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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Eric that he is really looking good. He just missed Stephanie and now he has a life of his own so she is thrilled about this new mystery woman. Deacon tells Quinn that he is her only friend and Eric is off limits due to Steffy’s orders, so just wait until she finds out. She says it is a secret and he better not tell anyone. He tells her she is acting like a teenager….and Eric surely must satisfy her in the sack. She answers that he deserves to be CEO again and she is ecstatic. She is older and wiser and it took her a while but she realizes now what turns her on. Wyatt answers Liam’s chide that he is selling out his wife. Wyatt says no, she is totally into it and so are her fans. Bill tells them if he can get them out of the sandbox for a moment he has something to show them. He shows them a video of the upcoming Spencer Summit in Monaco. Bill says too bad that he can’t go because of Will, but he’d like Wyatt and Liam to go….and together with Steffy. This is the first Summit he will miss but he wants them all there for the sake of the family business. It takes some arm twisting but Liam says he will go. Bill tells him nothing more for the Foundation. If he wants a Boy Scout badge he can do that on his own. Eric tells Steffy that she is a lot like her grandmother – strong and protective of her family. She asks if he might ever get married again and he says no, that is not in the cards. Quinn comes to Forrester’s disguised as an old bearded man in suit, hat and glasses. She is delayed as Pam keeps getting phone calls and then finally has to go take care of something. Quinn slips into the office and announces to a chair that she is there to fix his hard drive. Surprise, surprise; when Steffy turns around and is sitting there.

Wyatt tells Liam that he hopes his passport is in order as they are going tomorrow. And Steffy has to be there because she is their media star. You gotta work it and play the game. Liam grouses everything was handed to Wyatt by his mother and they both know that and Wyatt has what Liam should. He hates it that Quinn is Steffy’s mother-in-law and has to be with her at all. Wyatt says maybe they can get Liam a shave or two and make him presentable to the girls where they are going. And he adds that Quinn does not even exist in his marriage to Steffy now and she will do nothing to screw that up. Quinn does not fool Steffy and she yanks the beard and hat off of Quinn and tells her she is so in trouble. She is done messing with this family. As Eric comes back in she tells him to tell Quinn that she cannot have her job back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Paul talked to Maggie and Victor about Summer. Maggie didnít want to believe that Summer took Tate. Theresa didnít want Brady to be near her because she blamed him for bringing Summer to Salem. Brady needed Theresa, but she refused to stop being angry. Brady wanted to go find John. Justin and Roman questioned Aiden about working with the DiMeras. Justin asked Aiden about adding his name to Hopeís insurance policy. Aiden lied and said the DiMeras did it. Andre celebrated getting justice for Stefano. Andre continued to watch Rafe and Hope. Rafe wanted Hope to leave the house so she wouldnít die. Rafe told Hope that Aiden bought the house. Rafe wanted Hope to get out, but she found something to use to open the chains.

