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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy poses for some shootings for the Spencer Summit while Wyatt takes his own photos of her. They are getting more followers each week and he wants to capture that. Brooke goes to see Bill and says they need to talk. He took Will away from Katie and that is not fair. He needs to be with his mother. Bill says he did not take Will away from her. She was taking him away from Bill. Allison calls and says Katie is in the building. Bill tells her she can call up but do not let her on the elevator to come up. They can handle business on the phone the way they have been. He does not want her causing a scene. Brooke tells him this is wrong and she will not allow it. Quinn tells Deacon that she got into the office just fine but Steffy recognized her. She is married to Wyatt and Quinn will always be a part of their lives so she has to realize that Quinn has changed. Wyatt tells Steffy they are going to be so busy in Monte Carlo they will not have time to think about Quinn. He even suggests that Eric going along as the icon would be good and Steffy says that is brilliant and she will ask him. He is CEO now and perhaps should let that be known again. She hopes Quinn won’t do something crazy while they are gone. Wyatt says he will go talk to her. Ridge tells Eric that Brooke helped him with a few thoughts he was having. Deacon tells Quinn that he is an optimist not a pessimistic and she better let this Eric thing go.

Eric asks Ridge if Brooke has someone to lean on now other than her kids. He says they are closer and he will try to remain that way. Katie bursts in anyway in the middle of Bill telling Brooke that Katie is irresponsible and he cannot have that in Will’s life. Katie demands to know where Will is as she wants to see him. Wyatt goes to see Quinn and chides her for not staying away from the Forresters. She dressed up like a Russian guy and snuck in. She says it was a harmless prank and Steffy may hate her but not everyone does. Eric is a kind and generous man and all she wanted was her job back. Steffy discusses it with Eric and Ridge and says she cannot wait to get away from Quinn. That is the reason she came here. She cannot discuss all the details of why Bill cannot go but she would like Eric to attend as well. He feels honored to be asked to speak and Ridge says he will hold down the office. Katie wants to know where Bill is hiding Will. She has called every nanny and babysitter they have ever had and even a PI. He tells her to calm down and get herself together. She says she is not irrational. He just wanted her to think she was. Brooke tells her that she and Bill are not involved so they need to work this out. She says she even told Bill that he needed to give Will back. Wyatt tells Quinn that this is hard for him and he is not looking forward to leaving town but it must be done and it looks like Eric is going to. Quinn is ecstatic they all have this opportunity. Katie tells Bill that keeping Will away from her is unforgivable. Brooke tells her that she is not going to sit home and wallow in her grief. She is doing everything she can to get Bill to give Will back. She begs one more time for Bill to give back Will and do not do something they both will regret the rest of their lives. Bill says he cannot trust Katie. Brooke says he must and he needs to pick up that phone and call whoever and reunite Katie and Will today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady confronted Victor about kidnapping Tate. Summer told Theresa that they should question Victor about what happened to Tate. Theresa told Summer that Roman wanted to talk to her about Tate. Rafe and Hope ended up being in the tunnel at the DiMera mansion. Rafe found Chad and he helped get Hope out of the tunnel. Brady demanded to know where his son was, but Victor denied having Tate kidnapped. Chad brought Hope upstairs. Jennifer arrived at the mansion and saw Hope. She wanted to call Kayla. Aiden was in Kaylaís office and overheard her call from Jennifer. Kayla didnít want to tell him anything about Hope. Hope regained consciousness and asked about Rafe. JJ and the paramedics arrived and they left. Theresa didnít want to believe Summerís story about why she didnít take Tate. Roman questioned Summer about the blackmailer. Victor told Brady that he didnít kidnap Tate, but he didnít believe him. Victor left the house. Hope and Rafe arrived at the hospital. Aiden was in Hopeís room. Kayla kicked him out. Kayla prepared Hope for surgery.

