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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas and Caroline meet up on the rooftop and discuss how difficult it may be when they all meet and Ridge tells the others the truth about Douglas. She says she is sorry. She had no right to keep this from him that Douglas was his son. Thomas says it was Ridge that lied so he is the one that needs to own up to it. He does not blame Caroline. He knows she was only trying to protect her family. She says yes but deep down she knew it was wrong. And she is grateful that Thomas was there that night and she knows he would never do anything to hurt her. She knows he would never take advantage of her and now Ridge knows that too. They are interrupted by Veronica who needs Thomas to look over some proposals and wonders if they can talk about it after work. He says yeah, he will let her know. Caroline is surprised and asks if they are seeing each other. Thomas says it is not serious but like she said, life goes on. Ridge conducts the meeting and tells Rick that this is not about business, it is personal. And it won’t take very long. He tells Eric, Rick and Steffy that the family is going through a few changes…..the marriage is all right but he wants them to be aware of the changes. He wants to tell them before someone else does. Straight and to the point Ridge says Douglas is not his. He loves him and will raise him but he is not his son. They are all shocked; Rick even laughs a little to hear that the father is Thomas. Deacon knocks on Quinn’s door. She throws open the door, obviously thinking of Eric and is surprised to see Deacon who comes in and wants to make himself at home. He scoffs when she tells him she is seeing Eric. He does not believe they are dating. She says not dating but they are seeing each other. She says no one is to know about it so keep his big blabber mouth shut. She just wanted to tell him so maybe he would quit coming around or maybe just to see the look on his face. He is amused and she adds she cannot believe that Eric is even talking to her much less kissing her. He chuckles …..the patriarch and the piranha. She tells him not to breathe a word of this or she will kill him and he knows it. Rick quizzes Ridge more, even gets a little joy out of saying Caroline was with Thomas. Ridge says yes, they were broken up at the time. It was his fault as he did not think he could give her the life that she wanted. They married and then found out she was pregnant, and he knew he could not be the father as he had the vasectomy in Paris, and it could not be reversed. Thomas has known for a while. Steffy tells him that Caroline was in the house the whole while she was having Thomas’s child. Rick says Ridge stole his son from him. Ridge says a misunderstanding seems too small a word but that is what it was and he wanted to protect his wife and he will continue to protect her. So when this comes out to the press, and he knows it will, he wants to take the hit for it, no one else. Douglas is the innocent party in this. Meeting over.

Rick stands up and says no way. Ridge cannot drop a bombshell like that and just dismiss them. The press will have a feeding frenzy with this. He cannot just sweep this under the rug…..this is how he protects his family and the business? He says he knew Ridge had some sort of huge secret that would rock this company to the core and yet he thought he would get away with it. Eric says this is no time to pass judgment. Families should stick together. Steffy tells Rick this does not affect him. Rick says if it affects the company then it does. He can already see the tabloid scandal of the year. Ridge says he won’t let his family be slandered. Eric tries to restrain Rick and says Ridge and Caroline need to figure this out for themselves. Rick wants to know who is going to run the company while they do. When Ridge speaks up Rick says no, there is a morality clause at stake here. He wanted to keep this a secret but now he is going to have to pay. Deacon accuses Quinn of trying to get back at Steffy by canoodling with her grandfather. Quinn reminds him that it might be Eric that is using her but she definitely thinks not, she feels that spark. And he likes bad girls. Stephanie was no pussy cat and then there was that Sheila Carter gal. So if Eric accepts her maybe everybody else will. All she wants is to be accepted. It will transform her life. Eric tells Rick that he is getting ahead of himself. Rick says no, this scandal will bring attention and diminish their line. He does not want to toot his own horn but one more scandal like this and Ridge is out so he needs to step down. They need to make a change fast otherwise they will have every reporter in town camped outside their offices. Steffy says she is President so if anyone else should be CEO it is her. Eric speaks up and says he has not been as involved lately as he should be. This is going to take more thought so when he can muster that up he will let them know. Rick tells Ridge that his reign as king is over; he went too far. Now he is going down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Jennifer got into an argument over Abby and Thomas. Jennifer thought Chad should stop stressing in front of Thomas and he should let him stay with her for a while. Chad believed they should be focused on looking for Abby. He also wouldnít let Jennifer take Thomas. Andre hit Rafe in the head and chained him in the basement. Aiden dropped Hope off and she wanted to take things slowly with him. Jennifer went home and talked to Doug and Julie about her conversation with Chad. Andre found Rafeís phone and saw that Hope was calling him. Andre reminded Rafe what he and Hope did to Stefano.

