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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt continues to listen to Liam’s rants that Quinn might be in Monte Carlo and up to no good as far as Steffy is concerned. He is determined to protect her. Wyatt questions what would Quinn be up to as it makes no sense for her to be in Monte Carlo. Liam says if she was here she would not tell Wyatt but you can bet she would be up to no good. Wyatt says Steffy is fine as Quinn is not here and Liam is just acting crazy. Ridge tells Brooke that he needs to talk to Eric about fathers and sons. He is divorcing Caroline so she and Thomas can be with their family. Brooke thinks that is a splendid idea to bond with Eric; what they both need. She tells Ridge that with Stephanie on the wall she feels like she needs to whisper. She thinks Eric needs more than just them holding his hand. He needs a lady in his life and suggests Donna……..a real honey. Ridge rejects that. Brooke tells Ridge that Stephanie would be very proud of him now. He says he knows and she always looked out after him and he is hoping she will pick up where she left off. Eric thinks of his times with Quinn. And the last time when she left and said she would never forget their time in Monte Carlo. Liam continues that Quinn is a constant threat and no one knows when she will pop up. Wyatt says the only one thinking that is Liam….following them to Monte Carlo and putting a wedge into his marriage like Liam wants. That is not going to happen. Liam says Quinn cannot help herself, it is going to happen but it better not be against Steffy. Steffy clenches her teeth and grabs Quinn’s arm and says she is evil and she is only taking advantage of Eric. She is just using her grandfather, trying to worm her way deeper into her family. She is going to get a restraining order and this will be done. Quinn blurts out that Steffy needs to understand that she is not going after Eric to get at Steffy….she loves him. Steffy hauls off and slaps her in the chops and Quinn falls to the ground. Steffy huffs off.

Somehow Quinn manages to sneak into Wyatt’s room. She says she waited until both Liam and Steffy were away. He cannot believe Liam was right; she always shows up when she is not supposed to. She never listens to him when he tells her to stay away. He can’t imagine what is here in Monte Carlo that would make her come now. She came here to cause problems and that is what will happen when Steffy finds out. She admits she came to see Eric. Steffy knocks on Eric’s door and she is shaking. He invites her in. She tells him that she saw him and Quinn and he has no idea what he is doing. He says this will not be easy but they are just two people getting to know each other. Steffy blasts that Quinn knows he is attracted to strong, powerful women so that is her trump card. But today that is over. Eric asks what if he does not want it to be over. Steffy responds it will have to be as she absolutely forbids it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie suggested that Caroline use her visions to find Tate. Victor was against the idea. He didnít want Caroline to stress herself out by having visions. Later on, everyone went to Summerís hotel to see if Caroline would have a vision. Sonny reunited with Paul and Gabi and Arianna. Gabi told Sonny about dating JJ. Gabi wanted to know about Sonnyís love life. She wondered if Sonny would be with Paul. John found a lead on Tateís kidnapping. Caroline told everyone that she didnít have a vision. John told Brady and Theresa about the lead and they got ready to go with him. Paul let John know that he ran into Sonny earlier. Paul claimed he wasnít looking for a relationship. Sonny didnít see getting back with Paul because he wasnít over Will.

