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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick gloats that this is an unscheduled meeting and the CEO is up for grabs so you bet this is what Eric called it about. Quinn tells Eric that she still thinks he would make a great CEO again. He tells her that she is good for his ego. Liam walks in on Wyatt and Bill chowing down on ribs and chides them. Bill makes him even madder by telling him that he took Will away from Katie. Wyatt seems to side with Bill that he is doing it for Will’s good, not to hurt Katie. Liam cannot believe Bill is being so cavalier, kidnapping. Bill says it is just temporary as long as it needs to be. It is not a power play or strategy. Liam says he sees it as Bill taking Will because Katie came unglued because Bill was having an affair with her sister. Bill says he might as well know that he is declaring Katie incompetent and Justin is drawing up the papers for Will right now. He cannot trust her to take care of Will. They argue. Wyatt says Katie can fend for herself but now Bill needs to look after Will. Deacon shows up again at Quinn’s door who keeps telling him over and over that they are over so he does not have to keep showing up. He laughs at her for even entertaining the thought of her and Eric…..endorse those fantasies. Then he grabs her and she has to fight him off. Eric comes to the office and says he has decided so he is glad they are all here. Ridge tells him that he can lead them through this so Eric does not have to make a decision at all. Rick says there goes that monumental ego of Ridge’s. Eric says it took a while for Rick to settle in but he was about the best CEO he had ever seen. He tells them that there is going to be a change and they will not be sorry. He is going to step back in as CEO. They do not know how Douglas’s paternity is going to move the press so he is not going to take a chance and he will navigate those waters. Rick tells him he looks good behind that desk. Steffy says that was a surprise. Eric replies that he looks forward to the challenge.

Liam tells Bill that too bad he did not have these feelings before he had the affair with Brooke. Bill appreciates his feelings for Will but he won’t tell him where he is at as Liam will go straight to Katie and tell her. Quinn tells Deacon that he has a sickness. He admits and one he does not seem to be able to get away from. Steffy tells Eric that no one can run that seat better than him. She cannot believe Ridge tried to deceive everyone but he will handle the press and it will all blow over in time. She’d like to thank this new woman in Eric’s life. Bill tells Liam that no matter how he feels at the moment they are still a family and must stick together. Liam says if he is to accept Bill’s standards then it must mean that it is okay to take Wyatt’s wife. Wyatt says Bill did not say that and that is not going to happen. Deacon says he understands Quinn better than any other man on the planet but she is in big trouble since Steffy won’t have anything to do with her so she is going after Eric now. Eric tells Steffy that she has been in the forefront in his thoughts lately and his new relationship is nothing like what it was with Stephanie but he is enjoying himself. She replies that he has been lonely and he deserves to be happy so this mystery woman seems to be good for him and that is all that matters and will make her happy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to Jenniferís placer to talk to her about her decision to sue for custody of Thomas. Hope confronted Aiden about lying about the time he was kidnapped. Chad and Jennifer argued about Abby. Chad threw up in her face that sheís an addict and no court would grant her custody of Thomas. Rafe tried to get out of the handcuffs. Aiden told Hope that he loved her and couldnít go through with killing her. Hope didnít want to hear what he had to say. She was sick at the idea of consummating their relationship. Hope suddenly wanted to hear every word Aiden had to say. Chad wondered if Jennifer would be able to stay sober when she has Thomas. Jennifer reminded him that heís a DiMera so no judge would give the baby to him.

