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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/20/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole tells Zende that it might sound corny but when she is with him she does not lack anything. He says they have Eric and Ridge to thank as they cleared the entire house for them to have. He says she is the most incredible woman that he almost lost when he didn’t at first understand why she was having Maya’s child. She says the good part is that he did not lose her; all is okay now. Zende holds out his hand and takes Nicole in his arms to dance then waltzes her upstairs. He kisses Nicole and says he loves her. They kiss more and he starts to undress and then takes off Nicole’s gown and lays her on the bed.

Thomas cuddles and walks with Douglas and coos to him that his grandfather married his mom and now he is the dad and everyone lives happily ever after. Caroline comments that it will work out well now that he is living in the loft that was hers and Ridge’s. Thomas can now have some quality time alone with Douglas. They vow they will not spoil him. Veronica stops by to see if Thomas is ready to go grab some dinner. Caroline is clearly surprised but tries to be okay with it and tells Thomas to go on.

Brooke tells Ridge that she is proud of him for handling all of this with Douglas the way he has. Now she has to do the same with Katie and get that family back together. He says there it is, that grit and determination that she has always had and he likes. Brooke tells Ridge that it will be an uphill battle but she has to convince Katie and Bill will have to cooperate so leave him to her. Ridge tells her that he thinks it is right that Eric is running the company again and he needs to just focus on his family. He says Douglas deserves to grow up without that scandal hanging over him, and so does Caroline and Thomas. The family knows so now it is time the public knows and they can be a family as Thomas and Caroline love each other. He says it is all right, it is his fault. He overheard them talking the other day and she looks at Thomas the way she used to look at him. He says that he and Brooke are head of their families and now they need to act like it. Ridge says Douglas is a Forrester and he will make sure that he is raised that way. Thomas finds it hard to leave Douglas but Caroline reluctantly says it is okay. She has Veronica take a photo of her and Thomas and Douglas before she goes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe dreamed about Hope dying. Andre and Aiden blamed Rafe for what happened to Hope. Eduardo showed up in Rafeís dream to give him advice. Eduardo gave Rafe a gun so he could get revenge for Hopeís death. Rafe didnít want to be a killer. Eduardo tried to talk Rafe into getting revenge by reminding him about what he and Hope did to Stefano. Rafe reminded Eduardo how he abandoned his family. Rafe didnít want to be like Eduardo. He wanted to mourn Hopeís life. Hope wanted to know why Rafe didnít fight harder for her. Hopeís body was missing from the bed and he went to look for her. Rafe had another dream that Hope was back in the bed and he wanted her to come back to him.

Rafe thought about Hope being missing again. Shawn and Ciara appeared and blamed Rafe for Hope being dead. Rafe felt guilty for what happened. Dario appeared to help Rafe. Dario advised Rafe to move on, but Rafe turned on him. Rafe didnít want Darioís advice. Rafe wanted everything to be okay again. Rafe begged Hope to come back to him. Rafe was also trying to break down a door. Rafe thought about times with Hope. Adrianna and Gabi appeared to him and told him not to give up. Doug showed up and blamed Rafe for Hopeís death. Doug told Rafe that he took too long to go after Hope. Rafe wanted the gun after all. Rafe shot Aiden multiple times. Andre was proud of Rafe, but called him a murderer. Rafe shot Andre too. Hope was alive and kissed Rafe. Hope passed out (in Rafeís other fantasy) in Rafeís arms. Rafe told Hope that he would get the door open. She wanted to save him. He left to find a way out. Hope thought about being with Rafe. Rafe opened the door, but Hope zoned out and looked like she died.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan and Kiki are together and she assures him she's only interested in him although he admits his doubts that he may not be the person she wants or needs in her life. However, it's clear she is not ok with Dillon being with Darby. Darby can see that Dillon is not over Kiki even though Dillon assures her he only wants to be with her. Carly can sense that Kiki and Dillon are not over each other and she goes to discuss the matter with both of them. They both assure her that they are over each other, she is committed to Morgan and he's also moved on. Griffin gets ready to release Julian from the hospital for his arraignment, but he ingests something to speed up his heartbeat and appear sick. He's haunted once again by the "ghost" of Carlos who tells him his life is going to be meaningless locked up in prison for the rest of his life with nobody to care for him. He taunts Julian reminding him that Alexis got him to confess to ordering the hit on Duke, for killing Carlos, framing her for it and then trying to kill her. Julian struggles to not listen to Carlos yet Carlos reminds him the only way out of this is for him to kill Alexis. Kristina goes to see Parker and informs her she's moved on and is seeing a guy she likes named Aaron. Parker, however, reveals to Kristina that her marriage is now over and cries while Kristina comforts her. From there, they become intimate together. Michael finds out that Sabrina is ready to move herself and baby Teddy into an apartment and tells her he wishes she had not made this decision without telling him first, as he remembers her disappearing on him, with Carlos, not long ago. She protests that she does not want to be a burden to him and obligate him to be in her life. He assures her that is not what he's doing. At that point, they agree that she will not move and they will resume their relationship. All seems to be well until she hears a knock on the door, opens it and sees Carlos' brother, Dr. Joe Rivera.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby and Ben have a romantic day at home, but he gets distant when she suggests they have another baby. Ben lies to Abby and tells her that he has to go to the hospital, but he goes to the Athletic Club for a drink. Abby tells Ashley she thinks Ben doesn't want to have another baby with her. Ashley thinks Abby should give Ben some time and space or at least wait until things with Max settle down. Luca tells Victoria that he did use Summer but now he realizes he loves her and he will walk away from the company if she will hire Summer again. Luca later tells Summer the same thing he told Victoria and he asks Summer for another chance, but she breaks up with him, because she can't trust him. Luca is determined to win Summer's heart again and refuses to leave town when Nick asks him to go away. Phyllis asks Billy and Jack to give her time and space to think, but Jack fears she will divorce him. Jack looks at the expense reports for the Abbott jet and finds out Phyllis never used it to go to Montreal. Victoria is upset with Billy because he sold Brash and Sassy, but Billy doesn't remember selling the company.

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