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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke keeps telling Bill that he has kidnapped Will and he needs to return him right now. Bill argues that he cannot trust Katie with Will. He tells Katie that he is looking forward to going to court and telling his side. Brooke says it is not going to court. This ends today. Bill tells them that he admires their resolve but they have to see it from his standpoint….he is shielding his son from a mother that is unable to take care of Will. She is drinking and cannot take care of herself much less her son. He thinks she should be thanking him for protecting their son. Quinn tells Wyatt that it sounds like he and Steffy are now going to take an actual honeymoon. Wyatt says no, Liam will be there so it will be a different mood. Quinn says with Eric there it sounds like a very good trip….and Monte Carlo so romantic. He begs her not to do anything crazy while he is gone. Wyatt returns to Forrester and apologizes to Eric for his mother sneaking in and he wants to assure him that will never happen again. Eric calls Quinn to say he is sorry but he won’t see her for a few days. He is going to the Spencer Summit along with Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn tells Deacon that oh yeah she is going on a trip.

Liam joins Eric on the jet and starts saying this will be awkward with the honeymooners on board…..and all because of Quinn who pushed them together after keeping him hidden away in the cabin. But he hopes it will work out that Steffy will be back in his arms again soon where she belongs. Katie defends herself but Bill says that is today. She is not drinking today but what about tomorrow and all the days after that. She argues that Bill tried to call her delusional and that is why she drank. Brooke adds that it was a lie and a denial that caused all of this. Bill says Will knows his mother is fine. He told him that Katie was on vacation. Brooke says he can hate Katie in private but come together for Will’s sake and be a family again. He needs that. They do not want to call the police but they will if they have to. They are sure Bill will be the one arrested. So he needs to give Will back to Katie or he will suffer the rest of his life. Bill stands in front of Katie and says he wants what is best for her and Will. She must continue to see her therapist and he will be watching her like a hawk….no drinking and one moment of weakness she will be right back here having this same argument. She cries that will not happen. Bill picks up the phone and tells someone to bring Will there. Allison brings him in and there is a joyful reunion of mother and son. On the jet Eric pours bubbly for everyone. Meanwhile Deacon is trying to pound some sense into Quinn’s head. She says Eric is going to be all alone in that hotel room and he needs someone to keep him warm at night so that should be her. “Monte Carlo here I come.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John, Paul, Steve, and Brady were working on finding a lead on Tate when Victor arrived at the office. Victor wondered if they had any leads. Victor wanted to use his resources and connections to find Tate. Theresa got Marlena to hypnotize her so she could remember what happened when Tate was kidnapped. Deimos told Nicole that he was through with Kate. Theresa saw someone in the park when Tate was kidnapped. She described the personís clothes, but not the personís face. Nicole didnít care about it. Theresa blocked out who she saw. Theresa wanted to get hypnotized again, but Marlena wanted to wait for a while. Theresa wasnít sure that she and Brady could survive if they didnít find Tate. Victor offered money to find Tate. After Victor left, Brady asked everyone not to tell Victor anything. Steve thought someone else was behind the kidnapping.

Nicole didnít believe that Deimos cared about her or anyone. Andre met Kate at the pub. Steve called someone that agreed to talk to Brady for a price. Theresa showed up at Johnís office to tell about her session with Marlena, but Brady wasnít interested. Andre wondered if Kate wanted to get revenge on Deimos. She claimed she might have changed her mind. Andre thought they both wanted the same thing. Deimos went to Victorís place to see him. The person called Brady, but Theresa talked in the background and the caller hung up. Paul got the person back on the phone, but Theresa started talking again until he told her to stop talking. Kate claimed she didnít want to get revenge. Andre wanted to help her and he wanted help too. Kate didnít have money for him. Andre wanted a companion. Deimos told Victor that he wanted to make peace with him. The caller wouldnít answer his phone again.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny urges Finn to carry out his plan of curing Julian. At the hospital, Finn along with Griffin, determine that Julian has a clean bill of health and is ready to attend his arraignment hearing for murder. While at the house in Greece, all of the hostages wonder what to do next. Ava informs the others that Valentin has shot and killed Nikolas. Laura is hysterical and the others are in shock to find out. Valentin reminds them all what happens when one fails to cooperate with him and he shoots Kevin. Morgan and Kiki have spent the night together and he's confident that they are back together with nothing to come between them again. He goes to inform his dad about that yet Sonny can detect that his son may be misguided. Kiki goes to work and is surprised to see Dillon alone at the table waiting for his mom. Dillon observes a table of rowdy, intoxicated young male customers giving Kiki a hard time and possibly engaged in underage drinking. He goes to intervene and gets them all dismissed and out of the restaurant. Kiki is genuinely happy and comfortable to be talking to him again and have Dillon "save the day". Tracy attentively observes her son's interaction with Kiki and makes it clear to him that she knows, regardless of what he says, that he wants a lot more than friendship with Kiki. Aaron is similarly misled about Kristina's commitment to him (as Morgan is with Kiki) while talking to Sonny. Unknown to them both, Kristina has spent the night alone with Parker in her hotel room. She does not want to discuss with her former professor just what happened. Parker reminds her that they have to make some decisions and she needs to make Kristina aware of the reality that she has to return to her own life, while going through a divorce and Kristina has to stop hiding this secret from her boyfriend and her dad. When they argue and Kristina runs out the door, Parker urges her not to go. They kiss with the door wide open. Unknown to them, Sonny is able to see the entire thing right in front of his eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Walworth, Victor gets ready for his hearing to get out of jail. Adam reminds him that he will have the support of all his family and he will be left in here. Victor reminds him that once he gets out of here then he will help to get him out. In bed, Abby and Ben have a talk about their feelings about the loss of their child. Abby asks him about having another child. Ben tells her that they will talk about this later. Nikki, Nick and Victoria are at the Athletic Club dining room talking to  Phyllis about the hearing. Phyllis is dead set against testifying on Victor's behalf after all the things he had done to her and Jack in the past. Jack walks in and overhears their conversation. Phyllis feels that Jack will be against her concerning this matter but Jack surprises her by telling her that he is behind her. Dylan tells Chelsea that he will continue to search for the woman who had set up Adam but Chelsea doesn't really believe him. Sharon defends Dylan by telling Chelsea that Dylan had given up time with his family to search for the woman. Chelsea warns Dylan to tell Victor to watch his back. Abby and Ben join Dylan and Sharon. Sharon asks Abby to help her with some things for Chelsea. At a table outside, Sharon asks Abby how things have been going between her and Ben. Abby tells Sharon that she wants to have another baby but Ben doesn't want to even talk about it. Chelsea arrives at the courthouse and meets up with Nikki, Nick and Victoria. They promise to help her while Adam is in prison. Victor arrives with the guard.

Abby asks Ben to attend the hearing with her but he refuses. Dylan asks Ben about him and Abby. Ben tells him that Abby wants to have another child but he thinks that it is too soon. Victor tells Chelsea that he will help to get Adam out of jail. Abby arrives at the courthouse to help defend Victor. Dylan tells Ben not to completely close the book on having another baby. Dylan tells Ben how much he loves Sully and Sharon. All the Newmans testify on Victor's behalf. Jack begs Phyllis not to go to the courthouse but they go any way. Phyllis tells the judge that she has something to say. Ben looks at the baby things that they had received for the baby.

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