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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Bill that he takes no pleasure in this. Bill says yes he does. He spews that Liam changes his mind more times than Bill changes his underwear and here he is throwing morality around. He just better hope that Katie survives this when Brooke tells her. Wyatt knocks at Quinn’s door and she is happy to see him. He says he came by to thank her for staying away from the party. She hopes that Steffy will change her mind and someday welcomes her into the Forrester family. Steffy tells Thomas that she knows it is not easy for Wyatt as he has to slip around to see his mother behind her back. Thomas says it sounds like she is making excuses for Wyatt but he realizes it is easier that way. She says Liam is not her husband, Wyatt is. She is committed to him. Thomas says maybe things would be different if Liam were pursing her. Staying with Wyatt would be much harder. Liam knocks on Steffy’s door and comes on in. He says following Bill’s advice is a big joke. The same guy, that hypocrite, is cheating on Katie with Brooke. So all of a sudden he does not care what Bill does or says. Liam has to follow the rules yet Bill doesn’t. He says he is not going to follow Bill’s orders to stay away from Steffy... they belong together.

Katie looks at Brooke and asks how could she? Brooke tries to make it clear that it is not what she thinks. Katie says no, Brooke does not get to tell her anymore what she thinks. Her husband and her own sister; she knows what is going on. She tells Brooke that her heart health is fine. It is Brooke who needs help. She is a sick, pathetical liar. It happened way back then, in high school, when their dad left. He left her and the entire family but they all stood up and survived it. They did not need a man but Brooke did….and now the slut from the valley stays the same. Katie goes on and on about Brooke’s past with men and how there is something wrong with her. Does she ever think what their mother or brother Storm would say? Meanwhile Brooke watched while Katie fell into this desperation. Brooke says she was wrong and she hates that Katie is talking this way. She will leave and go far away. This is all her fault and she can take herself out of the picture. Katie asks if this is another gift like Brooke had said before because if it is she will return it. She does not want anything to do with him…..or Brooke ever again. Wyatt says bye to Quinn and says the only thing that can complicate his life is to keep interfering with him and Steffy. She says she won’t. Steffy cannot believe Bill is cheating after all he just said at the party. Liam kisses her and she ponders. Katie tells Brooke that she can have Bill until the next man comes along however long that is. Bill is dangerous and she did not see that until now. That is why Liam’s mother and Quinn protected their sons by keeping them away from Bill. Brooke tells Katie to call her a whore but do not blame Bill. She is just trying to do the right thing now and she failed. Katie hugs her and says she is so beautiful and always laughing. She laments that everyone standing beside her pales in comparison. But this is goodbye. She kisses her again and says goodbye. Katie leaves and Brooke dissolves in tears.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe talked to Shawn about Aiden. Rafe thought Aiden was up to something. Shawn was suspicious of Aiden too. Rafe told Shawn about Aiden buying property and visiting Andre. Shawn didn’t want to believe it at first. When Theresa took Tate to the park, Summer showed up at the apartment to give Brady his money. Summer tried to convince Brady that she’s changed. Hope talked to Aiden about his expectations of their trip. Aiden explained what he wanted to happen. Rafe and Shawn continued to talk about Aiden. Rafe wanted Shawn to get tests done at the lab.

