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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill asks Alison to stay a little longer with Will as Katie will be home soon and they need a little talk. Liam tells Steffy that his dad was having an affair with Brooke and how that will change their own plans. She needs to come home with him right now. She says she cares for Liam but this does not change anything. Wyatt comes in and sees it is Liam never giving up, there again with Steffy. Liam states to remember Mr. Loyalty, well he is Mr. Hypocrite now and having an affair with Brooke so he is not listening to his advice again. Katie comes back and says she realizes now that Bill is the prize and Brooke is still in the picture. Katie says that he let her think it was all in her head, such cruelty. Will rushes in but Bill tells Alison to take him. He does not want him exposed to this. Katie tells him this is her home and this is her family and he is turning his back on all of that. She knows that he wants to put all of this aside so he can have his affair in peace. That was the plan – take her to the edge so he could push her off. He is incapable of telling her the truth. He is a coward. He wanted everyone to believe he was a big strong man but he is just a small lying coward. Poor Bill, it was always Katie’s fault all along for being the wife who was so difficult. And the whole time he watched her spiral deeper and deeper out of control and yet he kept telling her no big deal, it was all in her head. He lead her to believe she was crazy. Quinn slips into Forrester’s where Pam tries to call security and have her thrown out as she is not welcome here. In front of Pam, Eric tells Quinn she had some nerve coming here. But he does invite her in. Pam calls Charlie and tells him that Quinn is in there and she is begging for her job back. She can try all she wants but he will never do that. Quinn kisses Eric and asks if it will take a little more than that. She locks the door and begins to strip off. She says she knows he has a thing for bad girls so here she is. He kisses her. Liam tells Wyatt that he wants to make something clear. He has no plans for leaving Steffy alone. She would not even be here if it were not for Quinn. Wyatt says she is out of this now and she is staying away from Steffy so that excuse won’t fly with him. Bill tells Katie that she said her peace, well now he is going to have his. She starts to walk away but he stops her. He says from the day they married he supported her no matter what form her actions took. She was unstable and was often all over the place but he stayed with her. She started this whole thing by insisting he be with Brooke. She orchestrated the whole thing. And afterwards they made it back together and it was okay for a while. But he did not force her to drink. He insisted she go to re-hab and she refused. All she did was lie to his face and deny. She blamed Brooke. She blamed him but he did not run. He does not run when things get tough. He says every man has his breaking point and she pushed him to his. This is not easy for him either. He gives everything he does 110% but this family he gives 150%. He refuses to look back and say he could have done more. But Katie has her issues and demons so she can point her finger at him but it will not change her own problems. She points out the common denominator is Bill – both Quinn and Liam’s mother never told them about Bill because she did not want him around his sons. She says she is tired of his values. She will protect her son and not let Bill pollute him with his values. She looks right into his face and tells him to stay away from her and her son, get out of their lives.

Wyatt tells Steffy that he is going to make sure his mother respects their marriage and he will make sure Liam will too. He wants him to understand that. After making love, Quinn starts to leave and Pam chides her for wasting her time as Eric would never have anything to do with her. Quinn says she is not so sure. She looks at Eric and says if he ever wants to see her rubies all he has to do is call her. Katie leaves Bill and goes up to see Will. She panics when he is not there. She charges back down to Bill who says he will be damned if she keeps him from seeing his own son. She screams that he is to call that bitch Alison and tell her to bring back her son. He rages that he will not let her expose her instability to Will. She slaps him hard. She says she is going to call the police. This is a crime and he cannot do this. He counters that he is not sure she wants to do that after just assaulting him. She goes into the whiney, crying mode and he tells her not to fight him on this as she will lose. He states there is not a judge in Los Angeles that will disagree with him and she knows he has influence over most of them. She clings to his shirt and begs him to please not take her son from her. Bill says he will be safer away from her and he will not let anything happen to him. But he cannot be exposed to this until she gets herself together. She falls to the floor dissolved in tears begging him to bring her son back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa and Brady were upset about Tateís disappearance. While Shawn questioned them, he realized that Theresa was drugged. Andre told Chad that Abby was on a plane that crashed. Chad didnít want to believe it. Ciara talked to Claire about Abby and Chad. Claire realized that Ciara loved Chad. Ciara finally admitted that she loved Chad. Claire let Ciara know that she couldnít act on her feelings because heís too old for her and heís married to Abby. Chad wanted Andre to get him some information that he could believe. John started investigating Tateís disappearance. Shawn talked to Brady about Theresa possibly using drugs again. Brady believed that someone drugged Theresa. Shawn wanted to know who did it. Victor started to threaten Theresa about what happened to Tate and Brady overheard them. Brady wanted Victor to stop yelling at Theresa.

