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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline asks for details for Wyatt’s social media attention using his wife. She says Thomas is on his way so that only leaves Liam. She tells the group that Ridge volunteered to stay home and take care of Douglas. Bill feigns his disappointment. Bill calls Liam and asks why he is not at Steffy’s. He is not an Eagle Scout so he does not have to worry about his marriage so get his butt over here. Liam says Bill is not respecting his marriage so he sees no reason that he has to either, he will pass. Thomas finds Brooke and says he is headed to the beach if she needs a ride. She tells him she is not going. Liam comes in next and doesn’t waste any time in telling her that he knows she is having an affair with Bill. He saw the whole thing in the “napping” room. She laments that it is really a complicated thing. Katie calls and Brooke says she is not a Spencer and she wants Katie to enjoy her husband and her son so she will pass. Katie tells Bill that after all they have been through lately she appreciates this Spencer clan. She loves him and being part of all of this. But Brooke sounds upset and she hopes nothing is wrong. Brooke tells Liam that she hates betraying her sister. He says then she can change all of that; tell her the truth. Wyatt thanks everyone for coming and making their first party a success. Bill has something to say. He tells Wyatt he could not be more proud of him and he is glad he married this spectacular woman, Steffy. He is not sure what Thomas is to him but Caroline is the daughter he never had. And to Katie for showing him the power of keeping their challenges together and they remain a family in the deepest and most sincere way.

Liam tells Brooke that she and Bill were supposed to be over a long time ago but obviously something changed. Brooke says yes it is like a runaway train. It was her fault for opening her big mouth on her feelings, so do not blame Bill. Katie overheard a few things and it got out of control and she started drinking. Then she invited them all over and wanted to bond and even work together. And just for Liam’s ears she and Bill were not intimate this time. Liam says Katie is either losing her mind or she thinks the two people she loves are lying to her again. He still insists that Brooke tell Katie the truth. Katie tells the group that her husband inspired her to say a few words. Spencer’s are strong and she appreciates the value of family and Bill teaches her love. She hasn’t said it enough lately she tells Bill that she loves him. Brooke tells Liam that she does not need to tell Katie anything. It is now over! Liam says she does not need to apologize anymore or think she is delusional or judging her own sanity. What has been done cannot be undone but Brooke can make it right just by telling Katie the truth. Make her believe it is over. She wants to believe them but she needs to hear it one more time. Bill calls Brooke and Liam knows it is him. She tells him Liam is there and they have discussed matters. He wants to talk to Liam. He will get Liam in line. Katie walks out and wants to know who he is talking to. She said she heard him say Brooke, so what was it – the office or her sister?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Theresa argued over Summer. Brady tried to reason with Theresa about Summer. Theresa thought Brady made a mistake being with her. Brady reassured Theresa that he loved her. Kayla gave Steve the cold shoulder. Steve was confused by her behavior. Kayla was afraid that his lifestyle would be bad for her and Joey. Kayla believed that Joey was following in his footsteps. Kayla needed time before they get back together.