Aiden told Hope that he thought they would have gotten engaged. Rafe believed that Aiden and the double’s blood shouldn’t match if Aiden told the truth about when he was grabbed. Brady didn’t believe what Summer said. Summer wanted to prove to Brady that she could help him. Brady didn’t want her help. Summer told him that they would have been good together. Brady rejected Summer again and told her that he loved Theresa. Summer warned Brady that she tried and left. Someone followed Rafe at the town square. Summer planned on taking the money from the blackmailer and running without taking Tate. Rafe found the house that Andre had and checked out the basement. Shawn told Aiden that the blood samples matched. Aiden was the one who married Hope. Rafe was about to call Hope and got hit in the head. Brady found Theresa asleep in the park and asked her about Tate. Tate was gone. Summer was on a plane and a baby was crying.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam and Jason are with Nikolas and Ava in the abandoned house in Greece, during a storm while they await transportation back to Port Charles. Nikolas has a plan and is not intimidated by Jason and reveals that Helena (whom the others all believe is dead) "will not let" Jason overpower her grandson. He calls and gets a call from Spencer whenever Spencer is alone and unseen. Back in Port Charles, Laura and Kevin attempt to find out what is really going on with Spencer, given that he is very cavalier about the death of his father and can see that he's clearly keeping secrets. Right then, they discover that Spencer is carrying two phones. There's one he lets them have access to and another one he's hiding. Laura is able to clearly see there is only one number which he's been frequently calling and receiving calls from, on the hidden phone, which he does not want her to know about. Meanwhile Carly is determined to get to the bottom of how Josslyn got her kidney transplant and talks to a woman named Ramona who revealed she was working for, and threatened by Helena to keep secrets about Josslyn's kidney transplant. Carly believes her story and informs her Helena is dead yet she concludes she still has no answers since Ramona tells her she was not given any information by Helena. Carly concludes the only two people who might know the answer to the unsolved mystery about Josslyn's kidneys are Helena and Nikolas, who are both dead (or so they believe). Little does she know that Ramona is revealing to "someone" on the phone that she "sold" a story to Carly in the conversation they just had. The cops and DA try but fail to find Alexis and Julian but Sonny finds them, overpowers Julian and saves Alexis life when it appears Julian was ready to slit her throat with the dagger Helena used to kill Alexis' mother and which he used to kill Carlos. Sonny oversees as Jordan, Anna and Paul accompany Alexis to the hospital and rush Julian there after he's been stabbed by Sonny, in self defense. Alexis returns home to her daughters and assures them she's fine and Julian won't be a problem anymore. Yet we see him in his hospital bed as his eyes open and he mutters to Alexis that they are "not done here yet". Sam admits to Jason that she questions whether Helena is really dead. Right then, we notice an unseen person spying upon them from outside the house.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby comes to the hospital to visit Victor but has to check with Paul if it is okay. Paul confirms that it is as long as she doesn't try to break him out. Abby goes in to see him and he is glad to see her. At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam discuss Victor and his testimony on the stand but they wonder what he is planning next. At Sharon's home, she is busily cleaning and dusting to get ready for Dylan to come home. Mariah arrives with work for her from Chelsea's. Sharon is less than enthused and has her mind elsewhere. Mariah asks her if she is definitely back on her meds the way she is scurrying around, dusting and cleaning. Dylan comes to the Coffeehouse to talk to Ben about Max. He exchanges a few pleasantries with Esther before joining Ben.  Nikki arrives at the hospital to give her statement to Paul about Victor and how he had rescued them and maybe it would help his case in getting his case overturned. Paul cannot believe his ears that after everything that Victor had put her through. Chelsea reminds Adam of how Victor had said on the stand that they had been set up for Constance's murder. Adam assures Chelsea that Victor was up to something. Dylan offers Ben sympathy over what Max is going through. Dylan asks about Abby and how she is dealing with all this. Dylan gets a call from Adam to come to the penthouse for a chat. Victor tells Abby that he is not going back to jail  and he was going to reclaim his life. Nikki defends Victor's actions to Paul. Paul is surprised and wonders how Nikki can just forgive and forget what Victor had done to her. Sharon assures Mariah that she is back on her meds and she is feeling so much better. Kevin stops by to check on Sharon and Mariah and to see if Sharon is indeed back on her meds. Adam asks Dylan if it would be possible if he could see Victor. Dylan has his doubts but tells him that he will try to arrange it. Abby comes out of Victor's room and tells Nikki that Victor wants to see her.

Nikki  recounts the ordeal in the cabin and is glad that Victor was there. After talking for a few minutes, Nikki tells him that he may want the divorce from her but she assures her that he doesn't want the divorce. Nikki and Victor kiss. Ben finds Abby at the hospital and they talk about Max. Abby offers her help to him to cope with all this. Mariah still defends Sharon and her actions to Kevin. Sharon comes out and thanks her for her support. Kevin also believes that she is back on her meds. Kevin gets a call from Chelsea. Nikki stops by Dylan's to talk to him about how to get Victor's sentence revoked and him be released. Adam visits Victor and Victor sets the guidelines to Adam as to what it would take to keep him out of jail. Kevin agrees to help Chelsea.

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