Ciara visited Chase and asked him about lying to JJ for her. Their conversation turned sour when she yelled at him. Aiden told her the truth about what happened. Hope told Aiden that she would hate him forever. Hope wanted to find Rafe. Rafe saw the time on the bomb and noticed he was running out of time. Hope beat herself up for believing Aidenís lies. Roman let Hope know that they couldnít charge Aiden with anything. Ciara yelled at Chase and reminded him that he raped her. Chad and Jennifer continued to argue about who was fit to raise Thomas. Doug and Julie interrupted Chad and Jenniferís heated argument. Hope tried to convince Justin that they had a case, but he explained that Aiden would walk. Rafe found a pair of broken pliers and tried to use them to get out of the chains. Shawn let Hope know where Rafe went so she went to look for him. Rafe noticed the time on the bomb was running out. Chase wanted to know if Ciara was getting better. Chad pled his case to Jennifer. Chad begged her not to take Thomas from her. Chad called Belle because he needed a lawyer. Hope found Rafe in the basement. He wanted Hope to leave because the house was going to explode.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Maxie needs Nathan to meet with Claudette alone and have lunch with her while she secretly goes into Claudette's room to see what she can uncover. Not far behind her, Curtis also enters, admitting he's there for the same reason after Nina's asked him to "investigate". Yet he wonders what Maxie's "concern" is regarding her fiancť's ex. Is she not entirely "solid" with Nathan, have doubts or afraid he might go back to Claudette? She assures him no on that however she is concerned about Claudette having "ulterior motives" for coming to Port Charles and she may have an "agenda" involving using something against Nathan. Curtis is very intrigued to learn that and wonders what it is. Realizing Jordan will not help him get reinstated as a cop, he has concluded he will instead work as a PI. He further tells her that she needs to own her mistake in lying to TJ about whom his real father is and for cheating on his brother, her husband, with Shawn Butler. She finds TJ who has been talking both to Curtis and to Molly about the need to forgive his mom. He admits he's angry and feels betrayed because of her lie. Yet he realizes she did what she thought was the right thing at the time and he also knows that Shawn has been like a father figure to him even though he slept with Jordan when she was married to Thomas. Franco gets in the elevator with an "unsuspecting" Elizabeth and makes it stop so they can talk, as he expresses his concerns. At first, she tells him she is not responsible for his "self worth" and has reasons to avoid him. Yet she declares it's not that she distrusts or is "afraid" of him. she distrusts and is afraid of her feelings for him. She affirms that he is important in her life and reconsiders her previous decision to stay away from him at the hospital. Meanwhile hospital security can tell that he appears to have "entrapped" Elizabeth in the elevator. She talks to Griffin who discusses his "findings" about Franco's tumor as well as his "concerns" about Franco's "previous" state of mind. Yet when they find him and are ready to arrest him, Elizabeth protests that Franco did nothing wrong. The elevator stopped. He kept her calm and everything is ok.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sharon panicked when Dylan said he was going to talk to Kevin about lies. Sharon asked Mariah to intercept Kevin before he told Dylan that Sharon had gone off her meds. Sharon spent time alone with Sully and vowed to go on the run with him, Faith and Dylan, if the truth about him being Christian was ever revealed. Dylan told Kevin that someone delivered him an empty envelope, instead of evidence in Adam's case, like the caller promised. Dylan asked Kevin to trace the call. Kevin traced the call to a burner phone. Since the investigation was going nowhere, Dylan went back home. Mariah mistakenly thought Kevin told Dylan about Sharon going off her meds. She tore into Kevin until he cleared things up. Mariah apologized and Kevin forgave her. Sharon got nervous when Dylan mentioned that he usually instinctively knew when someone was lying. Sharon and Dylan had an indoor picnic with Faith. Natalie watched the Walworth security footage and concluded that Victor's partner wore a wig. Michael found out Adam made a deal with Victor. Chelsea made Adam feel better about making a deal with Victor, then they celebrated by making love. Chelsea and Adam were crushed when Michael told them that Dylan didn't receive any evidence to clear Adam. Chloe was revealed to be the mystery woman who helped Victor frame Adam. Disguised as a nurse, Chloe confronted Victor at the hospital. She was mad he'd abandoned the plan to punish Adam and said positive things about him at the trial. Victor and Chloe discussed the fact that Chloe had a new daughter, Bella, whom Victor had arranged care for while Chloe was in the psychiatric hospital. Victor urged Chloe to move far away and raise her daughter before people learned that she and Victor had committed the crime of framing Adam. Chloe insisted on staying in town and making Adam pay. Chloe was almost caught when Michael burst in to confront Victor for not turning over the diary pages that would clear Adam. After Michael left, Chloe admitted she'd stolen the pages because she wanted Adam to go to prison as payback for killing Delia. Victor threatened to take Bella away from Chloe if she didn't give him the pages. Chloe was unfazed by Victor's threats since he was locked up. She warned him that she could burn the pages and destroy the proof that Adam had been framed.

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