Tuesday 7/19/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/19/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke searches through her frij for something to feed Ridge who has dropped by. She confesses she is worried about Katie who is upset with her again. She cannot agree with Bill taking away Will from Katie. Ridge makes a remark that they could say the same about him and Douglas. She says the two situations are no way alike and he is the better of the two. Nicole stops by the Avants and says she cannot have dinner with them as Zende has something special planned. A delivery boy drops off some garments that Zende had sent over. All are wowed at the gown he selected. Sasha is through working but she follows Zende around and makes excuses of asking him questions about his shooting of her lingerie line. When Zende does not want to stay and talk she wishes him well tonight. The Avants comment on Zende’s new haircut and how gorgeous the gown is that he sent over. Nicole enters and she knocks him out; he is almost speechless. She is surprised when he takes her to the Forrester manse where it is set up for a stunning candlelit dinner complete with music in front of the fireplace with waiters on hand. Julius tells Viv that he wants them to be husband and wife again and she says she is really trying to do her best.

Ridge tells Brooke that he is trying to accept and not be nervous about Thomas taking Douglas for a weekend. His dad did not throw him out of the house when he found out about Douglas but he did fire him. Brooke is sorry to hear that but glad Ridge is going to continue designing which is what he really wants to do. Caroline brings Douglas to the office so Thomas can see more of him. Thomas can’t get enough of him or even Caroline holding him. He hopes Douglas is comfortable with him holding him too. He catches her at moments looking at him. Viv tells Julius that she doesn’t ever remember being as young as Nicole and Zende and they surely weren’t that pretty. He says he remembers how lucky he felt to have her all to himself. Nicole and Zende dance when dinner is over and he wants to show her something from the patio. The sunset is all theirs tonight. He says back home he had a bio family who had a house, an old car and two cows but they went away so fast. Things are just yours for a little while, do not take it for granted. He wants to share his love with her. She says she appreciates the slow way he has made sure this is what he wants. She says she loves him and nobody can be as happy as she is tonight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor expressed his feelings about Theresa and Summer to Maggie. Maggie got upset with Victor for what he said. Shawn demanded answers from Aiden, but he didnít know anything. Rafe took care of Hope because she was hurt in the explosion. Brady and Theresa confronted Summer about taking Tate. Summer denied taking Tate, but they didnít believe her. John and Paul were investigating the kidnapping. Summer admitted that someone blackmailed her to take Tate. Summer didnít know who wanted her to take Tate. Summer was about to leave the room, but Brady stopped her. Shawn asked Eduardo and Dario if they saw Rafe. They didnít see him. Shawn told them what happened to Rafe and Hope. Victor was determined to keep Theresa away from Tate when he was found. Maggie was upset with him again. Victor decided to go to Johnís office. He tried to kiss Maggie, but she turned away from him. Summer couldnít tell Brady and Theresa anything. Theresa snatched her bag and they looked through it. Brady and Theresa demanded that she tell her connection with Clark. Summer admitted that she killed Clark.

Eduardo and Shawn talked about the DiMeras having tunnels in their houses. Maggie confided in Julie about Summer and Victor. John and Victor talked about how long Tate was missing. Summer explained what happened with Clark and why she had to leave town. Brady wanted the blackmailerís number and he promised to let her go. Brady called the blackmailer and left a message. Summer wanted to leave, but Brady wouldnít let her leave before they heard from the blackmailer. Maggie talked to Julie about how Victor is changing and didnít know how to get him back. Brady and Theresa found the money Summer had. They thought she agreed to work with the blackmailer. Summer said that she was trying to beat a murder rap and that she didnít take the deal. Brady called the number again, but it was disconnected. Theresa attacked Summer again. Summer threatened to stab Brady and Theresa or herself if they didnít let her leave. Summer told them that Victor could be involved with the kidnapping. Hope became delirious and said she had to look for Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Nikolas along with the others are held hostage by the strange man, he reveals that he is Mikkos' illegitimate son and Nikolas' bastard uncle Valentin Cassadine. He further expresses "concerns" over the fact that he knows Nikolas was conceived as much by accident as he was. And so, he inquires, why should Nikolas have had the wealth and privilege of being a prince when Valentin has not. He concludes that Nikolas needs to sign over his assets to him or else the others die. Nikolas gets ready to do that in order to save his family and friends. However, he attempts to "blindside" Valentin by fighting him until Valentin grabs the gun, pulls it on Nikolas, shoots him and pushes him over the patio ledge. Back in Port Charles, while Alexis is devastated to find out that she fell in love with a man who is a sociopath and monster, Diane decides to accompany her to Julian's arraignment hearing. However, Julian has a "plan" involving one of his men "helping" him. They talk privately in his room when he makes sure the man is not involved in what he plans to do. When Griffin goes to examine Julian and finds that he can be released from the hospital, go to his arraignment hearing and then straight to prison, Julian suddenly takes a "turn for the worse". At that point, they have to postpone the hearing. At the Metro Court, Curtis sits with Nina and is ready to help her with investigative journalism for stories she wants to publish in Crimson, he reveals that he wants to actually be able to make arrests of criminals and get his old job back as a cop. Nina wonders if he's seeing anyone, to which he replies he's single. She indicates she's glad she's now single and might be interested in him. However, she sees him with Valerie, as they indicate they are being "intimate" with each other and Nina reveals she is clearly disappointed that Curtis appears to be attached.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul is at the Athletic Club dining room when Nikki comes in. Before Nikki can say anything, Paul tells her that Victor is going back to Walworth and there is nothing he can do about. Adam is sitting in his cell when the warden stops by. The warden begins to throw insults toward Adam that he had always been able to get his own way but in here things will be different. At the hospital, Chelsea holds a survival knife on Victor to try to make him tell her where the missing diary pages are. Mariah tells Sharon that she will be moved out soon. On the top of Newman Towers, Luca and Summer share some time together, getting a suntan. Victoria joins them and lets them know that she is glad that they  are enjoying themselves since there was a walkout at the refinery. After an argument between the two, Victoria orders Summer back to work. Summer becomes upset and cannot understand why Victoria is acting this way and blaming Luca for her mistakes. Nikki tells Paul to calm down that all she wanted to ask him if she could see Victor before he is sent back to Walworth. Paul lets Nikki know that Adam doesn't belong in jail. The warden tells Adam that he will be keeping an eye on him. Chelsea accuses Victor of setting Adam up for murder. Chelsea demands to know who the woman is that was helping him to set up Adam.

When Paul interrupts them, Chelsea quickly hides the knife behind her back. Sharon urges Mariah to continue to live with them because they love her. Nikki also interrupts Paul and Chelsea with Victor. Paul gives her two minutes to say her good-byes. Victoria and Summer have a meeting about Luca and how Summer is working to try to gain information against him. When Luca interrupts them, Victoria lashes out at Summer and fires her. Chelsea comes home to find Anita there. Anita notices the surgical knife in Chelsea's purse and wonders what is going on. Victor visits Adam in his cell. Adam tells him that he wanted to see him pay for going against him. On the rooftop, Summer vents her anger toward Victoria to Luca. Luca tells Summer that he has no faith in Victoria and she needs to step down and he knows who should take over. Victoria and Nikki discuss Nikki's relationship with Victor. Victoria asks Nikki if she believes that Victor set up Adam for murder. Nikki believes that Victor is innocent of the charge and also for sabotaging the oil rig. Victor assures Adam that when he gets out of there, so will he.

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