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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy comes back and says Douglas is not Ridge’s son so what else does she not know. Ridge tells her that Thomas was not Caroline's date that night and they know his reputation. There was one thing that Caroline wanted more than anything else – a baby and he couldn’t give her that. But no matter how harsh people are, his will be the harshest of all. Thomas fills Caroline in on what Ridge just said in the meeting. He says he hopes she does not hate him. Rick fills Maya in and says all the blood left Ridge’s face when he told them. Even Ridge will have to see it will be a field day for the reporters. He cannot wait to move back into this Forrester house and see her portrait back on the wall. Eric shows up unexpectedly at Quinn’s. He says he does not want to see anyone that wants to see him. She hands him a paper cup and he says that is not water. No, martini is his drink and next time she will have olives.

Ridge shares with Caroline that sometimes the truth does not set you free. Douglas is not his. He is Caroline’s……and Thomas. He’s not Eric’s real son and he’s not Douglas’s father so he does not know how Eric will feel now. Steffy hugs Thomas and wonders why he did not tell her before now. He says he did not know until recently. All he wants is for them to figure this all out and he be a father to Douglas. If Rick becomes the new CEO he cannot be any harder on Thomas than Ridge is. Maya says such a mess; she feels so sorry for Caroline and Ridge. Rick is just glad that Ridge’s lies have finally caught up with him. Quinn asks if Ridge is leaving. Eric says it might be the best for a while. But he hates that he has to play favorites. He hates that he has to choose. She says he doesn’t. He could be the CEO again. He admits he does not want to work that hard. She says just re-define the work schedule and do only the things he likes to do. He built this business; he needs to take it back. He does not have to do anything at all. Ridge can stay right where he is. Eric says they call Ridge King Ridge and his mother was Queen Stephanie. But he needs to have his hands slapped every now and then. And maybe the reason that Eric was born will be clear to him any day now. She asks what does this mean for them? He gave her key back and he told her it was over more than once. He does not want her to get the wrong idea so maybe he needs to tell her exactly what his intentions are. He kisses her and nibbles on her ear.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa lashed out at Brady because she thought he was sticking up for Summer when she told him about her theory. John started investigating what happened to Tate. Deimos told Roman that what happened to him was accident. He also said that he and Kate were married, but they were getting an annulment. Philip offered Chloe a recording contract. She wasnít sure if she could do it. Theresa blamed Brady for why Summer took Tate. Theresa told Belle what happened with Summer. Shawn showed up at Bradyís place and told him and Theresa that there were no leads.

Belle and Shawn talked about Tate a little until Brady came back in the room. Brady told them how the door was locked so he didnít know how Summer was able to drug Theresa. Philip and Chloe went to the DiMera mansion and she sang for him. Kate and Deimos arrived and heard Chloe singing. Deimos let Philip that he didnít tell the police what Kate did. She let Philip that Deimos fired her and left her with no money. Theresa regretted the way she spoke to Brady. John and Paul made calls to find out who took Tate. Brady went to John for help. Roman told Nicole that she was off the hook for what happened to Deimos. He also let Nicole know that Deimos confirmed that he married Kate. Deimos wanted Kate to give him back his ring. Brady and John questioned Dario about where to find Summer. Theresa wanted to find Tate on her own. Dario didnít have any information for Brady and John. Belle told Brady to watch the TV. Theresa offered $1 million to find Tate. A woman went to Summer and asked if she had what she wanted. Roman told Nicole that he didnít believe Deimosí story. He also warned her to stay away from Deimos. Kate met with Andre and wanted him to take care of Deimos for good.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny goes to see Alexis and assures her everything will be all right, he is no longer at odds with her because of their past differences regarding her marrying and backing Julian. He tells her he believes it was very brave of her to wear a wire in order to help the cops bring him to justice and he wants to make sure all charges against her are dropped after Julian has set her up to take the fall for the murder he committed. Anna goes to confront Julian and is devastated to think that the man who murdered Duke is still alive. Griffin comforts her and she informs him she plans to move out of Port Charles and be with her daughter and granddaughter. She assures Duke's son she knows his father would have loved him if they'd met. Both Hayden and Tracy are bound and determined to find a way to obtain Finn's drugs for him. Tracy is not afraid to risk consequences traveling or having them shipped although he reminds her he cannot let her jeopardize her health after she was near death not long ago. Hayden reminds them as much as she'd like to travel and risk consequences, the feds are after her and she can't risk the legal consequences. At Cassadine Island in Greece, Jason and Sam find a man who "conveniently" showed up there, said he "heard of" Nikolas although he did not recognize him and mistakenly thought he died. Jason remarks to Sam that neither Nikolas nor Ava give him as much cause for concern as this mysterious man with a mysterious tattoo who seems to "know" something and might have a very "interesting" story. At Crimson, as soon as Nina finds out that CJ is the same as Claudette, the "smarmy Green-card vixen" who hurt her baby brother, she tells her she's fired. Yet Maxie convinces her not to get rid of Claudette as she privately informs her that because she does not trust Nathan's ex, they need to keep their friends close and their enemies closer. Nina gets Curtis to not only investigate the stories she wants to publish in the magazine but also to find out what Claudette's secret is and he agrees to help her with that as long as she pays him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor tells Victoria that when he gets out of jail, she will be an important part of his team at the company, but he will be CEO. until he retires, but the oil spill proved that she needs more experience before she can be CEO again. Adam decides he has no choice but to take Victor's deal since Kevin has not found out the identity of Victor's mystery female accomplice or the location of the safety deposit box that could hold evidence to clear his name. Nikki tells Victor that Phyllis refused to go before the review board with the family and ask that he be released from prison. Nikki wants to talk to Jack and see if he will go before the review board. Phyllis tells Jack she needs time to find herself and decides to move into the Athletic Club. Jack tells Nikki that he will never forgive Victor for ruining his relationship with Phyllis, so Nikki is unable to ask him to give his testimony at the review board hearing. Victoria considers going on a trip sailing around the world with Travis and the kids for a few months but later decides she can't keep the kids away from Billy for that long. Travis ends their relationship, because he can't watch Victoria destroy herself and goes ahead with his plan to buy a sailboat and sell the bar.

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