Doug suggested that Jennifer take custody of Thomas. Jennifer wasnít sure that was the right thing to do. Hope talked to Shawn at the police station. He filled Hope in on what happened to Tate and Abby. Shawn also wanted to tell Hope about Aiden. Shawn left an envelope for Hope to read about Aiden. Chad seemed to have a panic attack while he was out with Thomas. Chad called someone and demanded that the person find Abby. Jennifer wasnít ready to talk about the custody battle at the time and wanted to get some air. Hope read the information about Aiden and called Rafe. She didnít get an answer from Rafe so she left the station. Jennifer called Chad and begged him to change his mind about letting Thomas stay with her. He refused to do it so she decided to sue for custody. Andre watched Rafe screaming for help with his live feed of the basement. Hope went to Aidenís place and punched him. She also placed him under arrest. Rafe looked at his feet and saw that he was connected to a bomb.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nikolas is with Ava, along with Jason and Sam, in the house in Greece while they are unable to go anywhere until a storm ends. They meet a mysterious man who just "shows up" in the house, who reveals he's "heard of" and has met Nikolas Cassadine once but was under the mistaken impression he has recently died and did not know he is right there right now. Jason reveals to Sam that he's not as suspicious of Nikolas or of Ava as he of this mysterious man. Back at Port Charles, Laura reveals to Lulu and then to Dante, that her son is alive and has staged his death. She hesitates to let Dante know what she's found out knowing he has to do his job and bring Nikolas up on charges for many things. However, they all agree to go together as a family in order to find Nikolas although they do not know exactly where to find him. Hayden reveals to Tracy that Finn is going to die without a specific drug that is illegal in this country. She wants to save his life and knows Tracy does also and so she needs Tracy's help, knowing she's rich and influential. Tracy agrees to do whatever is needed in order to save Finn's life although he does not want to get her involved in his situation. Anna goes to confront Julian in his hospital room, tells him he does not deserve to live after taking Duke's life and tells him he is the lowest form of a life, a fraud and a coward, unlike Sonny who at least took the rap for murder and did not let his wife go down with him. She declares she is leaving town to be with her daughter and granddaughter. Griffin finds her, comforts her outside Julian's hospital room and they both declare that Duke will always live on in their lives and their hearts.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Devon tries once again to talk to Hilary to try to get through to her. Summer and Luca discuss the trouble at Newman and who could be doing all this. Summer and Luca kiss. Summer and Luca decide to go to Victoria with their problems at Newman. Victoria and Travis discuss Victor and the family trying to get him out of his trouble. Travis reminds her of all that Victor has done to them. At Billy's, Cane and Billy argue over the fact that Jill is having the house painted back the way it was when Katherine was alive. Travis is dead set against the Newmans getting Victor out of jail. Dr. Neville shows Ashley Hilary's test results and how well she is doing. Jack tries to talk to Hilary about Foundation business, but she brushes him off. Jack approaches Dr. Neville and Ashley and asks them about Hilary. Dr. Neville shows Jack the test results. Jack borrows the results to show to Hilary. Billy visits Phyllis in the Jabot office and tries to get her to go back to his place, but she tells him to stop it.

Jack visits with Hilary in her room and shows her the test results and how well she is doing. Jack tells her that this sick routine won't fly. Victoria reminds Luca that he is not on the Newman payroll and cannot give advice about Victor. Billy asks Phyllis what she really wants. He tells her he loves her, but she won't return the sentiment. Billy senses Phyllis' hesitation and tells her that he cannot go on like this and tells her that he is out. Jack tells Hilary that Devon loves her. Jack tells her that all they have is friendship. Devon and Neil discuss Devon's love for Hilary but he cannot reach her. Hilary comes downstairs and passes out in Devon's arms. Summer tells Luca that she has not seen Victoria so out of control. Victoria visits Travis to discuss Victor and the oil spill fallout. Billy comes home with the painter still painting.

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