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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Thomas and Steffy that his dad was on top of his game earlier giving all of those speeches. Steffy tells Wyatt to save those tofu steaks in case Liam comes by. When he leaves Thomas tells Steffy she knows the reason that Liam did not show. He is listening to Bill and trying to respect her marriage and stay away. Bill goes home and tells Alison that he is not sure if Katie is okay or not. She was at the party one minute and gone the next. Katie grills Liam and wonders if she is being paranoid. She cries; Liam tries to calm her down reminding her that she has a heart condition and this is not good for her. She cries that she wants him to tell her this is all in her head; nothing is going on between Bill and Brooke. If he knows anything at all she wants the truth. Bill shows up at Brooke’s. She tells him he cannot keep doing this. Anyone else in the family could come in and see them. He says it is not like that now. Katie left the party and has not been seen since. Brooke says all the more reason that they need to talk to her and make her see things as they are now. Thomas tells Steffy that he knows she is still in love with Liam and they are all in the same family so it is not going to go away. Wyatt comes in and realizes he interrupted something. Liam calls Brooke and asks if Bill is with her. They need to come and tell Katie now. Brooke says okay, just keep her there and keep her safe. She tells Bill that she is going over there and she is going to tell her. She cannot keep this to herself anymore. Bill wants to go too. Brooke says no; Katie could not handle seeing them together. They are no longer a pair and she needs to know that. It will only make it more difficult. She tells him to go home to his son and pray that Katie will forgive them. Wyatt guesses they are talking about Liam. Wyatt says of course it bothers him but he loves his brother and knows what Liam is going through. And he is listening to Bill and trying to stay away from Steffy and respect the marriage. Liam has a good role model in Bill.

Brooke slips into Liam’s house and asks where Katie is. Liam says in the other room and he has never seen her like this. Brooke just needs to come clean and Katie needs to hear it that it is really over this time. Liam leaves; Katie comes back and questions why Brooke is there. Wyatt tells Thomas that Bill set the bar pretty high and they all wonder where Liam would be without his guidance and his own loyalty to Katie. Liam goes to Bill’s and tells Bill that he left Katie alone with Brooke. So they are ready for the repercussions. Katie tells Brooke that she knows about the phone call. She did take a shot before she left the house. Before the phone call she was fine and now she hates herself again for feeling like this. She is insecure and unstable; it keeps building and building like she cannot breathe. The anxiety is crushing her. She wants to believe her and Bill. He says it was just a phone call and all will be okay. She needs to hear Brooke say it one more time that there is nothing going on between Bill and Brooke. This horrible paranoia is eating her alive. She laments that she cannot live like this. She needs to hear her one more time that it is all in her head and she will believe her. Brooke slowly says she is sorry. Katie knows what that means and starts crying more – OMG, it is Brooke and Bill again!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad talked to Stefanoís ghost. Stefano advised Chad that Abby isnít good for Thomas. Jennifer and Ciara argued about Chad. Jennifer thought Ciara had feelings for Chad. Ciara denied her feelings for Chad. They continued to argue about Chad and Abby. Deimos confronted Kate about trying to kill him. She tried to downplay what she did. Kate let Deimos know that everyone looked for him. Kate let Deimos know that everyone looked for him. Deimos didnít believe her. Deimos reminded her about what she did while he was gone. Ciara went back to the DiMera mansion and talked to Chad. She told Chad that Jennifer thought he had something to do with Abbyís disappearance. They also discussed Chadís conversation with Stefano.

