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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Wyatt again that she does not want Quinn near her or anyone in her family. There cannot be a next time. She does not want his mom in her life. Wyatt says he understands but they will have to come to an understanding about this. It is his mother and he cannot divorce her. Eric tells Quinn he is not sure what makes him keep coming back. She assures him that he is not stalking her; he is saving her. And to think it all started when she asked him to evaluate her new jewelry line. He wants to make it clear that no one must ever know. He doesn’t even understand it so he knows his family would not. Bill tries to assure Katie that he loves her and would never jeopardize his future with her and his son. She says good because if it was still Brooke she would take him for his son and the company…not just some of it but all of it. He says it is good to know where he stands. Liam is at the office and calls Bill to find something he thinks he has stashed in his desk somewhere that he needs. Bill tells Katie that he says this is the end of this discussion and he needs to go to the office. Alison catches Liam trying to get into the locked secret room and diffuses that. Liam goes to Katie’s. He says it can wait til morning to see his dad. She asks if he is her friend. He says of course. She quizzes him of how many secrets does he think his dad has and what they would find him doing.

Wyatt says yeah it’s like he wants to spend all his nights talking about his mother. Steffy says okay maybe they were arguing. She will keep it down for now. In bed, Quinn laments to Eric that she gets it that he does not want his name associated with hers. But he is kind and undemanding and she appreciates that. He rattles off names like Sheila, Sally, Donna so it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. It’s even been in the papers. Katie laments to Liam that her husband loves her and Brooke loves her so everything they say is not a big lie. Bill calls Brooke from the office and says Katie struggles with it every day. She says not anymore as she is saying no. Eric gets dressed and Quinn says he can spend the night if he likes. He declines and says they both know this is not going anywhere. There is a lot of years between them. He hands her his key and she gives it back to him and says he never knows when he might get as lonely as she is. He puts the key down and leaves. Afterwards Steffy lays with a sleeping Wyatt but she is thinking of Liam’s declaration of love for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre offered to help Chad find Abby. Philip showed up at the townhouse and told Belle about his love for her. Lucas saw Kate at the town square and talked about how she’s married and running Titan. Nicole wanted Deimos to go back to Salem with her. He couldn’t go back with her because he had to tie up a few things. Nicole was afraid that he would go back on his word. Deimos promised her that he would go back later. Chad was willing to do anything to get Andre’s help. Andre wanted Chad to transfer property over to him. Chad agreed to do it for his help. Philip continued to plead his case to Belle, but she wasn’t interested in being back together with him. Lucas warned Kate that she should give Titan back to Victor. Kate wasn’t interested in hearing Lucas’ warning. Chloe confronted Deimos about his feelings for Nicole. Deimos tried to deny his feelings for Nicole, but she didn’t believe it. JJ went to the hospital to look for clues about Abby’s disappearance. He found her notebook.

Nicole was back in Salem and told Dario about Deimos being alive. Dario let the air out of her balloon by telling her that Deimos couldn’t be trusted. Chloe yelled at Deimos and told him to leave her house. JJ found Abby’s notebook and saw the strange passages in it. Jennifer and Chad argued over looking for Abby. Shawn saw Philip at Belle’s place and threw him out. After Philip left, Belle and Shawn kissed and made love. JJ went to the DiMera mansion and told Chad and Jennifer about Abby’s notebook. Chad wanted to keep the book, but JJ wouldn’t let him. Andre arrived at the mansion. Chloe decided to take Parker to Salem. Nicole was convinced that Deimos would help her and he texted her to meet him at the park. Andre wanted Chad to transfer the property he wanted. Andre handed Chad a letter from Abby. Deimos was back in Salem, and met Nicole in the park. She wanted to go to the police, but Deimos wasn’t ready yet. Abby wrote that Chad and Thomas would never see her again. Chloe saw Philip at the town square. Deimos wanted Nicole to help him get back at Kate.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian returns to Alexis and tells her he needs her to take the pregnancy test in order to prove to him that she is not lying, reminding her that she has lied to him recently before and wanted to convict him behind his back. She then "reveals" to him that she is, in fact pregnant. Yet she still maintains she wants nothing to do with him and if he cared about her or the baby, he'd confess so she does not have to have her baby in prison. He does not agree to do that and makes a private phone call when he's alone. He leaves. Meanwhile, Anna is meeting with Sonny hoping to come up with plans in order to bring Julian to justice for the murders and save Alexis from him. Anna finds her and tells her if all else fails, she should wear a wire and get Julian to confess to the murder of Carlos and of Duke. Carly confronts Kiki when she sees her kissing Dillon Quartermaine and demands to know why she is deceiving Carly's son. Kiki protests that she and Dillon are not "together" and she's not cheating on Morgan. Yet Carly tells her she needs to make a decision as to what is right for her and not string Morgan along. Right then, Kiki goes to The Metro Court and notices both guys talking, arguing and each believing they are the "preferred choice" for Kiki. She tells Dillon he means a lot to her but Morgan is her choice for a significant other with whom to make a commitment. Yet she does not sound "happy" with the choice she's made. Finn is fatally ill while in jail after being arrested for illegally treating baby Teddy. Hayden goes to attempt to help him and finds out he needs a drug that is illegal because of her father ending the funding for a program he needed. She then goes to GH and wears a disguise to look like a hospital staff member, attempting to find the drug Finn needs. Yet Elizabeth notices her. Franco reveals that Elizabeth is important to him and he-her, when Nina overhears them and confronts him. He indicates he is confused about the future of his relationship with Nina and she angrily tells him she knows he'd rather be a father to Elizabeth's son with Jason than have a baby. And with that, she declares to him, she is done with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Ashley ran into Billy, and he had a hangover. He said he'd been celebrating after taking out a loan to expand Brash and Sassy into the European market. Ashley disapproved of him taking out loans. She thought he was being self destructive, with his drinking and serial dating, but he swore that he wasn't spiraling out of control. Simon developed a cure for Hilary, but it was untested. He asked Ashley to convince Hilary to take the experimental cocktail. Jack went home for Adam's trial, but Phyllis stayed behind at the cabin because she didn't want to face Victor and she was too nauseated from the wine for the car ride home. Lily and Cane told Devon that Hilary was planning to take half his assets in the divorce. Lily convinced Devon to stall Hilary from filing for divorce until they could find a way to prevent Hilary from using blackmail to force Devon to give her half his inheritance. Lily suggested that Devon pretend that he forgave Hilary and tell her he wanted them to be the power couple she'd been dreaming of. Hilary told Neil about her impending divorce. She thought he'd be happy, but he swore that he had really wanted her marriage to work.