Brady talked to Maggie about Victor taking Tate. Maggie defended Victor, but Brady believed he could have kidnapped Tate. Brady told Maggie that Summer told him about Victor being the one who did it. Rafe called Roman to tell him about Hope while he questioned Summer. Rafe was worried about Hope. Kayla told Jennifer and Rafe that Hope would be okay. Aiden overheard Kaylaís conversation with Rafe and Jennifer. Jennifer thanked Rafe for saving Hopeís life. Brady told Maggie that Victor withdrew $100,000 just before Tate was kidnapped. Maggie and Brady ended up apologizing for each other because they realize that they are dealing with a lot and didnít need to argue about Victor. Victor and Summer saw each other at the station and they argued about who was involved in what happened to Tate. Victor warned Summer to bring Tate back soon. Rafe went to Hopeís room and they talked for a while. Shawn saw Aiden at the hospital and told him he was going to jail for the explosion. Aiden denied being involved with it. Rafe walked in and heard them talking. Rafe warned Aiden to stay away from Hope. He had a message for Aiden to give to Andre. Rafe was going to come after Andre too. Aiden walked off and went to Hopeís room. Hope wanted him to stay away from her. Aiden told her he had nothing to do with the explosion. Hope wanted him to leave town and not to come back or he would regret it.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hayden's mom, Naomi, goes to The Metro Court, after Lucy Coe reveals to Scott Baldwin that she has lost a lot of money because of Raymond Berlin. They instantly notice Raymond's ex-wife and confront her. Yet Naomi firmly tells them she has nothing to do with her ex-husband's dealings, is not responsible for his actions and has no money to give them nor should she have to. Franco goes to talk to them after he's attempted to get Elizabeth to accept a check from him to pay for Jake's summer art camp, or get her to go out to dinner with him. While Naomi hears them speak about Heather Weber, Franco's mother, as well as his father Scott and about Lucy, she passes out. She gets rushed to the hospital where Elizabeth treats her and appears to be the "hero" where her own daughter, Hayden appears to "fail" to help her mom. Naomi reveals that Hayden has a father she "knows" and another father whom she "does not know" and it might have something to do with Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Ric Lansing enters the hospital, notices Elizabeth interacting in a friendly manner with Franco and expresses his concerns about that. When she's alone with Ric, after Franco has gone off to the Metro Court, she protests to Ric that she believes Franco is redeeming himself, he's done many good things, he's her friend and she respects him. Whereas she cannot say the same thing for Ric, she tells him. While at The Metro Court with Scott and Lucy, Franco hears his dad urge him not to get mixed up with Elizabeth Webber or her son with Jason Morgan. Yet right when they discuss the matter, Franco gets an unexpected incoming call from Elizabeth informing him she'd like to have dinner alone with him. At that point, he is happy.

Sonny is determined to find a way to get Julian to be released from the hospital in order to have to attend his arraignment hearing. He goes to find Finn and asks if he can "help" with that, in exchange for getting his drugs. Carly meets with a girl named Wendy who sounds convincing to her that she may be Josslyn's kidney donor. She is able to persuade Carly to give her money as she tells her story about the financial and medical hardships she is now suffering after saving Carly's daughter's life and sounds like she will provide all the information Carly needs in order to know what is needed for Josslyn. However, Carly is able to find out that Wendy is scamming her when she asks her blood type and concludes that, given Josslyn's blood type, it would be impossible for Wendy to be Josslyn's donor.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Phyllis told Summer that she and Jack were taking a break. Nick told Luca that Victor would see Summer differently if he found out she was seriously involved with Luca. Nick felt that if Luca really loved Summer, he should leave town rather than destroy her bond with Victor. Luca told Summer what Nick said, then he announced his plans to move back to Madrid. To Nick's dismay, Summer told Nick she'd give up her position at Newman to be with Luca. Summer told Luca her decision, and she convinced him to move back in with her. Dr. Shelby, Devon and Hilary rebuffed Simon's attempts to check on Hilary. Ashley unsuccessfully tried to convince Hilary to give Simon another chance. Hilary had recovered enough to be released. Hilary admitted she didn't want to fight with Devon anymore. He asked to take her home with him, and she accepted. Simon told Ashley he'd gone to the FDA and said he was the one who altered the test results. Ashley was grateful that he did that for her.

Billy and Victoria learned that Cane was the one who bought Brash and Sassy out from under Billy. Billy punched Cane, and Cane punched him back. Cane blamed Billy for taking out too many loans. Cane admitted Jill directed him to buy Billy's company. Victoria blamed Billy for letting Brash and Sassy slip away. Billy left an angry voice message for Jill. Jack suspected that Phyllis was having an affair when he found out that she didn't take the Abbott jet to Montreal. Ashley told Jack that Phyllis wouldn't do that. Jack told Phyllis what the pilot said, and he believed her when she lied and said she'd flown commercial to save money. Phyllis said her relationship with Jack lacked trust, but Jack swore he trusted her. Jack asked Phyllis why she moved out, but she clammed up. Jack found out Billy lost his company, so he asked him to come work at Jabot, with Phyllis. Billy refused because he wanted to focus on getting Brash and Sassy back. Jack told Billy he'd once thought that Phyllis had hidden out with a man instead of going on a business trip. Billy told Jack that he shouldn't worry, since Phyllis loved him. Phyllis was conflicted over whether she wanted Jack or Billy. Nick and Victoria confided in each other about their stressful day. Cane told Lily about acquiring Brash and Sassy, and he told her he was going to be running the division at Chancellor. Lily was thrilled for Cane and they celebrated over drinks.

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