Chad wanted to get a psychiatrist for Abby when he finds her. He was also going to hide her in the tunnels so no one would find her. Ciara thought Abby needed time away. Deimos was going to rip up the marriage certificate, but she wanted it to work. Deimos didnít love Kate and didnít want to be with her. He turned down her proposal to stay together. Kate tried to convince Deimos that Nicole would stab him in the back as soon as she got the chance. Kate thought that they should make the marriage legal. Deimos thought it was a good idea and that they should get packed. Jennifer talked to Caroline about Abby. Caroline believed that Abby would be back home. Deimos lied to Kate about wanting to marry her. Deimos wanted Kate out of his house. Kate thought they would work well together. He threatened Kate if she went after Nicole. Deimos warned Kate that he would tell the police what really happened to him if she didnít leave. Chad put Ciara in her place about waiting to hear about Abby. Kate called someone and asked for the personís help with something. Chad found Ciara at the town square and apologized to her for the way he spoke to her. Jennifer saw Ciara and Chad together and looked concerned about seeing them.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis continues to attempt to stall Julian while Jordan tries but fails to find the judge she needs to arrest Julian. He is able to find out, from his source that she is wearing a wire. He catches her and takes her to the docks, concluding that she has betrayed him when he loved her. He protests he was going to prevent her from going to prison but she had to do this to him. And so this leave him with no choice except to kill her. She asks what he will tell their daughter and reminds him if he kills her, he will also kill their baby and asks if he really wants to do that. Anna, Paul, and Jordan search but cannot find them and we are left wondering if they will be able to find them in time, before it's too late. Claudette reveals to both Nathan and Maxie that she has a plan. Maxie tells her fiancť she has to "play" Claudette, by making her think she trusts her and wants to work with her. She explains to him she knows, all too well the obsessive, competitive and threatening behavior Claudette is now exhibiting with him and his new relationship, not unlike she did with Lucky not long ago when he was with Elizabeth. And so, she tells Nathan, they have to find a way to beat Claudette at her own game. She reminds him that if they do not, Claudette could use the fact that he shot a man against him, go to the police and ruin their lives. Yet he somehow knows that Claudette his a different type of agenda. Nina has a plan involving bringing Julian to justice. She speaks in riddles, indirectly, to Curtis about her plan and how she can use his help. She tells him instead of using him as the male model on the cover of Crimson, she wants Julian to play that role instead. She tells Curtis she knows how great he is at talking to people and finding answers and so she wants to hire him to do that. Kristina is alone with Aaron and they both want to be together. Yet he can see she still has Parker on the brain and that she is telling the whole truth about her "would-be" relationship with this person whom he assumes is a male. She does not reveal to him the whole story about Parker.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick thought Victor had a good chance of being granted an appeal after he saved Nikki and Phyllis. Nick was concerned about what Victor would do to the family if he were freed. Nick told Luca and Summer that he was going to the oil refinery to investigate the oil spill. Luca unsuccessfully tried to convince Nick to let him go instead. After Luca left, Summer told Nick she felt uneasy about the way Luca kept her from checking her phone during her grandparents' ordeal with Ian. Summer didn't think Luca kept her in the dark on purpose, and she said he was trying to protect her. Nick told Summer that she was strong and didn't need Luca's protection. Summer wanted to trust Luca, but she wasn't sure if she should. Luca privately called someone and warned them that Nick was going to the refinery. Abby returned to town and told Ashley that Max survived surgery, but he now suffered from seizures, memory loss and loss of motor skills. Abby got the feeling that Ben blamed her Max's state. Ashley didn't believe that. She told Abby not to let Ben push her away. Abby had tried to visit Victor, but she wasn't on the approved visitor list. Ben called to let her know the Department of Corrections was allowing the hospital to let Abby visit. Abby tried to talk to Ben about their personal life, but he abruptly hung up after he delivered he message.

Jack told Phyllis she tossed and turned in bed all night. He thought she'd dreamed about Ian, but she flashed back to kissing Billy. Jack told Phyllis that Billy implied that Jack and Phyllis's marriage wouldn't last. Jack thought Billy was jealous of their relationship. Hilary called Jack to tell him she had her first treatment, but didn't know if it worked. She then asked him to come to the Club to discuss foundation business. Devon dropped by Hilary's suite with flowers. Hilary accused Devon of trying to stay on her good side to protect his billions. Devon swore he needed her,and he promised to support her. Hilary vowed to get through her illness alone, and she kicked Devon out. Jack visited Hilary, and she pulled him into a kiss. Jack wasn't receptive, and a seemingly embarrassed Hilary said Simon's treatment had given her mood swings and must have caused her to kiss him. She swore she respected Jack's marriage and it wouldn't happen again. Jack said he understood, but he quickly left. Lily and Hilary had words. Hilary vowed to take the Club and fire Lily. Lily said that the Club still belonged to Devon, just like Jack still belonged to Phyllis. After a talk with Esther about Katherine, Devon came to a decision about Hilary. Later, Devon told Lily that he was going to do what Katherine would have and fight like hell to keep Hilary from destroying his family. Esther talked to Billy about Phyllis being held hostage, and she struck a nerve when she talked about how it must have affected Jack. Esther hoped Victor didn't spare Phyllis just to cause her more pain. Esther said Phyllis deserved better. Her words spurred Billy to go visit Phyllis. At Jabot, Phyllis told Billy that she loved both him and Jack and needed time to make a choice. At first, Billy passionately made a case for Phyllis to leave Jack, but then he agreed to give her time to decide. Jack arrived and asked why Billy had been yelling earlier. Billy claimed he hadn't been yelling. After Billy left, Jack asked Phyllis to tell him what really happened between her and Billy. Phyllis said she'd told Billy off for speculating about the state of her marriage. Billy went to the Club, where he noticed Hilary drinking champagne. He joined her and ordered his own glass. She thought he was celebrating Jack getting his wife back. Billy raised a toast to happy endings.

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