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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Wyatt and Steffy that his interview with Prince Albert went well. He was very receptive. Steffy thinks he is doing good and she respects his cause. Liam asks Wyatt if he has checked with his mother as he would swear he saw her on the beach. Wyatt says she would not do something like that to screw things up. Quinn and Eric are in bed basking in the afterglow. He says this place is magic and easy to get caught up in it….makes him a little reckless. She thinks that means she can stay. He says really she needs to go back to L.A. He thinks the longer she stays will be more time for someone to see her. She says she will be careful and stay in his suite. He says he does not want her to leave but he knows how Wyatt would feel if he found out…..and also his granddaughter. She would have a fit. He does not want to cause trouble between Wyatt and Steffy. Liam invites a couple in to talk about his Foundation as he has the Spencer money and feels like he ought to be doing something with it. The information he gets is perfect; he thinks he can use all of it. He will even keep the gentleman posted on his progress. Wyatt is instrumental in securing a shoot for Steffy aboard the yacht. Quinn starts packing and says Eric is right. She would like to stay but she knows she can’t. He says he will miss her. She says she knows Wyatt wants her to be happy and she cannot help but think Steffy would want the same for him. She says she is not giving up even as short as this was; it was worth it. He tells her going home to stay out of sight as much as she can.

Wyatt tells Steffy that she killed the shoot and her followers will be delighted. Wyatt asks Liam about his meeting and Liam says they are making a difference and that is what he wants to do. Wyatt tells him he knows he is out there saving the world but all of this is business and what Bill wants. Wyatt tells him one more time that his mother is not a lunatic and he did not see her on the beach. Eric goes down to the car with Quinn and kisses her goodbye just as Steffy spies them, only Quinn’s sun hat is so big and wide that she cannot see her face. When Eric leaves Steffy walks up to Quinn from the rear and tries to talk to her but Steffy’s followers at the entrance prevents her from getting closer and Quinn hears her voice and runs off. Steffy runs fast right behind her. Wyatt tells Liam that he is stirring trouble when there is none. Wyatt is too busy enjoying Monte Carlo and what he was sent here to do. Liam just keeps on that he knows what Quinn is capable of and he does not want Steffy in the way. Liam says Quinn is not a trouble for him but he is for everybody else. Quinn does not know when to stop and he does not want Steffy to be hurt. After running all over the courtyard and beyond Steffy finally catches up with Quinn and pulls her hat off from behind with Quinn falling to the ground. Steffy gives her a hateful look when she realizes it is Quinn and is with her grandfather.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos told Nicole that he gave Victor half of his stuff back to him. Jennifer let Hope know that she wanted to hire Aiden as her lawyer. Hope wasnít happy about Jenniferís decision. Hope wanted to give Jennifer the names of different lawyers. Jennifer wanted to win so she wanted to try to get Aiden as her lawyer. Belle approached Philip about Claire being Chloeís assistant. Jennifer went to Aidenís office to see him about taking her case. Hope told Rafe about Jenniferís decision to go to Aiden for help. Rafe was determined to get proof that Aiden tried to kill them. Hope didnít want Rafe to do that.

Nicole wasnít convinced that Deimos changed. Deimos convinced Nicole that heís changed. Deimos and Nicole ended up kissing. Chloe was feeling sick and got a pregnancy test. Belle and Philip argued about Claireís decision to be an assistant. Hope made Rafe promise that he wouldnít go after Aiden. Aiden thought that Jennifer wanted to talk to him about Hope. She talked to Aiden about her custody battle. Aiden didnít think it was a good idea to take her case because he didnít want Hope to hate her for it. Chloe looked at the pregnancy test, but didnít have a reaction to it. Nicole put the brakes on her make out session with Deimos. She ended up leaving the mansion. Belle didnít like the fact that Philip reminded her that he thought Claire was his at a point. Shawn interrupted Belle and Philipís conversation. Deimos saw Chloe in the park and she was a little cold to him. Nicole thought about kissing Deimos. Jennifer and Chad bumped into each other at the town square and they ended up arguing about Thomas. Hope had a dream that she killed Aiden.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jordan and Valerie are in the hospital to do a police investigation of Franco. They admit reason to suspect him after the patient unexpectedly died right after he was suspiciously seen in her room. They also know that both he and Elizabeth are gone and unaccounted for. Nurse Amy is convinced that Franco is a murderer, that all the evidence points to him and she urges the cops to arrest him. Yet Jordan does not want to assume that until she knows for certain. Meanwhile, Franco and Elizabeth spend the evening at his new apartment which has been his art studio. While there, he shows her a beautiful painting he's done of her, admitting that he sees all the beauty and goodness in her and always thinks about her. When she sees the painting, she is very receptive and comfortable around him, informs him for the first time that she has previously wanted to be an artist but had to give it up and work as a nurse in order to pay her bills and support her boys. They are very happy to be together until they get an unexpected visit from the cops. Andrť also wants to be involved in this realizing he has done a psychiatric evaluation of Franco before the hospital could hire him on as an art therapist. Nina and Curtis talk alone at The Floating Rib about her previous relationship as well as his history. When Jordan and Valerie see them together, they are stunned to see Jordan's former police colleague and brother-in-law who's also Valerie's new boyfriend alongside Franco's ex. While the people are stranded on the island, everyone is safe except for Jason who is unaccounted for. Sam is determined to find and save him and not give up on him although the others do not believe he could have survived. Carly's ex and Josslyn's father, Jasper Jacks suddenly returns to Port Charles after being away for a long time. Carly introduces him to Finn and right away Jax tells Carly he knows their daughter wants them to call off the investigation yet he knows Carly is not respecting Josslyn's wishes nor protecting her privacy as she's asked.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea tells Adam that Chloe is back in town and she has a daughter. Adam finds it strange that Chloe has returned to town while he is in jail. Adam suspects that Chloe has been Victor's accomplice and asks Chelsea to use all her tricks from her former life as a con woman to find out if Chloe helped Victor frame him for murder. Chelsea agrees and goes to visit Chloe. She asks her to stay at the penthouse and gives her a job at Chelsea 2.0. Jill offers Victoria the job as CEO of Brash and Sassy. Victor gives Victoria his blessing to take the job if she wants to rescue the company that she founded. Nick goes to visit Adam to ask him if he thinks Victor is trying to push Victoria out of Newman Enterprises to make room for him when he is free.  Adam says that he is positive that is Victor's plan, because Victor implied there are missing journal pages that could set him free. Phyllis gives Billy a passionate kiss in the elevator of the Jabot building and then she slaps him and tells him that she doesn't love him, but Billy doesn't believe her. Jill once again warns Phyllis to stay away from Billy and rebuild her marriage to Jack, or she will tell Jack the truth about her affair with Billy. Phyllis assures Jill that she wants to make things right with Jack, so Jill says that she will take care of the rest. Jack offers Billy a seat on the board of the Abbott Winters foundation. Billy refuses at first until he finds out that Phyllis will also be on the board of the foundation.

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