JJ was at the DiMera mansion and talked to Chad about Abby. JJ and Chad argued over Abby and Jennifer overheard them. Theresa panicked over Tate possibly being killed. She ended up fainting. Later on, Theresa was admitted to the hospital. Marlena talked to Theresa about what happened to Tate. Theresa wanted to go back to the park to help with the investigation. JJ wanted the officers to check all over the mansion for Abby. Jennifer didnít think Abby got on the plane. Jennifer thought they should all be working together to find Abby. John was determined to find his grandson. Brady tried to convince Theresa not to go back to the park. Shawn told Brady and Theresa tested positive for drugs. JJ finally believed Chad was innocent until he said that he didnít want the police looking for Abby. Andre called someone and wanted the person to put Abbyís name on a flight list. Shawn wanted to find the person who drugged her. Theresa had a nightmare and realized Summer took Tate.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly is alone at the Metro Court when she runs into Nina. She admits to her she's lost in thought and incomplete regarding the unsolved mystery of her daughter's kidney. hearing that, Nina concludes she has the perfect new feature story for Crimson and believes they might get some answers if they go public. At first, Carly is not certain she wants to go through with that but then concludes she will. At the abandoned house in Greece, Jason and Sam know they have to prevent Nikolas and Ava from going anywhere and do not trust them. Ava is able to find that Nikolas is carrying a pouch with the secret diamonds. Sam and Jason find a man who is spying on them who admits he's "working" for secret people and we see that this unidentified man with a foreign accent has a very "noteworthy" tattoo. Back in Port Charles, Laura and Kevin discover that Spencer is carrying a secret extra phone and she is able to clearly see he has been calling and receiving calls from one specific number. He finally admits that he has, in fact, been in contact with his father who is alive and on the lamb and explains how it happened following the Nurse's Ball when his dad asked him to "cover" for him and have all others believing he is dead. Laura admits to Kevin she is afraid to bring her son home, knowing he will be facing criminal charges. Yet she also knows that an innocent man has been accused of the murder of her son who is alive and she can't let that happen to Jason Morgan. Finn is desperate to find the drug he needs and indicates he has some secrets which he does not want to reveal to Hayden or anyone. Tracy comes to visit him and informs him she was successful in getting him reinstated to GH. He's grateful but indicates he has a serious and detrimental secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor tells Adam that his murder charges will go away and the missing pages of Sage's journal will appear if he goes back to work at Newman Enterprises.  Victor tells Adam that when he gets out of jail, they will work together to restore the company to its former glory.  Victor's plan to get Dr. Gates to talk to her father to get him released from jail works like a charm, because she tells him that she will talk to her father who is a judge on his behalf.  Adam and Chelsea decide to buy Kevin some time to find the missing journal pages, because there is no way he is going back to work for the company.  Victoria asks Phyllis to testify on Victor's behalf with the prison review board, which she strongly refuses to do.  Phyllis picks a fight with Jack, because he thinks she should testify at the review board hearing.  Phyllis goes to Billy expecting understanding she didn't get from Jack, instead he tells her it's time for her to choose either him or Jack.  Phyllis doesn't like being pressured, so she heads back to Jack who asks for her forgiveness and tells her he is always on her side.  Jill tells Billy that he should fight for Victoria, because she is his last best hope at happiness.  Victor and Nikki tear up their divorce papers and promise never to be apart again.

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