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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Things get testy on the jet but Eric says Liam saving the world and good profits are not mutually opposite. Deacon tells Quinn that disaster is written all over this trip to Monte Carlo and he asks her not to go. She quips that the others will never know she is there so she is going and that is final. Caroline comes downstairs and Ridge tells her she looks beautiful. He has a feast for them to munch on starting with champagne. She says it has been a while since they have had any alone time. Ridge agrees and says it was necessary for Thomas to have time with Douglas too. He does not tell her often enough that he loves her but does not want her to doubt it. She says she does not even remember who she was before she met Ridge. He says he was lost too and she changed his life. They kiss. She senses when he pulls back and has to drag it out of him but he finally says he has been talking to Brooke. They have made a lot of mistakes and he needs to be there for his kids. That includes Douglas.

Liam is disgusted that Wyatt has his I-phone shooting in Steffy’s face 24/7 and he does not think that is necessary. Wyatt tells Liam not to forget why they are going to Monte Carlo in first place. He can save the planet later. Liam tells Eric that he should have brought his lady but Eric says he doesn’t expect much to happen with that. Deacon tells Quinn there is no first class, just cabin was leaving tonight and it is sort of unreliable. She says it is all right as long as she gets there. Deacon says he has a feeling this is going to backfire big time. Wyatt tells Stefffy perhaps after the Summit they can have a mini honeymoon but either way he is fine as he married the sexiest woman on the planet. Eric gets Liam to open up and he tells her about Quinn, the reason that he lost Steffy and it has changed his life. Eric asks if he minds Liam telling him about the time he spent in the cabin with Quinn. Liam tells him and says Quinn fell in love with him and now wants a good man but she is a human wrecking ball and he would advise anyone to steer clear of her. Deacon tells Quinn that one slip in Monte Carlo and she could lose Wyatt forever. He does not want her to go. Eric tells Liam that he admires him; he always had and it would not have bothered him if Steffy ended up with him. Steffy overhears them talking and Liam says her vows were told under false pretenses so how can he respect them. He does not care if pursing her is the wrong thing. He is not going to give up. Eric goes back to his seat and texts Quinn and says it was a joy to him to be with her but it must come to an end. Quinn tells Deacon that he is right. She is not ready for Wyatt to leave her life and risk the best thing she has had all her life. She knows Deacon is a good friend. She reads Eric’s text and shouts no. This cannot happen. She did not do anything wrong. It can’t end like this. She tells Deacon to book that flight; she is going to Monte Carlo.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adriana expressed her anger at Hope for the way she treated Rafe. Rafe wanted Adriana to ease up on her. When Adriana left the room, Eduardo offered to help Rafe go after Aiden. Rafe didnít want him to help out. Hope and Ciara talked about Rafe and what happened with Aiden. Aiden visited Chase at the mental institute. Hope wished Ciara didnít have to work with Chase. Chase assumed that Hope dumped him. Chase expressed how he felt about being at the mental institution. Chase told Aiden how Ciara is the only one who treats him differently from everyone else. Eduardo let Gabi know that Rafe didnít want his help. Rafe told Adriana how Aiden bought the house he was trapped in before. She wanted Rafe to walk away from Hope and Aiden. Rafe put his foot in his mouth and said that he didnít want Blanca. Blanca overheard what Rafe said.

