario tried to convince Gabi that Eduardo was responsible for everything and that he needs to leave town. Eduardo wanted to leave town to find out what happened to Gabi. Aiden ran into Rafe and he asked about Hope. Dario paid the attacker and didnít want him saying anything to anyone. Rafe warned Aiden to leave Hope alone. Nicole showed up at Deimosí place because she couldnít get him out of her head.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nathan takes Claudette to the hospital, feeling "obligated" after she's tripped and hurt her leg and has no transportation or means to go the airport in order to leave town. In all this time, however, Maxie is unaware of her fiancť's whereabouts or whom he's been with. At first, she is not ok knowing that he's been with Claudette, assessing it's all too convenient that her vehicle broke down as did his, that Claudette missed her flight, and Nathan left his phone behind and was out of contact, right when they were going to celebrate being rid of Claudette. Yet they both determine that Claudette is not a threat to their relationship. While Claudette waits to see a doctor, she has no clue who it will be. Nor does Griffin know the patient he's about to treat. When they run into each other, they both make it very clear they've known each other before and are stunned, shocked and in awe to unexpectedly come face-to-face again. Morgan "surprises" Kiki by meeting with Lucy and having her doing real estate to find them a new place yet has not asked nor discussed it with Kiki beforehand. In response to that, she is not ok and finds it very irrational that he'd assume they should do this nor not discuss and ask her first. At that point, he can tell that she is implying he's losing it and not taking his meds and he admits he resents her assuming this about him. She angrily tells him he's behaving just like he's having a manic episode. Not far away, Dillon overhears and finds out that they are moving in together, not knowing what to say, think or do.

It looks like all the evidence is pointing against Franco in the murder investigation at the hospital. Scott defends his son but warns him he's in serious trouble and realizes he may not be able to promise him anything, given the circumstances. At first, Elizabeth admits her doubts to Griffin about Franco. She is able to confirm and realize that Franco has an alibi for the suspicion of murder of patients. Knowing he was with her the whole time, she knows unequivocally that he is innocent. She makes it clear that she's delighted that she can now trust him. Scott gets him released from jail and the cops confirm he's cleared of charges for now. She happily goes to find Franco and reveals she wants to be with him. Yet, realizing that she completely suspected him and never gave him the benefit of the doubt before seeing proof, Franco realizes she does not trust him and he is not ok with that as he concludes to her that he has to leave her alone and they are done.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer decides to stay at Newman Enterprises because Luca told her she should stay, so Victor decides to have Luca investigated to see if he was responsible for the oil spill. Summer tells Luca her menstrual cycle is late and she worries she may be pregnant. The DNA results are in and Kevin isn't Bella's father, but he offers to be a father figure for Bella. Chloe makes it clear that she doesn't love him and they are not getting back together. Kevin breaks up with Natalie because he has unresolved feelings for Chloe and Natalie is very upset because Kevin just wants to be her friend. Chloe acts like she has forgiven Adam when she goes to visit him in jail, so that he and Chelsea don't suspect that she was Victor's accomplice. Dylan, Sharon, Mariah, Faith and Sully go on a camping trip but Faith and Dylan are the only ones excited to be in the outdoors while Sharon and Mariah aren't thrilled about the trip at all.

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