Billy ran into Jack in Genoa City. He found out Phyllis was alone at the Cabin, so he surprised her and prodded her with questions about whether she slept with Jack. Phyllis admitted she didn't sleep with Jack because it would have felt like she was cheating on Billy. Phyllis was confused by her feelings and wanted to be alone, so she asked Billy to leave, but he wouldn't go. He told her he drank and almost got in a fight because he couldn't get her off his mind. They began to disrobe and kiss passionately. Due to worsening tremors, Hilary agreed to try Simon's cure. She told Jack, and he insisted on accompanying her to the hospital, so she wouldn't be alone. Devon sneaked and followed Jack and Hilary to the hospital, and he found out about her relapse. Devon and Hilary talked alone. He promised to stand by her through her health crisis and urged her to give their marriage another chance. Although she seemed moved by his speech, she kicked him out of the hospital room. Devon snapped at Jack for not telling him that Hilary was sick. Jack and Ashley argued about Hilary. Jack thought it was cruel of Ashley to have told him to stay away from Hilary, even though Ashley knew Hilary was sick. Ashley was adamant that Jack shouldn't let Hilary lean on him.

BONUS Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Abbott cabin, Jack is making Phyllis a smoothie when she comes out of the bedroom and tells him to stop. Ashley meets with Billy at the Coffeehouse and becomes frustrated at him when she finds out that he is taking out loans and also about the fast life he is living. At the cabin, Phyllis lies on the sofa and relives her previous night of passing out. Jack advises that they go home but Phyllis tells him that she cannot go back with him. Hilary sits alone when she begins to shake. Neil joins her at the table. They discuss the Foundation. Lily and Cane meet with Devon  let him know what Hilary is up by suing for divorce and will ask for the Athletic Club in the divorce. lily tells Devon that she has to be stopped.

Ashley tells Hilary that Dr. Neville has found a cure for her but she has to check herself into the hospital immediately. Hilary makes a call to Jack but Phyllis intercepts the call and refuses the call. Hilary leaves him a message that  she is going into the hospital. Billy and Jack meet at the Athletic Club and they discuss Adam's trial but Billy refuses to be in attendance. Billy finds out that Phyllis is still at the cabin. Billy leaves immediately. At Newman Towers, Devon tries to talk to Hilary but she refuses to talk to him. Neil, Cane and Lily discuss what Hilary is trying to do to Devon concerning the Athletic Club. Hilary bumps into Jack and tells him that she had just left him a message. Jack checks his cell phone and finds he had left it at the cabin. When Jack finds out that Hilary is going to the hospital, he accompanies her. Billy joins Phyllis at the cabin and they end up making love. Ashley tells Jack that he should be at the cabin instead of here with Hilary. Devon tries to talk to Hilary about how much he loves her and won't lose her to either divorce but she refuses to listen. Dr. Neville interrupts and tells Devon that Hilary has to undergo tests. In the corridor, Devon confronts Jack about his being here with Hilary.

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