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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie catches Bill with phone in hand and wants to know if he was talking to Brooke or someone at work. She keeps digging until he confesses it was Brooke and he wanted to know why she was not at the party. Liam tells Brooke that it is not that hard to expect Bill to tell the mother of his child the truth. If they had an affair and it was over then just tell her that. She can handle it. The affair must stop now and Brooke will have to be the one to do that. Wyatt says Bill may be cutthroat in business but that does not include his family. He is first rate there. All seem to sing his praises. Katie walks back in but does not seem to want to join in the festivity. Bill follows and he tells them that he did not finish all he wanted to say earlier. He would like to add more on that family trust, loyalty and commitment…..all Spencer qualities. Wyatt tells him that Bill set the bar and he will have a hard time with Steffy living up to that. He is honored to be his son. Katie cannot get the words out of her bead that she heard Brooke’s name from Bill. She cannot pass up a drink. Brooke tells Liam that it took a while but Katie finally forgave her the first time and she promised not to do that again. She does not want Katie to suffer any more but she does not think Katie will forgive her a second time. Liam tells her do not let another day go by without telling Katie so she will not think she is losing her mind. He does not believe she is in a good place now. Keeping the truth from her is not protecting her and he will not allow that.

Thomas finds Caroline alone and asks if Ridge has told her when they might tell everyone that he is Douglas’s father. Caroline sys no timetable but this is not the time and place to discuss it. Bill misses Katie and asks Thomas if he has seen her. She is wandering down by the beach thinking again how she cannot trust Bill. And why she feels she needs a drink. They all tell Bill that Katie probably took a walk and there is nothing to worry about. Her phone rings. It is Brooke but Bill recognizes the ring and answers it. Katie shows up at Liam’s and said she took a walk and ended up here. She needs a drink, vodka would be good. He wants to know if she has talked to Brooke recently. She says no but Bill lied to her about talking to Brooke and said it was the office. Liam is her friend and she trusts him. She cries that if Liam knows anything then he needs to tell her. She cannot live like this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe met with Philip in the park and she confessed to telling Deimos about him. Philip asked Chloe about Deimos and he was upset at first. Philip didnít understand why she talked to Deimos about him. Chloe told him that Deimos lied to her about his identity and she didnít know why he wanted to know about him. Chloe warned Philip that Deimos would be out for revenge, but Philip told her that he was dead. Chloe dropped the bomb on Philip and let him know that Deimos was still alive. Kate kept picturing different ways to kill Deimos. Kate didnít know that Deimos was outside of the mansion at the time. While Philip and Chloe were talking, he put two and two together and realized that Kate was the one who tried to kill Deimos. Nicole had ice cream with Parker at the pub and tried to pump him for information about Deimos. Roman was surprised that Kate was so worried.

Philip was trying to piece together what happened to Deimos. Chloe let Philip know that Kate lied about being married to Deimos and that he knew about it. Philip realized that Deimos was after Kate. Philip had an offer for Chloe, but she had to wait to hear it. Kate talked to Roman about being worried about Deimos. Chloe met with Nicole at the pub and they talked about Deimos. Chloe told Nicole how Deimos wanted to run away with him until she showed up. Philip went to the mansion to look for Kate. Deimos was in the living room, but he was gone when Philip went inside the mansion. Shawn saw Philip when he left the mansion and wanted to talk about Belle. Nicole wanted to move on from Deimos. Chloe told Nicole that they would be okay as long as they stay away from Deimos. Nicole didnít say anything. Philip told Shawn that Belle doesnít love him and that he should let her go. Philip continued to inform Shawn that Belle was only with him out of loyalty. Kate arrived at the mansion and got the shock of her life when Deimos was playing the piano.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna has put her plan in motion to have Alexis wired while she invites Julian over and attempts to get a confession out of him that he did murder Carlos and framed her for the murder. Jordan and Paul accompany her in a van while they monitor and overhear Alexis' and Julian's conversation. Alexis continues to express worry and doubt to them that the plan will work although they assure her they will make sure she is safe. Meanwhile, Julian meets secretly with a man revealing that he needs to protect his interests regarding the fact that he and Alexis will have a baby. Yet he does not reveal exactly what his plan is. He arrives and they listen attentively, in suspense while Alexis leads him with reminding him she is being framed for murder while pregnant. She finally gets him to admit that he did, in fact murder Carlos. At that point, Jordan leaves the van to go and arrest Julian. Anna is confident until she and Paul overhear Julian revealing that he can see Alexis cannot be trusted as she refuses to let him touch her, making it obvious there's a good reason why. Sonny and Carly are happily together and he informs her he's confident that Alexis will be successful in getting Julian to confess, given he knows she's pregnant with his child and what it will mean if she has his baby in prison. Yet they both know they need to find out exactly what is going on with Alexis being wired, given the danger. Claudette reveals to Nathan that she is in town and we see she's the same person at the CJ whom Maxie and Dillon have just hired on at Crimson and suspect nothing of. While Nikolas and Ava are alone in the abandoned house in Greece and both confident they will not be found, they are startled to see Sam and Jason at their door. Ava protests to them that they may not want to do what they intend to do because Jason is wanted for murder. Sam counters that. They all argue but right then, Nikolas announces that he cannot continue running like a coward while having everyone in Port Charles believing he's dead while Jason get framed for murder, and so he needs to go home and face the consequences of his actions.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dr. Gates doesn't say a word about where Victor went until Dylan tells her that he is Nikki's son and he is very worried about her. Paul and Dylan rush to the Abbott cabin to rescue Nikki before she or Victor is hurt. Victor tells Ian that he will only get the ransom money if he lets Phyllis or Nikki go free. Ian lets Phyllis go, but she refuses to leave without Nikki, so Ian lets Nikki go. Nikki tells Phyllis to go back to town, but she stays outside the cabin to watch the confrontation between Ian and Victor. Victor tricks Ian into pressing the enter key on his computer which triggers a hacked notice on Victor's bank account and alerts the police. Ian gives Victor his gun and tries to goad him into shooting him, but Victor doesn't fall for the trick. Paul and Dylan arrest both Ian and Victor. Dr. Gates tells Nick and Victoria that she loves Victor, but she realizes that Nikki is the only woman in Victor's heart. Summer is upset with Luca, because she thinks he deliberately kept her from finding out her grandparents were missing. Jack tells Billy that even though they have had disagreements lately, they are brothers and he means a lot to him. Summer arrives at the club and tells Jack that Ian has Nikki at the Abbott cabin and he has also taken Phyllis hostage. Phyllis arrives at the club and runs into Jack's arms which makes Billy very jealous. Nikki thanks Victor for arriving to save her life and then Paul takes Victor back to the hospital.

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