Wednesday 7/27/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/27/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The press and public are abuzz with Steffy walking the red carpet and signing photos. With Quinn caught in the middle, the couple begin to sing until Quinn tells them they are singing out loud so all can hear. Perhaps she can trade seats with one so they can be together. The lady insists on sitting by the window so no deal. Then she has a panic attack and the guy has to bend over and hold her hand. The attendant tells Quinn it will cost $10 cash for a blanket and all Quinn has is credit cards, so the couple share theirs with her, again squished in like a sardine. Then she has to remind them this is not a gourmet restaurant and they will have to accept what the airline offers. At the Summit Eric announces that retirement is not for everyone and he is returning as CEO of Forrester. He has many more years of creativity in him. When asked about his new lady he says a gentleman never tells.

Quinn tells the couple that she has a special man in her life and that is why she is going to Monte Carlo to convince him they should not break up. The lady does not finish her meal so the gentleman reaches over Quinn and drips food while attempting to eat. Then the lady wants to finish her movie while he lays back to nap……and soon is snoring. The lady cries when Quinn destroys the ending. When they depart they do not exchange numbers but the lady wishes Quinn well with her fella. Wyatt pours on the charm and announces to the crowd that Steffy is going o be front and center for years to come. Wyatt and Steffy lay out in the sun and he says they have a few more hours so they need to take advantage of this alone time. After a few kisses she says that calls for a little champagne. Right on schedule when Wyatt leaves Liam walks up. He starts right away on Quinn but Steffy says she is not here so no need to worry. Wyatt returns and tells Liam to stop this. Quinn is thousands of miles away and protecting Steffy is his job.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Fynn wanted to examine Kayla because he noticed that her eyes were dilated and he figured that she was still having headaches. Kayla didnít seem comfortable with Fynn examining her. After he checked her out, they talked about Joey. Kayla wanted Joey to get help for what heís been through. Kayla was also worried that Jade was bad for Joey. Joey and Jade were at Kaylaís house together. Eduardo and Steve talked about the women in their lives. Jade talked to Joey about the way Kayla felt about her. Joey believed his mother would like Jade once she got to know her. Kayla confided in Fynn about her feelings for Jade. Fynn tried to reason with her about Jade. Steve didnít know if he could stop living such a dangerous life.

Eduardo explained to Steve that buying the club would help him get Adriana. Steve realized that he had to do something to prove himself to Kayla. Kayla talked to Fynn about her relationship with Steve. Eduardo looked at the note that he received from the stranger. Fynn expressed his feelings for Kayla and then he kissed her. Steve ended up seeing them kiss each other. Adriana visited Eduardo at TBD. Adriana saw Eduardoís note while he was tending to his customers. Steve was upset by the kiss and wanted to talk to Kayla later. Steve walked away and Kayla went after him leaving Fynn by himself. Adriana got scared by the note and didnít tell him what she wanted to say. Kayla apologized for what Steve saw. Steve promised Kayla that he would make changes in his life. Steve planned on being a bartender at TBD. Kayla wasnít ready to let Steve back in her life yet.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The hostages stuck in the house on Cassadine Island find a private beach and attempt to help Kevin after he's been shot. Laura and Dante are able to successfully remove the bullet yet they are all mindful of the fact that they have nowhere to go, not access to medical care and Valentin might find them especially if they do not stay moving. Right then, suddenly, a young woman who appears to be an innocent bystander comes by. Ava warns the others not to trust her although they others listen when she informs them she can find medical care for Kevin. Yet she reveals an address that Lulu is familiar with and which she knows that Helena wanted her to go to. Back in Port Charles, Maxie is determined to find a way to officially get Claudette fired from Crimson, shipped out of Port Charles and out of everyone's lives for good. She finds a device that Spinelli sent her to make it appear as though Claudette has ruined all of her computerized graphic designs and so Nina will have grounds to fire her. Yet Claudette is able to prove, with the help of a computer technician what has happened and the fact that Maxie has hacked her computer and set her up. Julian's arraignment trial is underway. It looks like there's no prayer for him to be acquitted or even make bail. Alexis attends with Diane by her side. Scott Baldwin represents Julian. Sonny attends and lets everyone know he would not miss this. The judge denies Julian's bail, declares him a flight risk and when Scott protests his client's defense and asks the court consider having Alexis take Julian home with her, she refuses. Julian expresses to his lawyer that he has not given up on Alexis yet Scott can clearly see it's a lost cause to attempt to salvage his marriage as well as to beat these charges.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane puts his wedding rings back on as he and Lily officially reconcile and he decides to move back home.  Lauren is upset with Cane, because he didn't tell her that he was leaving his job at Fenmore's to work for Brash and Sassy.  Lauren tells Cane that their friendship will be fine, and she understands his choice which is a good career move for him.  She is not so forgiving of Jill, though, for taking Cane from Fenmore's and they argue because Lauren thinks that pitting Billy and Cane against each other in the company isn't a good idea.  Dr. Neville says goodbye to Devon and Hilary, because he has decided to leave town.  Hilary tells him she thinks that he really was trying to help her.  Dr. Neville says a heartfelt goodbye to Ashley and tells her she is the only friend he has ever had; she gives him a kiss goodbye.  Hilary and Devon begin the search for other medical projects they can fund, since they had to close down Neville's research project.  Jill confronts Phyllis and tells her to end her relationship with Billy or she will tell everyone she can find it.  Phyllis ends her affair with Billy and tells Jack she is moving back home.  Chloe tells Chelsea, Billy, and Esther she is moving back home and introduces Esther to her little granddaughter Bella.

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