John and Paul continued to investigate Summer to see if anyone saw her. Brady arrived at Johnís office. Brady and Maggie apologized to each other about Summer. John said he found something. Belle tried to distract Theresa from everything, but it didnít work. Theresa blamed her past mistakes for what happened to Tate. Shawn called Hope and she told him that she and Rafe were trapped in the basement of the house Andre bought. She also told him that the house had a bomb in it. Shawn was on his way to the house. John told everyone that someone spotted Summer in Vegas. Summer planned on leaving the country. Paul found the hotel where Summer was staying. Brady left the house. Justin said he couldnít charge Aiden with anything. Hope continued to work on the lock. Rafe wanted Hope to leave the basement. Brady told Theresa about Summer being in Vegas and she wanted to go too. Roman had to let Aiden leave. Theresa was determined to go to Vegas with or without Brady. Hope shot at the lock as Shawn arrived at the house. Shawn watched the house explode.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Maxie talks to Curtis while they are alone in Claudette's hotel room, trying to find clues, without Claudette's knowing. Meanwhile, Nathan sits at a table with her, having dinner together at The Metro Court, telling her "what she wants to hear" yet revealing they are through, he is onto her and does not trust her. She later meets with her fiancť and informs him that Nina has Curtis to spy upon Claudette regarding the same concerns that they both have about Claudette, regarding how she could use "something" against Nathan to get him in trouble and cause him to lose his police badge. Meanwhile, (unknowing, so far as we know), that Griffin had anything to do with Claudette's "leverage" with Nathan, Curtis goes to talk to Griffin. He informs him he finds it very fishy that Griffin "doubles" as a doctor and a priest and has not revealed to anyone he's a priest. When Griffin informs him he's "taken a leave of absence" from the priesthood, Curtis inquires if it was because he wanted to have "relations" with women. When Griffin replies his reasons for leaving the priesthood had nothing to do with that, Curtis needs to know what the reason would be. While Nikolas is with Ava, alongside Jason and Sam, in the house in Greece, he does some "soul searching". He realizes he may have good idea to stay on the run, not return to Port Charles and have everyone, except for Spencer, believing he's dead and out of their lives. However, Ava tells him she realizes he's messed up but can redeem himself and knows he will regret it if he goes about his plan. Sam then admits she agrees that Nikolas is, deep down, a good man, and needs to return to the people who love and will forgive him for his wrong-doings. Right then, Laura arrives with Lulu and Dante. They all graciously express their joy that Nikolas is alive and well and let him know that means more to him than their anger toward him for his wrong-doings. While Morgan is with Kiki at the coffee shop, he notices that she is completely "somewhere else" when they notice Dillon is there with Darby, the girl Morgan cheated upon her with. She angrily goes to inform Dillon this girl is no good. He asks her why she's concerned, when she made the choice to move on. Although she does not come out and admit it, she makes it clear that she is not over Dillon and is unable to get it out of her mind that he appears to have "moved on". While alone with Dillon, after seeing what she has seen, Darby angrily tells him she is not going to spend more time with him. When he asks why this "sudden change of heart", she replies she's already "been there and done that".

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Ashley tells Ben that Abby thinks he blames her for Max being sick. Ben tells her that he doesn't blame Abby; he blames himself. Dylan and Sharon talk to Abby about what is going on between her and Ben and Ben possibly blaming her for Max. Dylan advises Abby that she and Ben need to talk. Dylan goes on to tell Abby that he and Sharon don't have any secrets. In a hotel room at the Athletic Club, Cane has prepared a romantic evening for himself and Lily. Downstairs in the dining room, Neil talks to Jack about Hilary and him possibly firing her from the Foundation. Jack tells Neil that he blames himself for possibly leading Hilary on. Neil tells Jack that Hilary is sick and may not recover. Jack is surprised. In the hospital room, Simon and Devon argue over her treatment. Hilary orders Simon out. In the corridor, Ashley demands answers from Simon about the treatment he is using on Hilary and if it was approved by the FDA. Ben joins Abby, Sharon, and Dylan who share a fun evening. While Dylan and Ben are away at the bar. Sharon tells Abby that some things are better left unsaid. Ashley asks Simon about Hilary's test results showing that she was getting better but actually she was getting worse. Ashley asks him if he had been telling her one thing and telling the FDA something else.

Lily pushes Cane away when he tries to make love to her. Cane and Lily go downstairs and listen to Neil talking to Jack about Hilary. After Jack leaves, Lily asks Neil about Hilary staying at the Foundation. Neil tells Lily that Hilary is very sick and may not recover. Simon cannot believe his ears that Ashley is doubting his integrity. In her hospital room, Devon and Hilary talk and he tells her that he has ordered her Chinese from her favorite restaurant. Ben, Abby, Dylan, and Sharon reminisce about their weddings. Sharon brings the evening to a close when she mentions Sully. Sharon and Dylan soon make their departure leaving Abby and Ben alone. Jack arrives at the hospital to check on Hilary. Jack interrupts Devon and Hilary and offers his apology about doubting her when she told him she was sick. Ashley joins Simon at the bar as they share a couple of drinks and small talk. Lily doesn't like Devon sticking by Hilary during this time.

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