Maggie was upset about Summer and wanted to track her down. Victor thought she would be gone for good. Maggie called Summer, but she wouldnít answer. Summer was worried someone was following her so she and Dario headed back towards her hotel room when they ran into Brady and Theresa. Things were awkward among them. Summer almost let it slip that she told Brady about her feelings for him. Victor called Finn to talk to Maggie. Maggie asked him about Summer. Brady told Theresa that Summer was in love with him. Theresa wondered if Brady had feelings for her too. Kayla visited Joey and they got into an argument over Jade and Steve. Joey called Kayla out for the way she treated Steve. Fin let Maggie know about Summer and he told her that she was okay. Victor wanted to go on a cruise with Maggie. Maggie was willing to go since she thought that Summer was gone for good. Jade visited Joey and told him that her parents kicked her out. Joey tried to comfort her, but it didnít work. Brady let Theresa know that heís not interested in her. Joey assured Jade that everything would be okay. Kayla visited Steve at his office. Kayla felt she couldnít live with or without him. Someone gave Summer money to kidnap Theresa and Tate.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dillon meets with Maxie and they are ready to hire a new consultant for Crimson. She notices that he still has Kiki on the brain and wants to "help" him get over her. They meet a woman who is applying for the job, named CJ. They are very impressed by her yet Dillon detects it's kind of "odd" that she seems to follow all of Maxie's views and finds that odd given they've never met each other. Meanwhile there's a police investigation of all hospital staff for the homicide of Dr. Mayes. Obrecht appears suspicious and only wishes she could pin it on Finn. Elizabeth, Franco and Griffin are also being interviewed. Nathan discovers that Griffin used to be affiliated with a perish where he and his "ex wife" used to visit. Nathan gets called away and told he's needed at the Metro Court for police business. Right then, he runs into CJ and declares that she is the same as his estranged wife, Claudette. Kiki is with Morgan for the 4th of July declaring she's happy to be with him yet she still has Dillon on the brain. Spencer is having dessert with Laura and Kevin who need to find out what is "up" with his appearing completely contented while he believes his father has been killed. When he's alone, he gets an incoming call from Nikolas while he's with Ava. He has plans to send for his son and Spencer ends the call revealing (and being overheard by his grandma and shrink) that something is "wonderful". Right then, she suspects it's entirely possible her grandson is talking to his dad. Yet Kevin tells her it may just mean that Spencer is "pretending" his dad is alive. Nikolas and Ava have found a place they're certain they will not be found in. However, Sam and Jason are not far behind and they find them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor asks Victoria and Nick why they are there. Nick and Victoria tell him that they are concerned about him. Victor reminds them how much he has done for them and Adam. Meredith listens at the door. At the Abbott cabin, Nikki cannot believe that Phyllis would shoot her to save herself. At the Athletic Club, Billy tells Jack that he reminds him of himself and all the troubles that he had with Victoria. Jack asks Billy if he thinks this will happen to him. Dylan visits Sharon in the hospital and finds out that she was concerned about his safety after the shooting at the courthouse. Mariah opens up to Kevin that Sharon had been seeing Sage and she had been harassing Sharon. Kevin wants to tell Dylan, but Mariah tells him he can't. Paul comes in to visit Sharon and he and Dylan leave together. Mariah lets Sharon know that Kevin knows about Sage. Jack assures Billy how much he loves Phyllis and doesn't know what he will do without her. Ian tells Nikki and Phyllis that once he gets the ransom money, he will let them go.  Nikki looks down at the floor and sees the cell phone, but Ian sees what she is looking at and finds the cell phone. Ian makes up his mind to call Victor. Nick and Victoria try to make amends with Victor, but the beeper goes off and Meredith walks in and tells them to leave. At Crimson Lights, Paul and Dylan talk to a homeless man who claims that he saw something when Ian kidnapped Nikki and left the courthouse. Mariah and Kevin take Sharon home. Sharon urges him not to tell Dylan. Jack tells Billy that his story with Victoria could change as he sees her and Nick walk in. Meredith tells Victor that he needs no more visitors. Victor agrees and thanks her for her kindness. Nikki calls Victor and tells him that he needs to follow her instructions and do exactly as she says.

Ian gets on the phone and gives Victor his instructions. Jack, Billy, Victoria, and Nick discuss Victor and what is going on between Ian and Victor and Ian taking Nikki hostage. Paul and Dylan continue to grill the man about what he knows. Mariah makes up an excuse as to why Sharon has been seeing Sage. Kevin wants to tell Dylan but Mariah tells him to let this go. Sharon asks Kevin what it will take for him to forget about this. Mariah assures her that Kevin is only trying to help. Kevin tells her to get back on her meds and continue to take them. Jack encourages Billy to go and talk to Victoria. Billy joins her at the bar, and they attempt to reconcile their differences. Victoria apologizes to him for accusing him of sabotaging the oil wells. Meredith finds out that Ian threatened to kill Nikki if Victor got the authorities involved. Meredith and Victor come up with a plan to give Ian the ransom money. Mariah lets Kevin know that she believes Sharon will take her meds. Paul and Dylan get a lead on Ian and Nikki. Ian is busy gloating over his upcoming money in his account when Nikki looks up and sees Victor come in the door. Ian sees Victor in a vase and quickly gets up and puts a gun to Nikki's head.

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