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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy works out on the punching bag on the rooftop. Thomas walks up and says she is being a little much. He has a feeling it has to do with Liam. Liam drops in on Katie. She knows he is checking up on her but says all is all right. He says that his dad bends a lot of rules but nothing regarding Katie. They both agree they will be honest with each other. There are times she worries about Bill and it’s good to know that Liam is looking out for her. Brooke comes to Bill’s office at his bidding although she says she shouldn’t. She asks what happened last night. He says he is never going to forget his feelings for Brooke. He thinks about her all the time. He would like one more time. That is all he will ask. Wyatt visits Quinn and she says she is not welcome at his house but she will take what she can get. He thinks something is different about her. She says she understands Steffy does not want to be involved with her and she will respect that. Eric recalls his time with Quinn. He calls Thomas to see if he has plans for lunch. Unfortunately Thomas says he does so Eric says another time. He then calls Ridge to see if he and Caroline can meet and have lunch, but Ridge too has other plans. He calls a few other people and strikes out there also.

Steffy tells Thomas that she has the mother-in-law from hell and she paid them a visit the other day. Wyatt tells Quinn that he wishes things were different. If she would just follow the rules then things would be okay. Steffy needs to work things out in her own way; just do what she is asking for now. Bill calls Alison and tells her he does not want to be disturbed. Liam comes in and Alison tells him not now as Bill is busy and has left orders not to be disturbed. Quinn shows up at Eric’s door. He is surprised but lets her in. She says she got lonely and she hoped he was too. She peels off her black coat to display a sexy, black, lacy, teddy. He walks over and kisses her. Thomas tells Steffy he has a feeling that something is going to happen between her and Liam. Alison is called away from her desk and Liam snoops around. Brooke tells Bill that she cannot keep making the same mistake. Bill says Katie never has to know. She admits she loves him and she always will but she cannot betray her sister like this. Liam is on the other side of the “napping” room and hears Bill asking for one last time. Brooke agrees to one last kiss. At that moment Liam opens the door a bit and is shocked to see Brooke kissing Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre arrived at the police station and he talked to Rafe. Rafe threatened to put him in jail again. Andre also threatened to go after Rafe if he ever put him in jail again. Aiden had a nightmare about the past and Hope wanted to talk about it. Nicole didn’t want to get revenge on Kate because she’s not like that anymore. Deimos tried to convince her that going after Kate was a good thing. Nicole wanted Deimos to change, but he wouldn’t. Deimos still wanted Nicole’s help. Nicole continued to refuse to help him and she walked off. Andre let Rafe know that he had a new lawyer and he would destroy Rafe. Rafe wanted to know who his lawyer was, but Andre didn’t tell him. Aiden continued to explain what he went through because of Andre. Aiden realized Hope couldn’t trust her because of the DiMeras. Deimos went to the Kiriakis mansion.

Rafe called someone to find out who’s Andre’s new attorney. The caller said it was nobody. Hope tried to convince Aiden that he had to move on from what happened. Deimos found the marriage certificate. Andre showed up at the DiMera mansion so Deimos had to hide. Deimos managed to sneak out of the mansion. Nicole and Kate argued at the town square. Nicole wanted Kate to tell everyone that she’s not fired and to come clean. Kate told her that she was fired. Kate also told her that she wouldn’t come clean. Kate didn’t want to help Nicole because she didn’t believe that she’s changed. She wanted Nicole to rot in H*ll before she would tell the truth. Aiden told Hope that he thought about her the entire time he was locked up. They ended up kissing. The person Rafe talked to described the person who visited Andre. Rafe wanted to see the footage. Hope pictured seeing the fake Aiden and stopped kissing Aiden. Aiden didn’t want to hurt Hope anymore and walked out of the room. Kate arrived home and let Andre know he was mistake about seeing Deimos and Nicole. She wanted Andre to move out. Nicole decided to help Deimos get Kate. Deimos had decided not to go after Kate anymore. Deimos wanted to go to the police after all. Rafe found out that Aiden visited Andre.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna talks to Alexis alone at her house about how she can make it right, clear her conscience for anything she regrets regarding trusting Julian, by wearing a wire. Although Alexis believes her estranged husband will not buy her telling him she loves him nor trust her enough to confess the truth, Anna tells her she thinks she knows the kind of man they are dealing with. He's a narcissistic egotist with no conscience who would relish the thought of that. And that is where she can move in and beat him at his own game. Julian is alone at The Metro Court, assessing that his marriage is over and cannot be salvaged and he needs to protect himself from what Alexis may be doing. Right then, Nina sits beside him, admits that her relationship with Franco fell apart very similarly to his with Alexis. Yet she reflects to him that getting over the person one loves is easier said than done and being alone can be devastating when one remembers being with the person they love. Right then, he gets his incoming call from his estranged wife whom Anna has convinced to invite him over so they can talk. He agrees to come by the following day. Finn is fatally sick and alone in the jail cell without his drug. Yet Hayden finds a way to disguise herself at the hospital and access what he needs when she almost gets caught red-handed by Elizabeth. She successfully finds the drug and goes to find him and secretly inject it in his jail cell when they are unseen. He tells her she has saved his life and she admits she feels good being able to do that knowing her father robbed him blind and ruined his life. Elizabeth discovers that Dr. Mayes may have had something to do with the death of a patient whom he personally no longer wants to deal with. Meanwhile, Franco goes to see his criminally insane, incarcerated mother, Heather and admits he and Nina are through and he's considering Elizabeth. He returns to the hospital right when Elizabeth is rushing to save the patient whom Dr. Mayes could be responsible for trying to kill.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam looks at the article on the Internet and feels as though he is already sentenced, but Chelsea comes downstairs and tells him none of that. Michael and Kevin arrive to let them know they have no new evidence on the woman helping Victor. At Newman Enterprises, Nick finds Victoria in her office. She is trying to get out of going to Adam's trial because Victor will be there. Michael tells Adam that a guard is there to escort him to the courthouse. Adam and Chelsea share a kiss before he leaves. Jack and Summer arrive at the courthouse for the trial. Summer defends Victor while Jack is on Adam's side. Nikki reminds Paul and Christine about all the things Victor has done to his family. 

The trial begins with Christine's opening statement and then it is Michael's turn. Sharon is confronted by Mariah over not taking her medication but Sharon makes up the excuse that it is a new prescription. Sharon begins to see Sage and argues with her. Mariah catches on that Sharon not only sees Sage but dreams about her. Mariah tries to get Sharon to seek help but she sees Sage and trying to stop her, she hits Mariah with a bookend and she falls to the floor. Dylan as well as Nick testify in Adam's trial. Ian Ward is called to testify and says that Victor set Adam up for murder. Then it is Victor's turn to testify. He insists that he loves Adam. Victor leaves the courtroom and sees Ian in the corridor holding on to Nikki with a gun. Ian uses the gun to shoot Victor, and he falls to the floor. Ian leaves with Nikki.

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