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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy struts on the beach while Wyatt snaps photos; Liam looks on in disgust. Wyatt mentions his name as someone sulking around and then apologizes and says he will not mention him again. Eric returns to his suite to find a table full of flower arrangements. Liam ends up at Eric’s door who knows this cannot be easy for him to be around Wyatt and Steffy. Liam comes up with a slogan for a t-shirt “my life was fuller without Quinn Fuller.” Liam says fixing his life seems impossible right now so that is why the charities. And he is grateful that Eric is not reading him that do not fool with Steffy speech. Eric says there is not a man in this world who has probably not got hung up on the one he shouldn’t. Quinn catches a taxi and is taken to the hotel. Eric calls her and says he did not end their relationship very well. He wants to thank her for pushing him to get the CEO position back. It’s the best thing that has happened to him in a long time. They both say they miss each other. She asks him to go down by the water and look into it and think of her.

Liam goes down to the shore and orders a drink, still paying more attention to Steffy and Wyatt kissing and taking photos. He is not having a good time. Eric walks up and says he has a date with the beautiful Mediterranean. Liam also walks the area while thinking of his times with Steffy. She is covered with a shawl and a big floppy hat but Liam suddenly thinks he has spotted Quinn and takes off after her. He runs up to Wyatt and snatches his phone and accuses him of hearing from Quinn because she is here as they speak. Wyatt asks if Elvis was with her. Steffy tells him she knows he may feel Quinn is haunting him but it is not real. Eric looks up and there is Quinn. She says she is here only if he wants her to be. He kisses her so I take it that is a yes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady was convinced that Victor was involved in Tateís kidnapping. John didnít believe that Victor was involved. Deimos walked in on Victor, Maggie, Justin, Adrienne, and Sonny while they were talking. Deimos let everyone know that Dr. Hoffman would do the surgery. Victor believed that Deimos was up to something. Maggie wanted to get the surgery. After Victor and Maggie talked, Victor agreed to let the doctor do the surgery. Sonny told Deimos off for what he took from Victor. Paul told Brady that someone could be trying to set up Victor. John found a clue about who could be responsible for what happened to Tate. He realized that Deimos had the house that John saw online. John and Brady realized that Deimos could be involved. Theresa barged in the office and said she knew Summer took Tate.

