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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caught – Quinn stands there as Steffy demands that Eric throw Quinn out. She is not going to get her job back. When Eric is quiet, Steffy picks up phone and calls security. Liam tells Wyatt that he is afraid of what the mother-in-law from hell will do to retaliate. He would not put anything past Quinn. And Wyatt is underestimating her like he has done so many times in the past. Wyatt says he will protect his wife at all costs when she needs protecting. Liam says Quinn will do something and they will not see it coming. Eric tells Steffy to hang up; he will handle this. Steffy tells Quinn to get lost. She is not to come here again. She is not to be near anyone in her family ever. Nicole says shoes are the Holy Grail of a woman’s outfit and Zende should not be ashamed of that. It was her that did not trust Sasha and did not want him shooting her. He grabs the camera and starts shooting shoes saying he sees them in a more favorable light now. She tells him she is glad to back to her old self and that they are back together. He wants to go out tonight and celebrate. He says it would be no surprise if he told her where. He opines that Sasha is part of the family now so they will deal with that. He is in love with Nicole. Quinn comes back and Eric reams her out for returning and still being in the building. Steffy ends up disrupting Liam and Wyatt and tells them about Quinn wanting her job back. Luckily Eric came in and shut her down but she wants Wyatt to do something about his mom. Liam picks up the phone and says he is calling Lt. Baker. They need to get a restraining order. Wyatt barks that will have to wait. They have to get to the Spencer Summit.

Sasha interrupts Nicole and Zende. Nicole tells her that she has changed her mind. There is nothing to be worried about so Zende can shoot her in lingerie now. Alone Sasha teases and comes on to him again and says they can see what happens. He reminds her again that Nicole is the only woman that he loves. Quinn says she can see that Eric is angry at her. He says the point is that he knew all along that Steffy would be upset but what he did not know is how upset she would be to have Quinn in her life at all. She is upset for good reason so what can he do. Wyatt sells his ideas to Steffy and she says that is good as it keeps her a continent away from Quinn. Wyatt has to tell Liam this is all about Spencer Publications, not about him saving the world. Steffy tells Liam she can tell he is not looking forward to this trip. Quinn tells Eric that she knows all of this can go away tomorrow but Liam has taught her that she can have a good man. There will never be another Deacon or Bill. When it comes to them they are living in the moment and she loves it. He takes off her moustache and kisses her and says he is loving this too. Liam asks Steffy if she is in for all of this. His dad could not be prouder and more and more Wyatt is turning into a Spencer man. The bottom line is profit and more money. He wants to live up to his Boy Scout image. She admires and respects that. He says it is going to be hard seeing her stuck for days with Wyatt and him watching them. But….he can still see her beautiful face and see her smile and that is what he lives for.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn and the bomb squad arrived at the house to look for Rafe and Hope. There was no sign of them at the house. Rafe took Hope through a tunnel in the house. Shawn let Roman know what happened at the house. Andre told Aiden that he killed Rafe and Hope. Adrianna told Blanca about a man who was looking for her. Adrianna wanted to call Rafe. Blanca called her sister back and warned her about the guy that was looking for her. Roman arrived at the house and he and Shawn searched the house for Rafe and Hope. Andre explained to Aiden how he managed to kill Rafe and Hope. Aiden didnít believe that he killed Hope. Aiden demanded to know where Andre hid her. Hope wanted to know where they were. Rafe told her that they were in an underground tunnel. Hope couldnít remember everything that happened at first so Rafe reminded her what happened.