Caroline told Victor that she had a vision of Victor making a call to someone. Victor declared his innocence. He wanted Caroline to keep her visions to herself. Brady walked in on Caroline and Victor arguing, but they wouldnít tell him what they were discussing. John gave Marlena flowers at the town square. She wanted to know where he was going this time. John told Marlena that he had a lead on Tate. She wanted John to be careful while he was looking for Tate. Maggie informed Victor that she felt Caroline was holding back with her visions. Victor tried to downplay her suspicions. Theresa was worried that they wouldnít find Tate. Brady wanted Theresa to be strong so they could find Tate. John promised Marlena that they would get married when he came back. Victor thought about taking to someone about a plan that couldnít go wrong.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The people are still stranded on the island waiting for a rescue boat or some other way back to Port Charles. Jason returns and is unharmed. Yet both Laura and Lulu realize it's more than likely that Nikolas is dead. Lulu also reveals that she noticed a skeleton with her estranged father's keepsakes, which could also mean that Luke is dead. They conclude that they have to get back home and be there for Spencer. Right then, however, we see Spencer in his bed in the dark, secretly on his phone revealing that he's talking to his father who is alive and well and plans to meet him at a place called Camp Show Biz. When Nina returns to her hotel room, she is visited by a man whom she ends up sleeping with and who reveals to her that he knows Nikolas Cassadine as well as the Quartermaines and has an "interest" in Nikolas. As soon as Nina is asleep and the guy believes she's unaware, he gets on his phone and plays the recording of Spencer talking to his dad and confirming that they will soon meet, privately on "Camp Showbiz". To everyone's surprise, Carly's ex-husband and Josslyn's dad, Jasper Jacks (known as Jax) appears out of nowhere at The Metro Court. He reveals to Carly that their daughter called him because she knows, as so does he, that although Carly promised to respect Josslyn's wishes and call of the search to find the donor of her kidney, she is lying and secretly continuing the search behind Josslyn's back. Sonny later meets with Carly, admits that he "personally" agrees with Jasper Jax that maybe she needs to respect Josslyn's wishes. He then clarifies that they both know that Jax cannot be trusted with secrets he knows about that or anything else. Jax goes to The Floating Rib with Josslyn and acts like her "hero" who is respecting her wishes when her mom is not. However, as soon as she goes to the bathroom and he's alone, he gets on his phone to reveal that he may be spying on Carly as well as on Sonny regarding the search for Josslyn's kidney. Franco and Elizabeth are spending the evening together and growing closer when they get a surprise visit from Jordan and Valerie who tell him they have enough evidence to hold him for 24 hours for the suspicious death of the patient who suddenly died when he was the last to see her. Elizabeth does not know what to say or do or think at that point.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chloe is thrilled to be staying with Chelsea. Nick visits Dylan to find out about the missing journal pages. At the Coffeehouse, Kevin and Mariah await the paternity test results. Mariah asks if Natalie knows. Sharon has taken Sully and Faith swimming at the Newman Towers pool. When she walks in with Ben, Abby instantly notices Sharon with Sully and Faith. Ashley joins Hilary and Devon at the Athletic Club dining room and lets them know she was cleared of the charges from the drug testing, but their troubles are just beginning. Nick asks Dylan who could have taken the journal pages and if it could have been Victor. Natalie joins Kevin and Mariah and finds out he is awaiting paternity test results. Chloe and Chelsea discuss Bella and then their attention goes to Delia and when she was in the hospital with leukemia and was so wonderful through it all but then Adam killed her. Kevin gets a call which he thinks is the test results. Hilary and Devon find out they are being sued. Hilary wants to fight the lawsuit but both Ashley and Devon want to pay the people off to avoid the lawsuit. Sharon, Faith, and Sully arrive home to find Nick there. Kevin calls the lab for the test results. Chelsea and Chloe discuss when Delia died.

Sharon asks Dylan about taking a family vacation but he has reservations about it and says that he can't take time off. Dylan suggests going camping instead of the beach. He is still working on Adam's case behind Paul's back. Ben and Abby spend quality time together and decide to have another child. Kevin apologizes to Natalie for not letting her know about the paternity test. Mariah arrives at Chelsea's with some papers and inadvertently mentions the paternity test. Kevin and Natalie discuss his divorce from Chloe. Mariah apologizes for putting Chloe in a bad situation. Devon sides with Ashley about paying off the people who are suing them which unnerves Hilary. Both Chloe and Kevin get the call that the test results are in. Nick visits Chelsea to find out what she and Adam are up to. Abby tells Ashley that she and Ben are going to try to have another baby.

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