Deimos offered to give Victor some of his stuff back. Victor still wasnít convinced he should believe him. Justin tried to convince Victor that Deimosí offer sounded legit. Theresa told Brady that she dreamed about Tate. Theresa wanted to track down Summer, but Brady thought that would waste time. Deimos saw Justin, Adrienne, and Sonny at TBD and wanted them to talk Victor into accepting his deal. Sonny let his parents know that he didnít trust Deimos. Maggie wanted Victor to accept Deimosí offer. Theresa found Summer and confronted her about Tate. Theresa told Summer that she knew that she was the one who took Tate. Theresa didnít give Summer a chance to say anything before she attacked her. Adrienne told Sonny that she and Lucas were engaged. Summer explained again that she wasnít the one who took Tate. She started to leave the hotel room, but Theresa stopped her from leaving. Justin went to the police station and a cop told him that Roman caught a break on the missing evidence. Paul arrived at TBD and ran into Sonny. John and Brady confronted Deimos about the Chopin group. Summer continued to deny taking Tate, but Theresa didnít believe her. Summer called Theresa out for the way she got pregnant in order to keep Brady. Theresa got upset with Summer. Summer threatened to kill Theresa. She ended up pushing Theresa and she hit her head on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The hostages on Cassadine Island (Ava, Dante, Lulu, Laura, Kevin, Sam, Jason) are stuck on a beach wondering how or if they can get off the island. There's urgency to get medical care for Kevin after he's been shot and Daphne is able to convince them to wait for her until she returns with antibiotics. Jason finds a private jet which he remembers how to fly. However, once they are in the air, he notices they are out of fuel while they are flying over the Mediterranean. He wonders how or if he's going to crash-land and they are all afraid they will die. Everyone straps themselves in as Jason counts down to zero. Back in Port Charles, after Julian's hearing, Sonny informs Alexis he found out for the first time, from Kristina, that their daughter had an affair with a woman who was her professor and asks his daughter's mom why they both kept the secret from him. At first, they argue but decide to go and talk to Kristina together realizing that there's reason for concern over the fact that Parker may be stringing Kristina along, their daughter's heart could be broken and she needs them both. They go to find her and console her after she "suddenly" informs them that Parker broke it off with her when she least expected it. She goes back to talk to Aaron, and for the first time informs him that she had an affair with a woman. He is not certain how to process that and wonders if she was just using him as an experiment. He angrily storms off asking for time. Sonny and Alexis talk privately and she admits she went and convinced Parker to end it with Kristina and so she is responsible for this. Sonny assures her he is ok with that, would have done the same thing and her secret is safe with him and will not be revealed to their daughter. Maxie has taken drastic action to get Claudette fired and out of town. Nina finds out she did that and although she realizes it could get both of them as well as Crimson in serious trouble, she reveals to Maxie how women need to protect themselves from women who "distract" their men. At that point, Maxie realizes she has to trust Nathan and realizes Claudette is not a threat to them. She leaves him a message informing him that although he does not get it in time. Meanwhile, Claudette goes to see him, convinces him she's over him, he need no longer distrust her. She announces that she's leaving town to take a job in Manhattan but needs a ride to the airport. He offers to take her and misses the call from Maxie where she says that Claudette can't change how they feel about each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Paul told Ashley that the FDA dropped their investigation on her due to Simon's confession. Abby and Ben had a fight because Ben donated the gifts from the baby shower to the pediatric ward without asking her first. Abby retrieved the gifts, but she had a breakdown when she opened them. After some comfort and advice from Ashley, Abby had a heart to heart with Ben, and they made up. Ben assured Abby that he wanted to try to have another baby after Max recovered. Adam wanted Michael to tell Chelsea not to visit Walworth anymore. Michael knew from experience that it was a bad idea for Adam to push his wife away, so he refused to deliver the message. Michael told Adam not to give up on being cleared, but Adam didn't think he had a chance since the investigation was closed. Michael promised to work on that. Mariah, Dylan and Sharon had a family breakfast. Natalie and Kevin brought Dylan a DVD of surveillance footage from the bus station – it showed a woman who could have be the same woman who'd been visiting Victor. Dylan took the DVD to Paul, who called it flimsy evidence. Paul said Adam's case was closed, and he ordered Dylan to drop it. Dylan vowed to defy Paul and keep working to clear Adam's name. Paul threatened to write Dylan up for insubordination. Natalie made a point to tell Mariah about Kevin and Natalie's romantic evening. Mariah confided in Sharon that Natalie was jealous of Kevin and Mariah's friendship. Sharon realized Natalie was trying to keep Kevin and Mariah apart. Mariah said she missed Kevin and thought he could do better than Natalie.

Chelsea let Chloe know that she'd forgiven her for trying to kill Adam, and that she still wanted to be friends. Chelsea noticed that Chloe had a toddler item, so Chloe told her about Bella. Kevin and Natalie saw Chloe, and Kevin asked Natalie to give him and Chloe a moment to catch up. Natalie went to Sharon's and asked Mariah who Chloe was. Natalie was concerned that Kevin might still love Chloe. Kevin wanted Chloe to explain why she'd abruptly ran off after they made love and filed for divorce. Chloe didn't want to discuss it. Kevin sensed that Chloe was hiding something. Chloe rushed off after accusing Kevin of pushing too hard. Kevin tricked Esther into telling him where Chloe lived, then he showed up at her motel room. Chloe grudgingly let Kevin in, and he met Bella. Kevin wondered if Bella was his, and Chloe said no. Michael sent Chelsea to visit Adam. Adam tried to convince Chelsea not to visit anymore, but Chelsea wouldn't agree to that. Adam admitted he was glad that she didn't let him push her away. They kissed. Dylan went to Walworth. He told Chelsea and Adam about the DVD and he assured them that he was still working to clear Adam. Michael asked Paul to keep looking into Adam's case, but Paul said they didn't have the resources to investigate closed cases.

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