Monday 7/4/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/4/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam sees Brooke and Bill kissing….though Brooke says they cannot do this. Liam closes the door not knowing what to think. He remembers back to finding the earring on the bed. Bill says he will not let Brooke go. He tried and it did not work. She says he has to think of Will. They will not do this again. Steffy tells Katie that she can invite anybody to her party unless her name is Quinn. She does not want anything to do with her. She made that clear so she will not show up here today. Wyatt comes home all dressed for the beach….Katie goes home and says she will return. Steffy says there will be fireworks especially if his mom shows up. Eric tells Quinn that the family would be furious if they knew she was here. Quinn says she misses all of this celebration for the 4th, the cars in the driveway and all the rest. But she will just be with him today. He says he likes this and he enjoys her company but that is as far as it goes. This cannot go any further because of the way his family feels toward her. She says maybe he needs more persuading and kisses him more. They end up in bed. He says all his life he has been skirting with danger. His brother John also but he will get in more trouble right here. Back in Bill’s office, Liam stands in front of Bill and says there he is – Oz. Everybody bows down to him, no question. But he is not the man they all think he is. He is a hypocrite.

Wyatt tells Steffy that his mother is keeping her distance. She is keeping her distance so that is all he cares. Steffy just wants her to stay away from her and her family. Quinn says she knows her at a Forrester family BBQ is never gonna happen, not an option. Eric repeats this is fantastic but it is as far as it goes. Katie tells Brooke that there is a family get together at Steffy’s and she’d like her to come. Liam spews that he knows all about it. He found Bill's “napping” room. It is bad enough for him to be unfaithful but his wife’s sister! That is too much. Bill barks at him this is enough. His private life is none of Liam’s concern. He has an adult arrangement and that is none of Liam’s business. Liam says he is concerned about Katie and Bill says so is he. Liam retorts that he even tried to stay away from Steffy because Bill ordered him to. There is no reason to do that since all Bill does is lie. There is one set of rules for others and another for Bill. Quinn tells Eric they can’t make a fresh start all in one day but one day at a time. Katie tells Brooke that it is wrong for her to accuse Brooke of anything. She knows that now. She is trying to move on and forget what she and Bill shared. Katie cries that she loves Brooke and needs her in her life. Liam says he saw Bill and Brooke just now and enough to know it has been going on for some time. And Bill has been convincing Katie nothing is happening. Liam says Katie is not afraid he is going to leave her. She is afraid Bill is going to betray her again. Bill says he is not going to say anything and neither will Liam. Liam laments that Bill is not going to lecture him about loyalty and integrity when he cannot do it himself. So tell his wife the truth and show him how strong the Spencer men are. He takes his sword necklace and says Bill does not live up to this. He starts to leave and Bill asks where he is going. Liam says to get drunk. Steffy takes the seashell out of her purse and thinks of Liam’s words that they will always find their way back to each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe discovered a connection between André and Aiden. He wanted to wait before he said something. Aiden wanted to leave the lodge, but Hope stopped him. She didn’t want fear to stop them from trying to be together. JJ questioned patients about Abby’s disappearance. Chad suspected André of knowing where Abby was, but André denied it. André admitted to Chad that he saw Abby and she gave him the letter. Ciara overheard JJ question Chase about Abby. Chase told JJ that Ciara didn’t help Abby escape. JJ talked to Ciara about Abby. JJ was convinced that Chad was hiding something. André continued to explain to Chad what happened when he saw Abby. Aiden and Hope began to make love. Hope thought about the last time she was with him and she pushed him away.

Jennifer and JJ arrived at the DiMera mansion and Chad showed them the letter. JJ accused Chad of working with Abby. They ended up arguing. Chad told JJ to search the mansion. Chad told them that André gave him the letter and that he saw Abby at the mansion. Hope let Aiden know that she couldn’t get the images of her attack out of her head. Rafe went to André’s room and confronted him about Aiden. Hope agreed that she and Aiden were moving too fast. Aiden wondered if Hope would ever be ready to be with him. André let Rafe know that he had a few visitors while he was in jail. André wouldn’t tell him about Aiden’s visit. Chad was determined to find Abby. Ciara gave Chad the idea of how to get André to help him. JJ and Jennifer talked about Chad and Abby. Rafe continued to question André about meeting Hope. Aiden decided that he and Hope should go back to Salem. JJ found out that Chad went to see André. JJ and Jennifer were determined to find Abby. André went to the house he wanted to sell and checked out the basement.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

GH did not air a new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dr. Gates gets Victor stable until the ambulance arrives to take him to the hospital, but Dr. Gates is angry with him for making her look like a fool in court. Victor tells Dr. Gates that he had to lie on the stand to protect Adam. Aware that Dr. Gates is listening in the hallway, Victor pretends to cry and tells Nick and Victoria that he would take a bullet and do anything he had to do to protect his family. Adam tells Dylan and Michael that he lied to Ian by telling him that they would help him escape, so that he would testify. Michael fears that Adam may have ruined his chances for a mistrial. Phyllis tells Billy she loves him and he tells her she should consider telling Jack the truth, so that they can be free to be happy together. Phyllis tells Billy she will think about it and sends him back to Genoa City. Kevin and Mariah trick Sharon into going to the hospital, so that she can go back on her medication. When Dylan sees Sharon at the hospital, Mariah lies and says Sharon had a panic attack when she found out that he was chasing after Ian Ward. Ian takes Nikki to the Abbott cabin where he also takes Phyllis hostage. Phyllis and Nikki do their best to get free of Ian. Phyllis offers to shoot Nikki to prove to Ian that she should be his only hostage.

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