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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Quinn that she is crazy and she should have told him she was coming. She says no after that text she had to see him in person. Liam meets up with Wyatt and Steffy as they shoot on the beach. Steffy tells him that his foundation is important and she respects what he is doing. She tells Wyatt that what Liam is doing is really impressive and she would like to do something like that too and not just all this trash. There is more to life than just followers and profits, they can rise to the challenge. Liam meets up with PR Eva and he ends up pouring his heart out about Steffy and how Wyatt is living his life. He wants to do something profound with his life because he lost all that mattered. Eric tells Quinn that he spent most of the flight over here with Liam. He is a good man. Quinn agrees and states she used him terribly but she feels differently now. He says she is great for him and he has not felt this way in a very long time. Now he wonders if anyone else knows she is here. She says no and she does not have to leave his room ever. He says she was wrong holding Liam with his head injury. She realizes that too and says she will never go back to being that woman. Wyatt tells Steffy that he is impressed enough for both of them. She is on the biggest stage possible and people are inspired….he is inspired too. Tomorrow the Stella Maris yacht…..tonight is theirs.

Eva tells Liam that he is in Monte Carlo and should be whooping it up. She suggests a karaoke bar but he declines for now. She says he can call her if he changes his mind. Quinn and Eric lay in bed sipping champagne. She says sometimes it is the destination and not the journey to get there. If she can add just a little more to his life then that makes her happy. She was afraid of his rejection but also with Steffy if she ever found out about this. Steffy suggests to Wyatt that just the two of them go out tonight without worrying about her followers. Wyatt says that is okay and they can even stay in all night long if she wants. He realizes how lucky he is with the beauty of Monte Carlo and his dad’s support but that all pales in comparison to having her….even if Liam is along. He says he is the rudder than can steer his mother away. He will do all he can to keep her away from Steffy and her family. She says she will hold him to that promise.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Brady questioned Deimos about being involved in Tateís kidnapping. Deimos denied being involved. Brady threatened to kill Deimos if he found out that he took Tate. Theresa tried to get away from Summer, but she tripped and hit her head on a table. Summer panicked because she thought Theresa was dead. Summer ended up leaving Theresa in the room by herself.  Steve wanted to start over with Kayla. They ended up talking about Joey. Jadeís father didnít want Jade to be with Joey. Fynn got involved when it looked like Hal was fighting with Joey. Maggie ran into Summer at the town square. Victor went to Deimos to accept his offer.

Jade broke up the fight and wanted to talk to her father. Fynn wanted info from Joey. Brady and John went to Theresa and she told them what happened with Summer. Theresa wanted to track down Summer so they rushed off. Deimos wondered why Victor changed his mind about the truce. Victor wanted to move on with his life by agreeing to the truce. Victor admitted what he did and wondered if they could move on from it. Joey ran into his parents at TBD. Kayla told Joey that she scheduled an appointment for him to talk to Marlena. Steve wanted to talk to Fynn. Summer was glad to know Maggie. Maggie was happy to have met Summer. Summer apologized for everything. Maggie tried to hug Summer, but she walked away from her. Victor refused to accept Deimosí apology. Deimos wanted to try to put the past behind them. Victor just wanted to move on without the brotherly connection. Joey asked Kayla when she and Steve were going to get the help they need. Steve didnít want Fynn to use Joey to get to Kayla. Steve refused to give up on Kayla. Joey continued to call Kayla out for how screwed up Kayla and Steve were. Brady didnít understand why Summer left when she was supposed to help them. Brady found Tateís toy and he realized that Summer gave Tate to someone in the hotel.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Maxie returns home and finds it odd that Nathan is nowhere to be found, is not responding to her calls and notices he's left his phone on the table after he's disappeared. She also notices, in the waste basket, Nathan's and Claudette's wedding picture. That clearly makes her suspect that Claudette must have been there. She goes to the hospital to inquire if anyone might have seen her fiancť, finds out he has not been seen there but runs into Griffin and gets into talking to him. They go to the coffee shop and talk about forgiveness and second chances. Yet she is unaware of the secret he's keeping and how it relates to both Nathan and Claudette. Meanwhile, Claudette's vehicle appears to have broken down and Nathan put in position of being obligated to help her so she is not stranded. yet he admits he does not want to be stuck there with her and wants to be with Maxie. At first he suspects her, concluding it's a bit coincidental that her car breaks down and her phone dies right in time to make her miss her flight out of town. At first they argue but then later relive falling in love, her regretting cheating on him and losing the best thing that's ever happened in her life, and his regretting ignoring her and shooting a man. Just as conveniently, when she gets up to leave, she trips and falls on her high heels, making Nathan responsible for playing "chivalry", staying with her while she waits for help and tempting him to do what she wants him to do. Meanwhile, at the hospital Elizabeth and all others realize there's an unidentified killer still walking their hallways. Suspicion surrounds Franco when a patient suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances and nobody understands how or why yet he is seen entering and leaving her room right before she dies. After he and Elizabeth are done with work, they go on with trusting him. Yet she chooses to spend the evening with him and return to his apartment. where all the while she makes it clear she has her doubts and may suspect him as the prime hospital killer suspect.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Phyllis have a talk in his office about her coming home and how glad he is. Phyllis finds out that Jack has leased the Jabot lab to Cane and Billy. Jill tells Billy to get ready for work and that this will be a long day. Chloe tells Kevin that Bella is not his. She insists it is none of his business who the father is. Victor has a talk with Nick and Victoria to take the company on an extended vacation. Nick wants to know what is the hurry to get them out of town. Summer interrupts. Mariah joins Kevin at the police department. Kevin tells her about Bella. Phyllis is surprised that Brash and Sassy will be in the same building as Jabot. Phyllis calls Billy to complain about him being in the same building as her and Jack.

Jill is upset that Brash and Sassy is in the same building as Jack and Phyllis. Victoria worries that this vacation will be permanent. Jack has a talk with Cane and Billy about being in the same building as Jabot. Billy doesn't seem to find anything wrong with the situation. Victoria calls Billy to let him know that she is taking a vacation. Victor and Summer have a talk about her coming back to Newman. At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Mariah meet up with Chloe and Bella. Kevin demands a paternity test and Chloe reluctantly agrees. Jack and Nick have a chat at the Athletic Club about what Victor did to him and Phyllis. Billy and Phyllis get on the elevator together. They argue and then he kisses her.

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