Eduardo took Adriana out of the house so Rafe could talk to Blanca. Rafe tried to be nice to Blanca after what he said. Chase wanted to know what happened between their parents. Aiden had a fantasy about his evil side. Aidenís subconscious put him down. The other Aiden let him know that he would never get Hope back again. Eduardo tried to reason with Adriana about giving Hope a break. Ciara reminded Chase that he raped her. She let Chase know that he wonít get back what he did. Aidenís subconscious warned him that he could go to jail if Andreís plan worked. Blanca talked to Gabi about moving out of the house. Gabi wondered if Blanca wanted to move because of Rafe. Eduardo wanted Adriana to stop badmouthing Hope. Ciara told Chase that Hope hated Aiden because he lied to her. Chase didnít believe Ciara. Ciara told Chase everything that Aiden did to Hope. Rafe visited Hope at the hospital. Eduardo continued to convince Adriana that Rafe deserved to be happy. Adriana left the table and Eduardo had a note about being a murderer.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While the hostages are trapped inside the house in Greece, at the hands of Valentine Cassadine and his men, Laura is distraught after it appears he's shot and killed her son and has just shot Kevin. Dante urges him to let the others go and hold only him hostage. Ava also urges Valentin to give this up and let them go because he will pay the price. However, he realizes he cannot trust any of them and asks which of them would like to die first. Meanwhile, Lulu goes off into the basement and the catacombs of the house and comes across a decomposed skeleton. When she notices a familiar ring and bracelet, she's certain it's her estranged father Luke whom nobody has seen or heard from in a long time. She realizes her father expects her to think and act like a Spencer. Shortly thereafter, she sees and hears a man come down the stairs. She catches him off guard, knocks him out and takes his gun. Right when it appears that Valentin is going to kill everyone, she returns to her family and friends, points the gun on Valentin and demands he drops his gun and lets the hostages go. Back in Port Charles, Hayden continues to attempt to find out what Finn's big secret is regarding the drug he needs to save his life, protesting that she wants to help him with what he needs. Yet he continues to evade and avoid her. When her mom is in her hospital bed after having a panic attack, Naomi makes it clear she's taking an interest in Elizabeth and knows her family. She hears Franco ask Elizabeth out and Elizabeth accepting his invitation and she privately expresses her "concerns" to Elizabeth who assures her Franco has reformed himself and is no longer a threat to society nor a psychopath. Yet Naomi informs her that if Franco is Heather Weber's son, that would make him a family member to Elizabeth yet Elizabeth tells Naomi neither Heather nor her son are biologically related to her and so that would not be the case. Franco goes to visit his incarcerated mother and asks her what she thinks and feels about his seeing Elizabeth, to which Heather assures her son she's ok with it although she wonders why he'd care if he has her approval with a new prospective relationship. Later, Naomi finds a way to sign herself out of the hospital and leaves immediately although she does not reveal to anyone the reason why. As soon as she is free, she goes to pay Heather Weber a visit. She reveals that she is paying Heather off financially to "do something" for her. Yet she informs Heather that she better prevent Franco from dating Elizabeth or else there will be consequences for Heather that she does not want. When Kristina has spent the night with Parker in her hotel room, Sonny observes them kissing although they do not see him. After Parker goes off and it appears she does want to have a future with Kristina, Sonny goes to talk to his daughter and asks her why she did not reveal to him that she is having romantic involvement with a woman. She admits that the professor in question with whom she had this entanglement that got her suspended was the woman he saw her with. Sonny wants to know why his daughter is keeping secrets from him and wants to discuss it although she does not. At that point, Kristina asks her dad if he would accept it if his daughter were gay.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis pleads with the judge hearing Victor's appeal to keep him in prison, because she has gone though a living nightmare and her life is in shambles because of what he did to her. Jack asks the judge to make his decision final, because Phyllis can't go through anymore pain. Jack tells Victor that he will never forgive him for what he did but he refuses to wallow in the pain that he caused him and is determined to get on with his life. Jack tells Phyllis how much he loves her and begs her not to push him away and to try to move past what Victor did to them. Phyllis tells Jack he will never understand and runs to Billy for comfort.  Jill makes Billy and Cane partners running Brash and Sassy and promises Billy that if he can get the company's profits up and get his life straightened out, she will give the company back to him. Adam tells Chelsea he never wants Connor to visit him in jail and once the news breaks that Victor has gotten out on time served and two years community service, Adam seems resigned to being in jail and ends his visit with Chelsea. Victor promises Judge Gates that he will never see Meredith again and that he truly has learned his lesson and he is a changed man. Victor and Nikki go home to the ranch. While Nikki goes to check on lunch, Victor has a drink and is surprised to see Chloe. Chloe is thrilled that Victor's plan to punish Adam worked and Victor wants Chloe to give him the missing pages of Sage's journal.

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