Adrianna was worried that she hadnít heard from Rafe. Rafe looked for supplies to help Hope. Hope wanted Rafe to go and get help. He didnít want to leave her at first, but he left anyway. Andre let Aiden know that he did kill Hope. Andre advised Aiden to move on with his life. Andre was happy that he killed Hope and Rafe for what they did to Stefano. Blanca looked around in case she was being watched. Blanca didnít want the guy to know she was in Salem. Rafe told Hope that the two ways out were blocked. Hope panicked because they were trapped. Rafe promised to get them out of the tunnel. Blanca snapped at Adrianna when she asked about the mystery guy. Aiden tried to attack Andre, but he got the jump on Aiden. Adrianna and Blanca made up. Hope started to tell Rafe something, but passed out. Andre informed Aiden that he still had something to lose if he didnít get his act together. Shawn found the chain that was attached to Rafe. Shawn and Roman realized that they could have escaped the room. Andre threatened to send Aiden to prison. Aiden reminded Andre that he couldnít get him, but he was wrong. Andre set Aiden up to look like the one that murdered Rafe and Hope if he didnít do what he wanted.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis is still distraught and traumatized after finding out what Julian is capable of and the realization that she loved and trusted a man who could do what he did to her. Molly and Kristina want to comfort and interact with her but she asks them to give her some time, after which time she will be in their lives and discuss with them her thoughts, feelings and concerns about their respective personal lives. When Julian is in his hospital bed, Lucas angrily confronts him, telling him he wants no further relationship with him whatsoever. He now knows that Julian never loved him nor wanted to be a father to him and it was all fake. He will never forgive or justify what he now knows his dad did to Alexis. And he tells Julian he is nothing to his son and dead to him. Olivia also comes to visit Julian and tells him the same thing regarding what he did to Alexis and how she knows he's unfit to be a father to Leo or ever have anything to do with her son. They both affirm that Julian will rot away in prison all alone and die there without anyone anywhere who could care less about him. Yet he determines that he can't let that happen and needs to turn things around. Finn goes to find Sonny at The Metro Court and makes it clear to him he has urgency and desperation to get Sonny's "help" with a drug that Sonny knows may not be legal and which Finn is not revealing the whole truth about. Yet, Sonny concludes to Finn he will help him solely because he knows Finn has helped Carly. Tracy and Hayden are determined to do whatever is needed in order to find the drug he needs to save his life. Hayden's mom meets with them and admits she has connections, means and resources for finding this drug. Yet when the protest this is not illegal nor used for "recreational purposes", that Finn is a doctor and needs this drug to save his life, she finds out otherwise. She adamantly informs them she knows for a fact that the drug Finn "needs" is not something needed to save lives, which has simply not yet been approved by the FDA. It's not a drug used anywhere for any medical purposes. It's a highly addictive and illegal drug consistent with heroine. She concludes to her daughter and to Tracy that their "friend" is not dying and in need of a medical antidote. He's a junkie withdrawing from his addiction. Although neither of them want to believe or face that, they both realize they have no proof that it is not true. In the house in Greece, as soon as Nikolas' family finds him and is ready to reunite and engage with a love fest, grateful that he's alive, the "strange man" reveals to them that he won't let that happen. He has several other men help him hold Nikolas, Ava, Sam, Jason, as well as Lulu, Dante, Laura and Kevin as hostages, holding guns on them and making demands. At the end of the episode, Nikolas realize he knows this man. And he affirms that Nikolas is correct that he is Mikkos' illegitimate son and Nikolas' bastard Uncle Valentin Cassadine.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam doesn't see a way out, so he decides to take the plea bargain where he doesn't have to admit he is guilty but he does tell the judge that this in his best interest.  In a disguise, Chloe goes to court and watches everything that is happening to Adam and she is happy because she considers it justice for Delia.  Dylan goes to the hospital and asks Victor to tell him where the journal pages. He says that he doesn't know where they could be.  Dylan asks Kevin and Natalie to go to the bus station and look at surveillance footage to try and figure out the identity of the mystery woman.  Mariah moves back in with Kevin because she gets the feeling Sharon is worried that she will let slip that Sully is really baby Christian.  Adam is taken to prison where he will spend thirty years of his life. Chelsea goes to the hospital and demands that Victor tell her where the journal pages as she holds a knife in her hand.  

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